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Obama Interior Secretaries Spent $1M on Non-Commercial Travel

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is under fire for spending some $73,000 over the first eight months of the Trump administration on non-commercial travel.

That actually puts him below the pace of such spending by Barack Obama’s Interior Secretaries, who spent about $1 million over seven years.

So why didn’t we hear about it then? Because with Barack Obama now gone and a Republican in office, the press has gotten excited again about investigative reporting, that’s why.

According to CNN:

Just over $971,000 was spent on non-commercial travel for interior secretaries in the Obama administration during a seven-year period, according to records obtained by CNN.

That would include travel on both chartered planes as well as on Interior Department aircraft.

The Interior Department submitted records detailing the non-commercial travel of former secretaries Ken Salazar and Sally Jewell to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, saying $971,634 was spent on 81 trips. It came as part of a request to various Cabinet departments for their non-commercial travel records following recent controversy over Cabinet secretaries’ travel.

The non-commercial travel for current Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has so far cost $72,849 on six trips since he took office in March.

Props to CNN for doing a little journalism.

Video || Bernie Gets Hot in the Hot Seat

When you’re holier than thou, it must be awful to have your holiness questioned.

A couple of years now of constant praise and wild crowds applauding this irresponsible, angry Socialist who would bankrupt our country. I mean, that is, well before we’re scheduled to go bankrupt.

And now it appears his wife is under investigation, and maybe him too. And he don’¬†wanna talk about it.

H/T Washington Free Beacon.

Sanders: My Wife is So Honest! This is Politically Motivated!

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Senate Judiciary Committee Investigating Loretta Lynch

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Why Did Samantha Power Need the Unmasked Names of Trump Aides?

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Cover Up? IRS Sitting on Thousands of Tea Party-Targeting Documents

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For-Profit “Bill Clinton, Inc.” Linked to Clinton Foundation

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FBI Immunity Side Deal with Mills Allowed Laptop Destruction

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Clinton’s Email Eraser Takes the Fifth

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