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Romney vs. Holyfield: The Weigh In

Five-time heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield and Mitt Romney weighed in Thursday for their “fight” Friday evening for Utah’s Charity Vision, a nonprofit that provides eye care for patients in developing countries.

Romney weighed in at 179 pounds while Holyfield was a little heavier, coming in at 236.5.

Romney looks to be in great shape, yet Holyfield is a 142,000:1 favorite against the former presidential contender, the one chance being that Holyfield develops rapidly metastasizing cancer in the ring and dies before chemo can be administered.

No, those aren’t the real odds.

Romney Not Running for President

Mitt Romney announced Friday morning that he will not run for president in 2016.

220px-Mitt_Romney_by_Gage_Skidmore_7Romney, who made the announcement during a statement by phone to supporters, withdrew from consideration even though he tops polls of potential candidates for the Republican nomination. His decision would most obviously seem to benefit Jeb Bush, who is seen as the other most palatable choice for moderates and establishment Republicans.

A copy of the statement was obtained by conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt.

It what is being interpreted as a dig at Bush, Romney said he was ceding the stage to “the next generation” of GOP leaders:

I believe that one of our next generation of Republican leaders, one who may not be as well known as I am today, one who has not yet taken their message across the country, one who is just getting started, may well emerge as being better able to defeat the Democrat nominee. In fact, I expect and hope that to be the case.

I feel that it is critical that America elect a conservative leader to become our next president. You know that I have wanted to be that president. But I do not want to make it more difficult for someone else to emerge who may have a better chance of becoming that president. You can’t imagine how hard it is for Ann and me to step aside, especially knowing of your support and the support of so many people across the country. But we believe it is for the best of the Party and the nation.

But Romney’s statement was not entirely Shermanesque. Romney said he thought he could win, though he noted it would be difficult. And in response to the hypothetical question of whether “there are any circumstances whatsoever” might develop that would get him to change his mind, he said, “that seems unlikely.”

But alas, not impossible.

The Latest Gruber Video

It’s not exactly what you think.

And BTW, notice whom else he thanks. Romney is smart, but the late Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., that old Fox, was smarter. He used Romney to set in motion the process that led to the Affordable Care Act and eventually, perhaps, Kennedy’s decades-old vision of universal, single payer coverage.

Romney Seeking to Hone Populist, Positive Message

Uhh, someone is trying to sound more like Ronald Reagan and less like Mitt Romney.

And that would be Mitt Romney.

Speaking Friday in San Diego at a Republican National Committee gathering, Romney appeared to be trying to erase the problems that beset him during his 2012 campaign – that he was too elitist, didn’t offer a vision, and wasn’t a real conservative.

Whether he can change himself at the age of 67 is for you to decide. But he’s seems intent on trying.

A tieless, and apparently tireless, Romney said:

We can win in 2016 as a Party in the House, and the Senate, and in the White House, if we communicate a clear vision of this country and what we believe in . . .

Under President Obama, the rich have gotten richer, income inequality has gotten worse and there are more people in poverty than ever before. Under this president, his policies have not worked. Their liberal policies are good every four years for a campaign, but they don’t get the job done . . .

It’s a tragedy — a human tragedy – that the middle class in this country by and large doesn’t believe the future won’t be better than the past or their kids will have a brighter future of their own . . . people want to see rising wages and they deserve them.

Wait a second. Remove the reference to Obama, and it looks like this could have been a speech by . . . Obama. Where’s the conservative ideology? Oh well, maybe Romney 3.0 is the release everyone should skip.

Romney? Really?

Well, Mitt Romney apparently thinks what the country needs is Mitt Romney, and so he is, as White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest deadpanned Tuesday, “considering getting the band back together again.”

He’s calling his old donors and telling them to keep their mouths and their wallets shut, contacting former operatives and telling them he’s going operational, and generally signaling he’s about to inflict another campaign on us.

The White House has contempt for lots of people, but one can certainly excuse its contempt for Romney, who lost to Obama in 2012 even though the sitting president was presiding over a lousy economy, had jammed through Congress an unpopular signature policy – Obamacare – and was losing his grip on an increasingly disordered and violent world.

romneyR-logoRomney, who lacks a seriousness about conservatism, can only claim that he’d somehow run the country better than anyone else, which makes little sense since he ran his general election campaign worse than anyone else. The Democrats beat him soundly by every measure – voter targeting, getting out the vote, use of social media, canvassing, and so forth. Sure, he’d bring more discipline to running the government than Obama, but that’s like saying your mother-in-law would be better company at breakfast than a puff adder. Of course she would.

Romney, as everyone says, is a good and decent man who cares about this country. And the fact is, he could win the nomination. Conservatives who say it’s wonderful having Romney in the race too, along with Jeb Bush and Chris Christie, because it will divide moderates in the same the conservative vote was divided last time are kidding themselves. They should watch what they wish for, because they may just get Romney.

Mitt has a kind of “daddy” appeal, in that the country has been run so irresponsibly that voters will want the comfort of someone who seems mature and experienced. That is, after years of being fooled by that cad Obama, they’ll finally go running home to daddy.

Romney knows the ropes. This is very important. Republican nominees are almost always on their second or third go-round running for president. Romney will learn from his mistakes. He has lots of material to draw from.

But he might well lose the general election, because that’s what moderate Republicans do. The only Republicans to win in the last thirty four years were Reagan, George H.W. Bush – who though a moderate was elected to Reagan’s third term and then lost next time – and George W. Bush, who seemed pretty severely conservative to everyone in 2000, though he turned out a little less so than anticipated.

American voters want to be inspired. They like people with principles. This is a country founded on an idea, and Americans like to vote for presidents with ideas and, yes, ideologies. Compassionate conservatism at least sounded like an ideology. Obama surely has an ideology, which, even if not one most Americans agree with, made him appealing in a way.

But everyone knows Romney, who invented Obamacare, is in his heart a moderate. The very model of a “practical man.” He ran mainly on opposition to Obama in 2012, something a real conservative would never do.

What would be the point of putting the country on hold for four or eight years while Romney tinkers around? American needs, as someone once put it, fundamental change.

Fundamental change back to the vision of a group of radicals who introduced the unheard-of concept of minimum interference from the ruler and maximum freedom for the ruled.

Back to the vision of the Founding Fathers. Those are the daddies we need to run to.

Will Gruber Ruin the Romney Revival?

MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber, the architect of Obamacare whose comments disparaging Americans as stupid have gone viral, may not just be helping topple his own creation. He might also short-circuit the political revival of the man he worked with on a similar scheme, Mitt Romney, who was assisted by Gruber in creating Romneycare.

The avalanche of Gruber videos may remind people of Romney’s biggest weakness – that he did Obamacare before Obama did it.

Speaking in November 2011, as the GOP primaries were about to begin, Gruber charged that Romney’s efforts to distinguish Romneycare from Obamacare were fakery:

The problem is there is no way to say that. Because they’re the same fucking bill. He just can’t have his cake and eat it too. Basically, you know, it’s the same bill. He can try to draw distinctions and stuff, but he’s just lying. The only big difference is he didn’t have to pay for his. Because the federal government paid for it. Where at the federal level, we have to pay for it, so we have to raise taxes.

Influential conservative radio host Mark Levin made the connection between Gruber and Romney just the other evening:

I wanna remind all of you Romney synchofants who want Romney to run again, including Romney, this man was also the architect of Romneycare . . . Romney used this professor before Obmama did. Sorry – sorry to burst some people’s bubbles.”

In the video below, Gruber offers up some more damaging information for Romney. Ever the cynic, Gruber proudly asserts that the Massachusetts plan was a “rip off” of the federal government, which he suggests was conned into paying for it. Romney, he indicates, was complicit in the scheme:

The dirty secret in Massachusetts is the feds paid for our bill, OK? In Massachusetts, we had a very powerful Senator you may know named Ted Kennedy. Ted Kennedy had basically figured out – Ted Kennedy and smart people in Massachusetts – had basically figured out a way to rip off the Feds for $400 million a year.

The Bush administration said, ‘Wait a second, why are we doing this favor to a Democrat? We’re going to take it away.’ The Romney administration, to their credit, went to the Bush administration and said, ‘Wait a second, if we can keep this money and use it to cover the uninsured, will you let us keep it?’ The Bush administration, to their credit, said, ‘sure.’ And that became the financial basis for our transformation in Massachusetts.

The comment begins at about the 12 minute mark.

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Romney Opens the Door

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