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Obama Playing Golf in England

Just as I suspected. Obama is playing golf this afternoon in England, because he has nothing better to do on a taxpayer-financed official foreign trip. Unfortunately for him, in order to avoid causing an international incident, he had to bring along British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Just imagine, next year he’ll have to pay to play golf overseas himself.

They’re at The Grove, one of England’s most splendid courses. Have a look-see.


Lousy conditions, though. From the pool report:

The pool was permitted to watch as President Obama and his partners completed the third hole on the course. The pool arrived on the scene as the foursome (which also included Marvin Nicholson and Joe Paulsen) made their way onto the green. Obama was wearing a black windbreaker, black pants, black cap and white golf shoes. Prime Minister Cameron donned a navy sweater (or jumper if you prefer) and dark pants.

The current temperature is 52 degrees with a stiff wind blowing.

The two leaders appeared to be having a friendly conversation, but the pool was not within earshot. Cameron missed a long putt and showed little reaction. Obama squatted down to size up his much shorter putt. The president’s putt looked to be on line as it zipped across the green, but it then rolled around the hole and right back out.

A loud “oh!” was the collective response from Obama and Cameron. “Did you see that?” Obama yelled to the pool. “Robbed.” And with that, the pool’s time on the golf course came to a quick end.

Obama will stay overnight in London before heading to Germany Sunday.

Obama Rests Up From His Vacation

Two days after returning from some kind of hiking expedition in Argentina and one day after spending a day doing nothing – at least publicly – at the White House, President Obama today is playing golf. He is at the Joint Base Andrews course playing with some of the usual junior White House aides.

Golf for Obama In Dallas

Yup, as I predicted. From the pool report:

POTUS arrived at the Dallas National Golf Club at 12:50 after an uneventful ride through the Dallas suburbs. He is golfing with Ron Kirk, Emmitt Smith and Peter Kraus, according to a White House aide.

The club has the top-ranked course in all of Texas. Now what do you want to bet the trip to the golf club was planned first and the rest of the events in Texas were then penciled in?

Obama Playing Golf

Well, the White House finally released Obama’s actual schedule for the day. It’s golf. The man does make the most of his weekends. I could learn a thing or two. Not that it’s the weekend yet. The president today is playing with some of his usual relatively junior White House aides. But instead of the… Continue Reading

The Latest Obama Golf Update

President Obama is playing golf today at the lovely TPC Potomac club in Potomac, Md. The president usually plays at one of the military installation courses, like the one at Joint Base Andrews, but today he decided on a private club instead. Not bad. From the website: Less than 20 miles from the nation’s capital is a… Continue Reading

Saturday Golf

President Obama is out playing his usual Saturday round of golf. He’s at the Joint Base Andrews course, where the forecast is sunny and beautiful. He’s playing with some of the usual junior White House aides. It’s Obama’s 11th round of the year and 224th of this presidency. Continue Reading

Obama Golf Update

Just, for the record, want to make sure you are aware that President Obama has not been missing any golf. He played the last two weekends even though he spent half of this past weekend in Panama. Both outings were at the Joint Base Andrews course, mainly with the junior White House aides who usually accompany… Continue Reading

All-Star Golf Lineup for Obama in Florida

Updated March 30 at 5:00 am ET. President Obama today is playing golf at the Floridian National Golf Course with former basketball great Alonzo Mourning, former football great Ahmad Rashad, and someone named Cy Walker. Rashad, who is now a broadcaster, is dating Valerie Jarrett. Or was. I’m not keeping track of it. Cy Walker is Valerie Jarrett’s cousin.… Continue Reading

Obama Played Golf 56 Times in 2014

Well, it’s a new record. President Obama last year played golf 56 times, easily bulldozing his previous marking, set just last year, of 46 times in a year and belying claims that he needs lots of golf to relax. This year’s total is about 28 more outings than he averaged annually during his first term, when the pressure… Continue Reading