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Ryan on Trump Meeting: Good Start, Not There Yet

House Speaker Paul Ryan today said he had a great meeting with Donald Trump Thursday morning on Capitol Hill, but he indicated more work needs to be done before he is able to support the presumptive nominee.

“I was very encouraged with what I heard from Donald Trump today,” Ryan said. “I do believe that we are now planting the seeds to get ourselves unified, to bridge the gaps and differences.”

But he added, “This is a process. It takes a little time,” saying, “It’s very important that we don’t fake unifying.”

Paul Ryan’s Demands Should Disqualify Him

What employer would hire someone who tells him that he doesn’t want the job but if he takes it, he can’t be fired — ever?

That’s exactly what House Republicans may be about to do for Rep. Paul Ryan, D-Wisc., who announced his “conditional” run for speaker to Tuesday evening.

“This is not a job I’ve ever wanted — have ever sought,” Ryan told reporters late Tuesday. “I came to the conclusion that this is a very dire moment, not just for Congress, not just for the Republican Party, but for our country.”

Actually, Ryan’s noblesse oblige comes with a stiff price. Before he will formally start running for speaker, Ryan wants an oath of allegiance from each of the conservative caucuses, including the rebellious House Freedom Caucus, whose threats not to back Speaker John Boehner led to Boehner’s decision to bail.

Worse, Ryan wants the Freedom Caucus and others to agree to abandon the very tool they used to topple Boehner — a motion to “Vacate the Chair” that would require a simple majority vote of the House to depose the speaker.

This means that with Ryan, who echoes Boehner in his support for massive trade pacts, “comprehensive” immigration reform, and making deals with President Obama, Republicans would be getting something similar to what they had — only without the leverage they previously possessed.

That is, they’d be trading in their old car for a newer model, but one with the same engine problems and, which this time, they couldn’t trade in for something else.

They have until Friday to comply.

Conservatives who agree to his terms will betray voters who put them in office to stand for principle and act independently — not rubber stamp the rule of a reluctant new overlord backed by the GOP establishment and chambers of commerce.

Democrats are thrilled with Ryan’s possible ascension to power.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said Tuesday he’s a “Paul Ryan fan,” and it’s no surprise. They will be facing off against someone who would rather be wonking it up as chairman of the tax writing Ways and Means Committee, Ryan’s current post, and who is only going to have half his head in the job.

“I cannot and will not give up my family time,” Ryan said, a declaration seemingly designed to safeguard his precious Wisconsin weekends.

He reportedly will refuse to vigorously perform one of the most basic jobs of speaker — raise money for colleagues — a vital role that not only would help preserve the GOP majority, but give him the leverage over members he needs to do his job.

Meantime, someone who is laying down conditions even before ascending to the post can be counted upon to have even less patience with the demands of conservatives than the amiable Boehner.

Ryan’s grumbling self-absorption is remarkable for someone on the cusp of gaining the perhaps second most powerful position in the country.

Unlike service members who dutifully troop to Afghanistan to fight venomous Islamist serpents, unlike Founding Fathers like George Washington and John Adams who departed their beloved homes and families to establish our nation, and unlike millions of Americans who grind through their jobs and put in weekends to make ends meet, Ryan won’t make a sacrifice unless his foot stomping is appeased.

Such lack of dedication should tell Republicans something about the supposed effectiveness of the man who may soon lead them.

And conservatives surely will find that the demands from Ryan will only begin the multiply once he has power and is unaccountable to them.

Speaker Paul Ryan? Conservatives May Beg to Disagree

The Washington media are anointing Rep. Paul Ryan as the one man who can unite the Republican caucus, drawing in conservatives and establishment types alike.

But before they crown the Wisconsin lawmaker, one of those Beltway denizens needs to talk to a real, live conservative.

Ryan, who has spent nearly his entire professional career in Washington drawing a federal paycheck, doesn’t come close to fitting the prototype of what conservatives want. Rather, he is better associated with the two dethroned GOP establishment figures with whom he wrote the 2010 book “Young Guns” — former presumptive Speaker Kevin McCarthy of California and ex-Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia, who lost a primary challenge to conservative David Brat in 2014.

Being immersed in the establishment for so long, messiness like fights over principles that cause government shutdowns are instinctively frowned upon by Ryan, who in a separate 2014 book called the 2013 shutdown a “suicide mission.”

Ryan wrote: “In short, the strategy our colleagues had been promoting was flawed from beginning to end. It was a suicide mission. But a lot of members were afraid of what would happen if they didn’t jump off the cliff … The shutdown wasn’t a disagreement over principles, or even politics. Rather, it is proof of what happens to a party when it’s defined primarily by what it opposes, instead of by its ideas.”

In a 2014 interview, Ryan said Republicans were easy to blame for the fallout.

Why, then, would a Speaker Ryan handle conservatives who want to do battle with President Barack Obama any differently than current Speaker John Boehner did?

Ryan helped the GOP leadership team that in January 2014 put together “principles” for “comprehensive” immigration  legislation. He has expressed support for legalizing “Dreamers” whose parent brought them to the United States illegally. His website indicates he backs a pathway to citizenship for all illegal aliens. That would effectively give them legal status during a “legal probation” period that occurs before getting the chance to become full citizens.

“A conservative deals with the world as it is — not how it should be,” he lectures on his website.

Ryan also voted for — and went out of his way to promote — the Obama-negotiated Trans-Pacific Partnership. The agreement is anathema to many conservatives concerned about ceding U.S. sovereignty to a regional trade deal, and about the pact’s effect on U.S. workers.

He just doesn’t rate well. Literally. The conservative HeritageAction organization gives him only a 57 percent rating for the current session of Congress, compared to an average for House Republicans of 68 percent.

Putting an exclamation point on the problem, left-wing Democratic firebrand Rep. Luis Gutierrez of Illinois threw his backing behind Ryan.

“He would be good for the country,” Gutierrez said. “He would be good for the Republican Party. Paul Ryan is the kind of individual that would work with people on the other side of the aisle and that’s what we need.'”

Trade, immigration, battles over principle that call attention to Obama-backed outrages — Ryan is wrong on all of these. So why is he right for conservatives?

And is someone who lost a debate to an inanely laughing Vice President Joe Biden really perfect to be the “Speaker” for Republicans?

Even the sometimes tongue-tied McCarthy might have been able to win that one.

Biden: Romney and Ryan Running a “Con Game”

Vice President Joe Biden Sunday accused Gov. Mitt Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan of running a “con game” on voters, charging that the pair were conservatives masquerading as moderates.

In his latest acerbic attack, Biden also asserted that Romney and Ryan were liars who “don’t have much character at all.”

According to the Associated Press, Biden, during an appearance in Lakewood, Ohio, said Romney’s “changing positions” on tax cuts, Iraq and other issues served as proof that he was really more conservative than the moderate face he is attempting to show voters.

Biden also railed against the Republican ticket for an ad in Ohio saying that Jeep will move jobs out of the state. Speaking to MSNBC’s Chris Matthews in Lakewood after his appearance, Biden call the ad “the most cynical play I’ve seen,” and added, ‘It’s not just a lie, but it goes to character. They don’t have much character at all.’’

Obama, by contrast, “does not engage in deception.”

It’s just the latest attack from Biden, who in August informed African Americans that Romney wants “to put you all back in chains.”

Biden himself has in the past been cited for plagiarism and lying about his history. He was more recently accused by National Review of wantonly lying during the debate with Ryan.

H/T to Red Flag News and Weasel Zippers.

Is Biden Fit to be President?

Thursday night’s debate raised more profound questions than who won and who lost.

First, I’ll give you my scorecard – briefly, because you’ve already been deluged with post-debate analysis.

I thought Paul Ryan came out on the winning end of the encounter. Notice I didn’t say he won the encounter. That would ascribe too much responsibility to him.

Ryan won because the other guy acted like a loutish, slightly deranged bully, while Ryan mostly kept his cool in a deeply strange situation.

But Vice President Biden won more of the exchanges on policy than he lost, seeming to either have the better argument, get the last word, or direct the debate off topic and offer up a winning point, even if wholly unrelated to the question. And even if inaccurate too.

Ryan appeared stiff, unexciting, and a little over-prepared. He stuck to the script when improvisation was called for. And he failed to wipe Biden out as expected on domestic policy.

Nevertheless, over-prepared is better than unprepared. Ryan won a few exchanges too and explained conservative policies fairly well, making the choice clear for voters even if he lost a debating point or two. Because of his adequate performance and his success at not seeming like he was auditioning for The Joker in the next installment of Batman, The Movie, I give the debate to him.

Which brings us to Biden.

Biden’s act last night raises very serious questions about his fitness to serve as president should it ever come to that.

And it was an act. It’s clear to me that the giggling, the sneering, and the occasional indignant outbursts were carefully rehearsed, a calculated attempt both to diminish Ryan and throw some red meat to a dispirited Democratic base. “Yeah, get him, get the little jerk,” you can hear lefties across America snorting as Biden tore into the despised Ryan.

That the vice president of the United States could put together a performance that was just one step short of Nikita Khrushchev pounding his shoe on a desk at the United Nations should be deeply disturbing to average Americans.

Though calculated, Biden’s outlandish behavior and his uncanny ability to pull it off belongs nowhere near the West Wing of the White House. Unless Biden’s debate prep partner was Al Pacino and the practice sessions were rehearsed at the Strasberg school for method acting in New York City, the behavior you saw last night has to be part of who Biden is: A crude, angry bully who may be a borderline lunatic.

Americans need to ask themselves not who won the debate, but whether they want such a man in charge of an office whose occupant steers the the future of the human race and, quite possibly, its fate.

Ryan Takes Two Out of Three Post-Debate Polls

Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan bested Vice President Biden in their debate Thursday evening, according to two out of three snap polls taken immediately after the contest.

CNN put Ryan ahead by 48-44 percent, while CNBC had 53 percent of respondents labeling Ryan the winner compared to 41 percent tfor Biden. But 50 percent of those surveyed by CBS News said Biden won, compared to 31 percent for Ryan.

H/T to Byron Tau at Politico.

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