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Photo || Obama Hugs Recovered Ebola Victim

President Obama today met with Nurse Nina Pham, who survived Ebola and was declared free of the virus today. In a symbolically important gesture, he hugged her for the cameras. Several White House reporters protested the failure of the White House to allow either video cameras or print reporters to cover the event. Only still photographers… Continue Reading

Obama Gets His Feet Off the Desk!

Remember we had a problem? President Obama was putting his feet up on everything, chewing gum, dressing casually, and generally behaving like the Oval Office WAS A COLLEGE DORMITORY ROOM? Well, judging by some recent photos it appears the president is actually trying to at least not put his feet on every available varnished surface.… Continue Reading

Obama’s Moment of Silence Photo Op

The press was barred from witnessing a moment of silence President Obama privately observed Monday for the victims of the Boston bombings, allowing the White House to release its own carefully staged photo of the event. Other than that the White House decided it wanted Americans to view Obama’s concern for the victims, it’s unclear… Continue Reading