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Hey Barack, That’s No Way to Treat Your Own Posse!

Are Obama’s most ardent acolytes being tricked into donating?

Members of Obama’s cadre of political foot soldiers, Organizing for Action, received a message in their inboxes today with the sending name “Barack Obama” attached.

Just like the cardinals getting an email from Jesus!

Here’s what The One had to say:

Tonight, I’m getting on the phone to talk with OFA supporters, and I hope you can make it — I’m counting on folks like you to keep fighting for change.

The call starts at 8:15 p.m. Eastern Time, so RSVP to save your spot right now:

Thanks — talk soon,


So, follow the link and you find a webpage saying this:

President Obama is joining an exclusive call with OFA supporters to talk about what’s next in the fight for change. It starts at 8:15 p.m. Eastern Time tonight, November 18th.

RSVP now to save your spot — and you’ll receive instructions to join the call:

Fill in your email and zip code and presto, you see this:

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 3.29.29 PM

Rut Roh! Looks like I gotta pay to play. Oh well, I’ll chip in $5 even though I’m already working hard for The Chief and getting scary looks from Tea Party types as I knock on doors for Obama’s latest urgent need. So here you go, five bucks for the cause.

And . . .  wait a second. It took a couple of minutes, but I just got an email with those “instructions to join the call.” But I didn’t know it was coming by email! AND I DON’T EVEN HAVE TO CONTRIBUTE. I thought  . . .  Oh well, I love him, but I already know I can’t trust him.

You can listen to the call at .

OFA Campaigns to Get Young to Buy Unneeded Insurance

Thought you might enjoy this video, in which Obama’s political arm tries to get parents to tell their young adult kids to buy insurance they don’t want. It went out this morning to the millions – probably tens of millions – who are on the Organizing for Action email list.

The young and healthy are the lifeblood of Obamacare. Without their dollars, the system can’t support the older, sicker people who are signing up.

Obamacare is much like our other entitlements, Medicare and Social Security. It’s basically a tax on the young to support older Americans and those with health problems.

Remember, Medicare and Social Security are funded by current taxes. They were sold as “savings” programs,” but they’re not. Your payments just entitle you to money from the young when you get old, just as you fund your elders in your youth.

America already cannot afford its existing entitlements. They’re good programs in theory – no senior should be left destitute – but they need to be reformed for future retirees. Instead of doing this, Obama added a new entitlement. A new tax to break the backs of current workers and businesses.

And that, folks, is why,  instead of recovering from the recession, the economy staggers about like an stressed-out soccer mom who mixed her Xanax with her chardonnay. The recession itself of course was the consequence of another liberal quasi-entitlement – affordable housing for those who can’t afford housing.

OFA Raising Money Off the Obamacare Website Failure

President Obama’s political arm, Organizing for Action, is using the uproar over the failed Obamacare website to raise money.

In a message to its vast email list, OFA notes the “debate” over Obamacare and alludes to criticism to the website, asking recipients to take a brief “Obamacare survey.”

The missive states:

In the midst of all of the debate around Obamacare, it’s easy to lose sight of what the law really does — and how millions of Americans are already seeing the benefits.

That’s why we want to hear directly from you about your health care experience.

This is super easy, and should only take a minute or two. Answer our short Obamacare survey today.

No matter what you hear from the talking heads, health care reform is much more than just a website.

A link takes the email recipient to the poll, a thoroughly unscientific five questions such as “How well would you say you understand Obamacare?” and “Do you currently have health insurance?” Once the poll is submitted – whether the questions are completed or not – the recipient is taken to what appears to be the real business at hand: a new page with a solicitation for $15-$1,000 or some “other amount.”

According to the email, OFA plans to spend “the next five months” promoting Obamacare and “making sure people have the facts.”

Obama: “I’ve Given Some Pretty Good Speeches”

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Video || Messina on the Spot About Selling Access to Obama

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Obama Grassroots Group Using Newtown to Raise Money

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