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Obama’s Swing State Savvy

The national polls are looking decent for Mitt Romney, showing him even with, or perhaps a little ahead of, Obama.

But there is growing concern in Republican circles about the numbers in the electoral states.

William Kristol writes today in the Weekly Standard that “a savvy friend” of his – I know, but stick with me here – thinks that Republicans may be failing to recognize the effect Obama’s relentless and veracity-challenged negative advertising might be having.

The savvy friend writes:

In the swing states they are being assailed with ads and campaigning, as well as the news. And here Obama seems to be building a bit of a margin. He now is ahead by solid margins in the most recent surveys in Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada, Virginia, Iowa, Wisconsin and New Hampshire. It’s very close in Colorado, and Romney has a slight lead in North Carolina.

Perhaps noticing what the boss’s savvy friend had said, Weekly Standard writer Jeffrey Anderson got busy and tabulated the latest polling by Rasmussen, finding that Obama comes out ahead in the electoral college, 284 to 235.

Which is evidence that Romney may need revise his “Don’t just do something, sit there” approach and, for example, try out a positive, well publicized agenda of his own rather than spending the campaign talking mainly about how much Obama has screwed everything up.

And maybe Romney needs some savvier friends.

Romney Unveils the “Built by Us” Collection

Having finally gone on offense over President Obama’s “you didn’t build that” remark, the Romney campaign is seeking to maintain the initiative, introducing a line of products under the brand, “Built by us.”

Here’s a sample.

In an email to Romney supporters introducing the new line, Mitt’s son Tagg says he is “glad but not surprised” that his father “stood up” for American business:

Dad understands success is not the result of government, it’s the result of hardworking people who take risks, create dreams, and build lives for themselves and their families.

That’s what the Built By Us collection of shirts, pins and other gear is all about. Built By Us is a rallying cry, and also a celebration of the people who truly make America work.

You deserve credit for your success and to be proud of it. And with every Built By Us Collection item you purchase, you’ll be helping my dad and Republicans nationwide win in November. I think we can all agree we need a President who embraces success, instead of demonizing it.

Dad’s the man for the job.


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The continued attack from Romney suggests it may take some time for Obama to dig out from the collateral damage caused by what many perceive to be an accidental revelation of his true attitude toward business.

The Romney website, which includes the new line of stuff in its store, is currently dominated by the theme, proclaiming that “American is Built by Us” and offering readers a chance to upload their own stories. It also features a series of videos by small business owners talking about how they built their businesses.

Obama Campaign: “We Could Lose”

The Obama campaign sent a pleading message to supporters Monday saying President Obama’s reelection chances will be imperiled if Mitt Romney continues to swamp him in the money stakes. In an email titled “We could lose if this continues,” Obama for America Chief Operating Officer Ann Marie Habershaw noted that while Obama raised $71 million… Continue Reading