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Sorry, But Tuesday Night Was NOT a Good Night for Republicans

Politics is not really about winning or losing. Politics is about the number of votes you get. And if you get enough votes, you happen to win. And that means something. But if you get many more votes than you were expected to get and you still lose, it is also very meaningful.

Governing is about winning and losing. If you win enough elections, you can govern. But politics is about votes.

That’s why Tuesday night was bad news for the Republicans.

In the contest to replace former GOP Rep. Tom Price in Georgia’s Sixth District, Republican Karen Handel defeated Democrat Jon Osoff by a surprisingly “comfortable” margin of four points, 52 percent to 48 percent. President Trump and Republicans are celebrating. What they are not telling you is that in November, just eight months ago, the Republican Price won the seat by 24 points.

That Osoff lost is not especially good news for the GOP. It’s merely the avoidance of a catastrophe. There are many seats where the 2016 margin was much closer that the GOP will have to defend in 2018.

Meantime, in a contest to replace former Republican Rep. Mick Mulvaney in South Carolina’s Fifth District, a Republican candidate who aligned himself with Trump won by three points, 51 to 48 percent. In November, Trump had won the district by 18 points and Mulvaney had taken it by 20.

People are talking about how Democrats need to change their approach, but Republicans need to do so even more urgently. Trump needs to discipline himself, which he appears to be doing more of, and do a better job of touting his accomplishments and program, like he did during the campaign.

But more crucially, Republicans in Congress need to start adopting his agenda. They’re so frightened of Democratic talking points and the possibility that someone won’t like them that they are failing to deliver on the stuff, like repealing Obamacare, that they’ve been promising for years.

But more crucially, Republicans in Congress need to start adopting his agenda. They’re so frightened of Democratic talking points, GOP consultants’ focus groups, and the possibility that someone won’t like them, that they are failing to deliver on the stuff, like repealing Obamacare, that they’ve been promising to do for years. And for which they were able to get enough votes to put them in the position of governing.

So they should try governing, and then the politics will take care of itself.

Where is the Republican Attack Machine on the Shutdown?

Democrats are always so much better at spinning their nonsense than Republicans are. They whine, attack, and rally the troops every time there’s a big battle to be fought, while Republicans think somehow people will come around to their point of view. And Democrats do it in an organized fashion guided by a well thought out, long-term plan that nevertheless seems spontaneous. Republicans focus solely on today’s news cycle and think they can win the PR war via President Trump’s tweets.

The newest battle — the growing struggle over funding for the government, which runs out in a week — is a perfect example of this communications incompetence.

Republicans and Democrats are trying to come to an agreement on new spending legislation that would fund the government through September, the end of the fiscal year. If they don’t, or if they can’t agree to simply fund things at current levels, the government shuts down.

Every single time there is a debate about shutting down the government, Republicans get blamed. But this debate is coming right after an election in which Republicans seized the White House and maintained their majorities in the House and the Senate. That is, voters have just affirmed their agenda. And now it is the Democrats, not Republicans, who are in reality blocking “progress” and “getting things done,” which is the mantra you hear from Democrats during these shutdown debates.

The newly elected president wants funding for the wall with Mexico, the issue that was the banner for his campaign. Democrats won’t give him a penny for it. They don’t even want to give him cash to enforce existing immigration law. He wants to increase defense spending, but Democrats are resisting. What’s more, despite having lost an election, they have demands. Americans voted to end Obamacare, but Democrats are insisting that subsidies not only continue but be enshrined forever as entitlements.

So why aren’t Republicans running around their districts and states and flooding cable TV, shrieking and close to tears about the prospect that “intransigent” and “ideological” Democrats want to “shut down the government” for their own “partisan political gain”? You know, the crap Democrats say all the frigging time.

See, here’s how this kind of BS is done, as demonstrated by a master you’ll recognize.

Yeah, it’s junk, but it’s effective.

Why aren’t Republicans accusing Democrats of potentially allowing garbage to pile up at the Korean War Memorial, or whatever, and forcing the closing of our beautiful and sacred National Parks. And why aren’t they repeating the same phrases over and over until the idea is drilled irrevocably beneath everyone’s skulls and into their grey matter so that even the MSM has to report what they are saying due to the deluge of breast-beating?


I got no idea.

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