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Demoted DOJ Official’s Wife Worked for Compiler of Trump Dossier

Was the Obama administration actively trying to get the Trump campaign? The scandal is deepening. Seems the more the investigation proceeds, the more anything serious related to collusion with Russia points to the Clinton campaign and the Obama administration, not the Trump campaign.

According to Fox News:

A senior Justice Department official demoted last week for concealing his meetings with the men behind the anti-Trump “dossier” had even closer ties to Fusion GPS, the firm responsible for the incendiary document, than have been disclosed, Fox News has confirmed: The official’s wife worked for Fusion GPS during the 2016 election.

Contacted by Fox News, investigators for the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) confirmed that Nellie H. Ohr, wife of the demoted official, Bruce G. Ohr, worked for the opposition research firm last year. The precise nature of Mrs. Ohr’s duties – including whether she worked on the dossier – remains unclear but a review of her published works available online reveals Mrs. Ohr has written extensively on Russia-related subjects. HPSCI staff confirmed to Fox News that she was paid by Fusion GPS through the summer and fall of 2016.

Fusion GPS has attracted scrutiny because Republican lawmakers have spent the better part of this year investigating whether the dossier, which was funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee, served as the basis for the Justice Department and the FBI to obtain FISA surveillance last year on a Trump campaign adviser named Carter Page.

“The House Intelligence Committee,” Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., told Fox News in a statement on Monday, “is looking into all facets of the connections between the Department of Justice and Fusion GPS, including Mr. Ohr.”

Special Counsel Mueller’s Probe Cost $7 million from May to September

This probe was conjured up out of thin air. The $7 million it cost – by now we’re probably closer to $10 million – was from something more tangible: your bank account.

According to Fox News:

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office revealed Tuesday that the first few months of his Russia investigation cost taxpayers a total of nearly $7 million.

The sum includes $3.2 million in direct investigation expenses covering things like pay, supplies and rent; $1.7 million was for salary and benefits.

Then there are the $3.5 in “indirect expenses,” covering expenses like agents working on raids or interviews and other government contractors. The office said those expenses would have been incurred “irrespective of the existence of the SCO.“

The report covers the period from May 17, the date of Mueller’s appointment, through Sept. 30, the end of the federal fiscal year.

Though there was never evidence of collusion – except on the Democratic side, with the dossier cooked up by the Clinton campaign – Mueller will find something. Once you start an unlimited investigation, people get nervous and make mistakes. Or some wrongdoing is uncovered.

If Robert Mueller had unlimited funds to investigate 100 people, I’m willing to wager he would find some way to put at least 20 or 30 of them in jail. That’s why you are innocent until proven guilty in this country, and prosecutors have to make a decision about whether they think they can prove a crime before they go after you, because they have limited resources.

But Mueller’s resources are limited only by the amount he can take from you, which is limitless.

How Mueller May be Trying to Get Trump

It seems it’s becoming clearer what Special Counsel Robert Mueller is after.

It’s President Trump, of course, but you knew that. What is coming into focus is how he plans to get Trump. And the charge would be obstruction of justice, not collusion.

It’s unlikely, as I and many other conservatives have noted, the original allegations that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians to subvert the election has any basis. There never was any evidence at all to support such a claim other than some Trump aides talked to Russians. If we investigated people because of whom they talked to, we’d all be under investigation because for all you know your neighbor is a hit man for the Mafia.

Democrats didn’t care much about whether there was actual collusion. They wanted an investigation, and they got one. Because who knows where that might lead?

And where it appears to be leading, as Sen. Dianne Feinstein said Sunday, is toward charges that Trump obstructed justice, specifically by firing Mueller’s good friend James Comey as FBI director after suggesting that Comey might consider dropping the case against Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, whom Trump had kicked out of the White House.

Flynn had lied about his contacts with the Russians. We know that, but what’s significant now is information emerging that other Trump aides, and perhaps Trump himself, asked Flynn to make contact with the Russians. So this would suggest that by firing Comey, Trump was not trying to protect Flynn, but to protect himself. And so, obstruction of justice.

But Mueller would have to prove that this is why Trump fired Comey. And he would need to show that Trump was seriously worried about legal jeopardy for making contact with the Russians, which is something any incoming administration would do, despite an almost never-enforced law, the Logan Act, which might prohibit such discussions.

But thin case or not, he will probably go after Trump. Because the great Robert Mueller, friend of Comey and longtime cog in the administrative state, is not going to just walk away and say, “Oh well.”

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