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Top Ten Announcements in Tonight’s SOTU Speech

Using bribes and flattery, White House Dossier this morning was able to obtain an advance copy of President Obama’s State of the Union address.

We share with you here the top ten remarks you can expect to hear from Obama this evening.


1. We need a minimum wage. But tonight, I’m also announcing – a maximum wage.

2. I plan to rule by fiat, as well as by Alfa Romeo.

3. Ask not what your country can do for you, unless you need something.

4. In today’s world, even a college education is not enough. That’s why I’m announcing that we need to give everyone the right to a PhD in astrophysics.

5. We need not just to throw the conservatives out of New York, but out of New Jersey, New Mexico, Texas, Michigan, and every state where you might find them, so that tolerance can reign from sea to shining sea.

6. If Republicans don’t like Obamacare, why are they complaining that no one can sign up? Did you ever think of that?

7. I’ve asked Vice President Biden to lead my gun control campaign because he understands guns, having frequently shot himself in the foot.

8. We’ve extracted ironclad promises from Iran not to build a nuclear weapons. And I’m announcing this evening that as a back up, we’ve received further promises from the Iranians that if they do build nuclear weapons, they will use them for research purposes only.

9. Still today, we are plagued by the mistakes of George W. Bush. And so we ask him: Why won’t you just leave us alone?

10. Some people are unhappy that I’m slowly establishing a dictatorship, and I say, don’t worry, I’m going to speed it up.

Top Ten Things Obama Should be Thankful For

President Obama is in the dumps right now, but he still has lots to be thankful for. We’ve compiled a list of the top ten blessings Obama can count on his two hands this Thanksgiving.


1. Vice President Biden. With Biden next in line, Republicans have much less incentive to impeach him.

2. The media. They’ve gotten tougher lately, but for most of the year they behaved themselves.

3. Millions of people who don’t pay attention to the news but decide to speak with pollsters anyway.

4. A fine candidate like Mitt Romney.

5. Nicorette.

6. Mulligans.

7. John Roberts.

8. Valerie Jarrett, for running the country on his behalf.

9. Eric Holder, for providing the muscle.

10. Bo, because Bo doesn’t care that the website isn’t working.

Top Ten Concessions Offered by the U.S. to Iran

Adding to the shock that the negotiations over Iran’s nuclear weapons program broke down is the discovery of the tempting concessions offered by the United States to try to get Iran to agree to a deal.

A frustrated member of the U.S. delegation, spotted by White House Dossier at a Washington Starbucks, gave in to our repeated requests for the list, exclaiming, Here just take it! Take it!

We agreed not to publish it but later changed our mind, and so we provide for you here the top ten concessions offered by the U.S. to Iran.


10. Iran may continue to enrich uranium but only in the sense of giving it interesting things to read.

9. U.S. won’t acknowledge it is the “Great Satan,” but agrees to be labeled the “Pretty Good Satan.”

8. Each of Iran’s top twelve Ayatollahs to receive a good twerking from a twerker to be named later.

7. Iran given his beautiful lounge suite:

Living room set 3

6. U.S. will fix it so that Iran is guaranteed to win the annual International Couscous Cook Off in Tripoli early next year.

5. Frommer’s must name the Holiday Inn Tehran as one of the 2014 “World’s Top Ten Vacation Destinations.”

4. Free Chinese takeout for the entire nation of Iran for a year. Delivery is extra and requires a tip.

3. U.S. officials must refer to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei as “His Hotness.”


2. Billy Joel and Elton John to perform free concert at Iran’s massive Mullahdome. Elton agrees to dedicate “Your Song” to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

1. Netanhayu’s head to be delivered on a silver platter.


Are there any that you are aware of?

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