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North Korea: Mike Pence is a “Political Dummy”

Okay, that’s not true. Now we know North Korea is filled with liars.

Mike Pence, then the governor of Indiana, said in 2016 he was going to vote for Sen. Ted Cruz during the state’s primary, and then reluctantly decided to endorse the presumptive nominee, Donald Trump.

And then somehow he wound up Trump’s running mate! Sorry North Korea, Mike Pence is no political dummy.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

North Korea’s senior envoy for U.S. affairs renewed a threat to call off a planned summit with President Donald Trump and warned that Pyongyang could “make the U.S. taste an appalling tragedy it has neither experienced nor even imagined.”

In its most direct language aimed at Washington following a recent rapprochement between the two countries, Choe Son Hui, the North’s vice minister of foreign affairs, said if the June 12 talks were called off, the U.S. could instead face off with North Korea in a “nuclear-to-nuclear showdown.”

Ms. Choe’s statement, issued through official state media, called out Vice President Mike Pence, to whom she referred as “a political dummy.”

The Choe also called Pence “ignorant and stupid.”

Don’t get me wrong, I like Mike Pence. A lot. I’m just saying, you know, he worked this VP angle pretty well.

Vice President Pence
Political dummy?

North Korea is mad that Pence brought up Libya in the context of nuclear negotations.

Libya under Muammar Qaddafi, as you are probably aware, had given up its nuclear weapons and wasn’t bothering us. And then Barack Obama, with Hillary’s urging, destroyed his regime. Which serves as a lesson that if you want to stay in power, don’t give up your nukes at the urging of the United States.

Another Obama administration mistake we continue to live with today.

Top Gay Rights Group Targeting Pence

Vice President Mike Pence, normally viewed as a kind of bland character with strong moral principles, is now the target of an effort to turn him into the Nancy Pelosi of the Republican Party, a person to be demonized and used to raise money off of while their effectiveness as a leader is undermined.

According to Politico:

The Human Rights Campaign, a leading LGBT rights organization, is launching a sustained attack against Pence, with a website, videos and a lengthy report to be released on Thursday. The materials were shown to POLITICO early.

The attack from a key player in the Democratic base comes as Pence is campaigning heavily for Republicans ahead of the 2018 midterms. And as Trump’s legal troubles expand, from the special counsel probe to a federal investigation of his personal attorney, some Democrats are beginning to train their fire on Pence in case the president doesn’t run for re-election in 2020 or gets removed from office.

“Mike Pence has made a career out of attacking the rights and equal dignity of LGBTQ people, women and other marginalized communities,” Chad Griffin, the president of HRC, said in a statement. “Now as vice president, he poses one of the greatest threats to equality in the history of our movement. With the world distracted by Donald Trump’s scandal-ridden White House, Mike Pence’s nefarious agenda has been allowed to fly under the radar for too long. He has become not only the most powerful vice president in American history, but also the least scrutinized.”

“This is just another politically-motivated attack on the VP by a left-wing organization closely aligned with the Democratic Party,” said Pence press secretary Alyssa Farah.

Well, I’ll tell you what else this is. It’s part of a sustained effort to criminalize Christianity, the religion upon whose principles this country was founded.

Here’s a video off the new anti-Pence website.

Pence Family Magnanimous After John Oliver’s Attack

Vice President Pence’s 24-year-old daughter Charlotte Pence, who wrote a children’s book about the family’s pet bunny, decided to be above the vicious attacks on her father and praise John Oliver’s parody of her book by noting the proceeds go to charity.

In the parody, written by a staffer for his weekly HBO show, the bunny is gay. Vice President Pence has become a hated and vilified symbol among liberals like Oliver for his support of traditional values.

“His book is contributing to charities that I believe we can all get behind,” she said. “So we have two books that are giving to charities.” Karen Pence, the vice president’s wife, illustrated the book.

Oliver’s book donates to AIDS United and the Trevor Project, which supports suicidal LGBTQ young people. He announced the book in a profanity-laced tirade against Pence Sunday night.

H/T Washington Free Beacon.

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