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New Poll: Bush at Four Percent

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush scored just 4 percent of the vote in the latest national GOP survey, a catastrophically low number that is sure to raise grave concern among the establishment donors who have invested millions in his success for the 2016 presidential race.

The poll, released Friday by the Pew Research Center, shows Bush slipping into sixth place behind Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who is at 6 percent. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, Bush’s archrival for establishment backing, has twice Jeb’s support, with 8 percent. Rubio is tied with Fiorina, whose tally suggests the steam may have run out of the boomlet that accompanied her strong performance in last month’s GOP debate.


A GOP donor from the energy sector was less than charitable in his assessment of Bush’s campaign this week.

“No one wants another Bush,” said the donor, who asked to remain anonymous. “Hell, when will they get that through their heads?”

Despite numerous hopeful stories in the mean that Donald Trump’s mediocre debate showing had at last inaugurated his decline, the billionaire real estate developer remains well ahead of the field, logging a solid 25 percent, 9 points ahead of Ben Carson’s 16 percent.

Even though he has not yet unleashed his massive advertising war chest against his rivals, Bush — whose 4 percent ties him with “don’t know” — surely did not expect to be where he is at this point. He was long presumed to be the man to beat, but his inability to show much spark or forcefulness on the campaign trail has given Republicans pause.

Meanwhile, he has failed to address the average Republican’s concern about such matters as trade and immigration, leaving the field open for Trump to seize those issues and run away with the base.

Unlike a few other candidates, Bush has so far declined to release his fundraising totals for the third quarter of the year. If those come in lower than expected, the news could further diminish his standing and cause even more donors to consider sending their money to another establishment figure like Rubio.

In the poll, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee — strong contenders in the “next to drop out” contest — each received 2 percent. Paul will reportedly reveal that he raised a meager $2.5 million, a tumultuous drop for the $7 million he raised in the second quarter.

A version of the piece first appeared on PoliZette.

Poll: Trump Scores Twice as Much Support as Bush

Well, so much for the predictions by the Washington cognoscenti that Donald Trump’s comments about John McCain not being a hero – a flip aside which he basically corrected a few sentences later, BTW – would destroy his campaign.

What the prognosticators didn’t understand is that McCain is deeply unpopular among conservatives, even if his war service is obviously respected. And so Trump rolls on.

The latest national poll of Republicans, this one by Quinnipiac, has Trump with TWICE as much support as Jeb Bush, taking 20 percent of the vote compared to 10 percent for Bush. Between them, but closer to Bush, is Scott Walker, who garners 13 percent. No other Republican tops six percent.

On the other hand, Trump also tops the “Hell no” list, with 30 percent of Republicans saying they would never support him.

On the Democratic side, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continues to weather the ceaseless cascade of damaging information about her, getting 55 percent of the Democratic vote compared with 17 percent for Bernie Sanders. But creeping up there is Joe Biden, who would get 13 percent of the vote without even campaigning.

At this point, you could make the case that Trump needs to start saying more terrible things about McCain.

Bush Tops Obama in Poll

No, not that Bush. The other one.

A new CNN poll finds that 52 percent of adults have a favorable view of George W. Bush, compared to 43 percent who see him unfavorably, a shift from previous polls that have shown Bush’s post-presidential approval well south of 50 percent.

Bush’s positives are a bit ahead of those of President Obama, who was viewed favorably by only 49 percent. But Obama was also rated unfavorably by 49 percent, six points worse than Bush.

Of course, this is not exactly and apples to apples comparison. Everyone, from presidents to college girlfriends and boyfriends, looks better in retrospect. But still, to be trailing the much-maligned Bush is quite an achievement for the sitting president.

Poll Shows Hillary in Trouble

The wheels coming off a Hillary Clinton campaign is not something unexpected. But this is very early for a meltdown.

A new CBS poll is out showing only a quarter of Americans have a favorable opinion of Clinton and less than half think she is honest.

These are not the numbers of a frontrunner. Watch Elizabeth Warren closely.

Luntz: Collapse in Confidence in Government, Media

GOP polling guru Frank Luntz says the American people have lost confidence in all government institutions, including those designed to keep us healthy, as well as the media who report what those institutions are doing.

Ironically, he finds that confidence in government was at its highest under a president who was trying to get government to do less: Ronald Reagan.

Reagan was also a strong and decisive leader, of course.

No doubt some in Washington will find all this mysterious, but it’s not very complicated. The government has lied to us repeatedly, and the mainstream media are biased toward the left and too cozy with the people they cover.

And, the American people aren’t stupid, to the surprise of those who govern them and inform them from Washington, and they’ve figured all this out.

Todd: Obama Could Do “Jimmy Carter-Like Damage” to Democrats

NBC Meet the Press host Chuck Todd today suggested President Obama is on the cusp of throwing Democrats right back in the foreign policy disaster zone where they existed for at least a dozen years following Jimmy Carter’s feckless presidency.

“He’s on the precipice of doing Jimmy Carter-like damage to the Democratic brand on foreign policy – if he’s not careful,” Todd said.

Todd indicated though that he thinks Obama’s damaging effects are probably temporary.

Todd was talking on MSNBC’s Morning Joe about a new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll that puts Republican up by 38 points over Democrats on on the question of which Party will ensure a strong national defense. The poll shows strong support for aggressive action against ISIS.

A few other points from Todd’s conversation with Joe Scarborough:

  • Obama isn’t trying to rally the nation on ISIS. The nation is trying to rally Obama.
  • The single most followed story of the last five years is the beheading by ISIS of Americans Steven Sotloff and James Foley.
  • Democrats’ internal polls showed their candidates dropping 6-9 percentage points when Obama went golfing after speaking about Foley’s murder.

Twice as Many Say Obamacare has Hurt Them Than Helped

Thirty five percent of Americans believe that Obamacare has made them and their families worse off, while only 18 percent think they are better off, a new CNN poll finds. Forty six percent think the law has made no difference for them.

Incredibly, this demonstrates not only that twice as many think the Affordable Care Act has hurt them compared to those who feel helped, but that a whopping total of 81 percent believe the biggest piece of social legislation since the 1960s – and the centerpiece of Obama’s presidency – are of the opinion the law has either hurt them or made no difference to them at all.

Some 35 percent say “other families in this country are better off now that the major provisions of the health care law have taken effect,” a statistic that says very little, since someone somewhere must have benefited.

The poll continued to show an incredible degree of negativity about the law, with 59 percent disapproving, the second highest reading by CNN polling since March 2010. This, remember, at the moment we now know more that ever about what the law entails. Only 40 percent say they favor Obamacare.

The survey was conducted July 18-20.

Poll: Unemployment the Nation’s Top Problem

Five years into President Obama’s administration and more than six years after the recession began, unemployment is the biggest concern troubling the minds of Americans, according to a new Gallup poll. Americans, it appears, are not buying the rosy White House line about all the jobs being created and all the “consecutive months” of job… Continue Reading

Nate Silver: Political Fallout May be Overhyped

Nate Silver, the respected poll data cruncher who accurately predicted the 2012 election results, wrote a piece today for his blog FiveThirtyEight cautioning against all the heated analysis predicting doom for Republicans as a result of the shutdown. Silver notes that any given issue tends to be fleeting, and that the last shutdown in 1995… Continue Reading

Polls Moving in Wrong Direction for Republicans

New polling shows disapproval with Republican handling of the government shutdown growing and blame toward Obama for the standoff declining. According to a poll by the Pew Research Center released Monday, only 30 percent said the Obama administration was to blame for the shutdown, compared to 36 percent two weeks ago. Thirty eight percent blamed… Continue Reading

Poll: Shutdown Hardly a Catastrophe for GOP

While more people blame Republicans for the federal government shutdown, plenty also blame President Obama and the Democrats, suggesting no one has won the war for public opinion and Republicans are not yet suffering the grievous political consequences commonly predicted. According to a CBS News poll conducted after the shutdown began October 1, 44 percent… Continue Reading

More Americans Would Blame Republicans for Shutdown. But . . .

Washington is erupting in a chorus of “I told you so’s” because of a new CNN poll headlined “Blame on GOP,” asserting congressional Republicans would be held at fault if the government shuts down. Let’s talk about that. First of all, here’s the information in the poll that is not making the headlines: 57 percent… Continue Reading