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Video || Obama Jokes: “I Love Press Conferences”

Thought this was kind of funny.

Of course, he hates speaking to the press. George W. Bush, whom I also covered, didn’t like it either, and stayed away as often as he could.

Bill Clinton, whose last few years I covered, loved press conferences – except during the Lewinsky scandal, when he stopped talking to the free pressĀ – and was really good at them.

Because he loves attention. In fact, during the last years of his presidency, in the post-Monica era, I heard reporters complain that they couldn’t get away from Bill Clinton. He took questions every time he appeared in public. He’d drop by the press cabin during Air Force One flights and wear everyone out. There were times I was afraid people were going to run out of things to ask him.

And then there was George H.W. Bush, whom I didn’t cover. He held 56 solo press conferences in the first two years of his presidency alone, nearly three times as many as Obama during the same period and eight times as many as his son.

A lot of good it did him.

Obama Has Held One Formal Press Conference This Year

President Obama has held only one extended, formal press conference all year, helping him avoid the toughest questioners he could face butĀ undermining his claim to have maintained an “openness” White House. Obama’s sole traditional press conference in 2012 was on March 6 in the White House briefing room. While he has taken questions in a… Continue Reading