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Obama Blasts Michigan Right to Work Law

President Obama today traveled to a Detroit area Daimler plant and waded directly into a local issue, siding with opponents of a Republican-led effort to make Michigan a “right to work” state.

That is, Obama opposes state legislation that would stop unions for requiring non-union members to pay dues. Obama said the effort to change the practice has “everything to do with politics.”

Well, it has something to do with politics. It’s certainly an anti-union measure.

But it also has to do with attracting businesses to Michigan and increasing employment. And it has something to do with fairness. As far as I know, unions are the only organizations allowed to make you pay dues if you decide not to join up.

Oh wait – there’s another. It’s called Obamacare.

Obama is injecting himself right as the measure heads toward a signing ceremony by Michigan’s Republican governor. Large demonstrations are expected in the state Tuesday, when final passage by the Michigan House and Senate is expected.

Here’s Obama riling up the troops.