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House Judiciary Panel Mulls Impeaching IRS Chief Koskinen

Well, President Obama’s IRS commissioner faces possible impeachment, his former Secretary of State faces possible indictment, and Republicans are calling for yet another Veterans Affairs secretary to get out after he compared wait times for treatment at VA facilities to the lines at Disney.

John Koskinen

But don’t worry, these are Democrats. Democrats are for the people, so they must have their reasons.

From the Washington Examiner:

Members of the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday weighed evidence against Internal Revenue Service Commissioner John Koskinen, who faces an impeachment resolution in the House.

“On his watch, volumes of information crucial to the investigation into the IRS targeting scandal were destroyed,” said Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., chairman of the Judiciary Committee. “Before the tapes were destroyed, congressional demands, including subpoenas, for information about the IRS targeting scandal went unanswered.”

You can read the rest of he piece here.

Anti-Police Obama Gives Awards to Police

President Obama today made a big deal of awarding Medals of Valor to law enforcement officers who have performed acts of heroism.

Right, the same Obama who is making their lives impossible by throwing in with the #blacklivesmatter crowd and suggesting that police racism is endemic and offending officers will be prosecuted. The result being that officers have pulled back and more black lives are being ended.

Obama police

FBI Director James Comey, who seems to operate independently of the White House, thank God, attributed the increase to the “Ferguson effect,” a reference of course to the justified 2014 homicide by a police officer of a young black man who tried to take his gun from him, presumably to kill him with it.

When the officer was exonerated in November, Obama empathized with the misplaced outrage in the black community. “There are Americans who agree with (the decision), and there are Americans who are deeply disappointed, even angry,” Obama said. “It’s an understandable reaction.”

And so the murder rate went up in the first quarter of 2015 and has not declined. A report issued last week showed that murder rates have soared this year in major cities, including Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas and Las Vegas.

Have a look at this nonsense from today, if you can bare it.

Cartoon || Obama Schedule for the Week

Here’s the illustrated version of Obama’s weekly schedule. Please follow the artist on Twitter @THESLAMMMMER for lots of great tweets.

Obama weekly schedule

From the White House:

On Monday, President Obama will host a Medal of Valor ceremony at the White House. The Medal of Valor is awarded to public safety officers who have exhibited exceptional courage, regardless of personal safety, in the attempt to save or protect others from harm.

There is no public schedule Tuesday. On Wednesday, Obama will raise money for the DNC.

On Thursday, the president will award National Medals of Science and National Medals of Technology and Innovation to 17 scientists, engineers, mathematicians and innovators.

There is no public schedule on Friday.

On Saturday, Obama will depart Washington, DC en route to Hanoi, Vietnam to begin a week-long trip that will take him to Vietnam and Japan, where he will visit Hiroshima.

Obama to Order Schools to Let Transgenders Use Restroom of Choice

From the New York Times:

The Obama administration is planning to issue a sweeping directive telling every public school district in the country to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms that match their gender identity.

A letter to school districts will go out Friday, fueling a highly charged debate over transgender rights in the middle of the administration’s legal fight with North Carolina over the issue. The declaration — signed by Justice and Education Department officials — will describe what schools should do to ensure that none of their students are discriminated against.

It does not have the force of law, but it contains an implicit threat: Schools that do not abide by the Obama administration’s interpretation of the law could face lawsuits or a loss of federal aid.

Leave it to President Obama to force local parents to have to abide by the moral decisions of one man — him. How such a sensitive matter could not be a local issue I have no idea. But, there you go. If you’re a parent and you don’t want your sixth grade middle school girl to see an eighth grade boy naked, well, screw you.

I’d say it’s time to get that private school voucher bill moving again . . .

Obama to Visit Hiroshima

President Obama will visit Hiroshima following the conclusion of the G-7 summit later this month, the White House announced Tuesday morning.

From a blog post by White House foreign policy guru Ben Rhodes:

So, on May 27, the President will visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, a site at the center of the city dedicated to the victims of the atomic bombing, where he will share his reflections on the significance of the site and the events that occurred there. He will not revisit the decision to use the atomic bomb at the end of World War II. Instead, he will offer a forward-looking vision focused on our shared future.

The President’s time in Hiroshima also will reaffirm America’s longstanding commitment — and the President’s personal commitment — to pursue the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons.

This is ironic from a president who has done more than any other to abet the proliferation of nuclear weapons. He has permitted Iran to obtain them, a decision which will also spark a nuclear weapons arms race in the Middle East among Iran’s enemies. And his failure to give our allies confidence in the American commitment to their defense has sparked South Korea and Japan, probably among other nations, to move closer toward developing their own weapons.


Whatever the president says at Hiroshima, his stop there, in the context of his frequent past apologies for U.S. foreign policy in places like Cuba and the Middle East, will be interpreted as an expression of regret. The bomb saved at least half a million U.S. lives that would have been lost during an invasion of Japan, not to mention the countless Japanese civilians and soldiers who would also have been killed.

There is no reason for Obama to visit Hiroshima other than that it fits with his personal narrative as the great redeemer of past U.S. sins, necessary and otherwise.

Obama Signs Law making Bison the “National Mammal”

National mammal? So will we have a National Reptile also? I mean, other than Bill Clinton.

So you get what this is all about, it’s about how evil hunters slaughtered the buffalo and ruined the Native Americans’ livelihood and America is bad and so on and so forth. That’s what kids will learn when they find out the bison in the national mammal. It’s a symbol of shame, not pride, because DAMMIT YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED. And you know it.

Obama bison

Of course, the national animal should be the horse, which did all the work making this nation great. Mostly what the bison did was crap all over the Plains and make the fields fertile for the farmers who eventually came along to grow enough food make us the world’s breadbasket and create feed for cattle who are regularly processed into the world’s greatest steaks.

I suppose that’s a contribution, but that’s hardly why Obama — and Congress — are doing this.

Okay, sorry, I’m in a bad mood. I feel bad we killed all the bison too, but this designation is a political statement.

Here’s some video of bison rudely interfering with traffic.

Obama: Don’t Shut Down Speech on Campus

Well this was refreshing. President Obama, during the commencement address at the historically black Howard University in Washington, said Saturday that liberal students should let others into their safe spaces: So don’t try to shut folks out, don’t try to shut them down, no matter how much you might disagree with them. There’s been a… Continue Reading

Obama’s ISIS Incrementalism Continues

Seriously, this is how Democrats fight wars. A little of this, then a little more, and OMG that’s not working, so add some more. Whatever happened to the Powell Doctrine, which, appropriating the lessons of Vietnam, stated we were supposed to either get fully in a war or not at all? From the Washington Post:… Continue Reading

Obama Whines About Lack of “Credit” for Economy as it Tanks

Okay, Mr. President. At White House Dossier, you get all the credit. We’re basically within an accounting error of a recession, and President Obama is front and center on the New York Times website Thursday grumbling that he is not getting credit for fixing the economy. The economy, in the first quarter of 2016, grew at an annualized… Continue Reading

State Department Tries to Deny “No Boots on the Ground” Pledge

Even for the Obama administration, this one is deeply rich. State Department spokesman John Kirby Monday said to an astonished Matt Lee of the Associated Press that the administration has not been saying there would be “no boots on the ground” in places like Syria in Iraq. This after President Obama announced Monday that 250 special… Continue Reading