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Politico Piece on Trump and Conservatives

Good morning.

I want to let you know about a piece I have running in Politico today, “How Barack Obama created Donald Trump,” explaining why so many conservatives have embraced The Donald, even if, as many of you know, I haven’t.

From the piece:

Despite what you’ve read in the media, even some outposts of the conservative media, these Trump acolytes in general are not racist against Latinos and they have not been seized by madness.

They are, however, angry. Very angry. And many are agonizingly fearful about the future of the nation. They believe that vast changes to the country are being wrought in ways that are undemocratic, dishonest and perhaps even illegal.

Trump, who seems perpetually angry, is an expression of the angst of conservatives who believe the United States has gotten so deep into a mess that a little extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. What they adore about Trump is that he is a pugilist who has emerged at a time when someone needs to start throwing punches.

I hope you get a chance to read it!


Republicans Must Nominate a Conservative in 2016

A real live conservative. Not someone who pretends, not someone running on “competence” or their record of “getting things done.”

Republicans will have a once-in-a-generation chance to change the course of U.S. history in 2016. Only a conservative can do it. What’s more, nominating a conservative makes the best sense politically.

I explain all this in my latest article for Politico. I hope you’ll take a look!

Ten People for Obama to Fire – Now!

President Obama doesn’t seem to be able to figure out whom to fire over the boondoggle.

Well guess what? I figured it out for him!

As a public service, White House Dossier has decided to pitch in with the Democrats’ never-ending quest to make government “efficient” by offering up ten people Obama can fire immediately.

Starting with the White House chief of staff.

It’s all in this article I wrote for Politico. I hope you’ll take a look!


Beware Obama’s New Rights Racket

You have your rights. The Founding Fathers gave them to you. But now Obama wants to give you rights too. Like what he says is the “right” to health care. And other new rights he’s been talking about of late. What’s Obama up to? Well, only government can secure your “rights.” And so with your… Continue Reading

Is Norway Running U.S. Foreign Policy?

How much has Obama’s Nobel Prize for Peace influenced his conduct of foreign policy? That’s what I was wondering as I prepared this piece for Politico, President Obama’s ‘surrealpolitik.’ The decision by the Norwegian Nobel Committee to hand Obama the prize was an attempt to make him live up to an award he didn’t deserve… Continue Reading

Obama’s Perilous Second Term Hubris

Here’s the latest opinion piece I wrote for Politico. When the White House last week announced that Obama would observe a moment of silence for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings – in private – it occurred to me that the president was developing a nasty and dangerous case of hubris. From the piece:… Continue Reading

Obama: Trust Me, I’ll Treat You Better

Whether he’s trying to make nice with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu or suddenly at the doorstep of Republicans, looking for meetings, Obama is starting his second term merely trying to get those he has to deal with to trust him. They’d be better off trusting their instincts instead, which most likely tell them: Once bitten,… Continue Reading

Obama’s Frightening New Effort to Demonize the GOP

Most people ignored it, but there was a rather frightening moment in President Obama’s inaugural address. Obama called his opponents “absolutists,” a term that has since been repeated by his press secretary. It is unbelievable, and unacceptable, in a democracy for the leader to try to delegitimize his democratically elected opposition in this way. This… Continue Reading

Conservative Rebranding: Change the Name

I’ve written a piece in Politico today that calls on conservatives to change their name. Why? It’s a PR disaster. It sounds like grandpa sitting rigidly in his worn chair at the dining room complaining that someone slightly altered his customary soup. In newspaper reports from overseas, every brutish bad guy is a “conservative,” every… Continue Reading