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Michelle AWOL as Obamacare Struggles

The Obamacare rollout is a mess, the White House is desperate for signups to inject cash needed to prop up the system, but one of President Obama’s best PR weapons – First Lady Michelle Obama – is nowhere to be found.

Calling Michelle Obama . . .
Calling Michelle Obama . . .

Mrs. Obama is more popular than her husband and has been deployed by the White House frequently as one of his most most attractive and effective surrogates. She campaigned tirelessly last year for his reelection and has represented him on countless other matters too. And yet she is not being used to help salvage Obamacare.

In fact, Michelle has hardly been seen in public at all for a month, making no on-camera appearances since a round of events during September’s UN General Assembly session in New York City.

Today she will host a tea for the wife of the Pakistani prime minister, but the event is closed to the press. Reporters will also be barred when she greets the USO “Volunteer of the Year” Friday. And the White House will allow only a single print reporter to cover remarks she will make Friday afternoon to a Democratic National Committee event focused on women’s issues.

Other outings in recent days have been similarly below the radar, including a parent-teacher conference at her daughters’ school and three hours spent dining out with friends at a swank DC Italian restaurant, Bibiana.

Michelle has been on the Obamacare beat before, speaking just last July to the Hispanic group La Raza to urge members to help get people signed up.

But now that the process is underway, she’s exited the stage, leaving it to her husband and HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to make the pitch.

Here’s some video of President Obama going it on his own, imploring members of his political group, Organizing for Action, to “tell your friends, families, coworkers, classmates, neighbors and anyone else about what the Affordable Care Act can mean for them.”

Michelle Dances With Man in Drag

I don’t know. It’s kind of funny and she’s a good dancer. But, putting aside any notion of dignity for the positions of first lady and president –  those things went out the window a while ago, I know – what are kids supposed to think of this?

This is from Friday night’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Michelle: A Few Thousand Votes Could Decide It

First Lady Michelle Obama revealed the extent of the nervousness in President Obama’s camp over the upcoming contest with Mitt Romney, telling a group of Obama supporters in Naples, Florida that the election could be decided by a few thousand votes.

“This all could come down to those last few thousand people we register to vote,” she said, according to “It might mean just one more person … That one person could be the one.”

The first lady was campaigning and raising money in Naples following a trip with her husband to speak to the troops at Fort Stewart in Hinesville, Georgia.

Florida is viewed as perhaps the first or second most important battleground state. Its electoral votes could determine the election, as they did in 2000 when only a few hundred votes separated George W. Bush and Al Gore.

Florida is particularly important to President Obama, as polling suggests traditionally Republican states he picked up in 2008 against John McCain, like Virginia, Indiana and North Carolina, may revert to form and support the GOP nominee.

Michelle Arrives in Hawaii, Disappears

With controversy raging over her decision to fly separately from President Obama at taxpayer’s expense to her Hawaiian vacation, Michelle Obama has been keeping a decidedly low profile since arriving on Oahu. The first lady, who departing Washington Friday evening with her daughters, has barely been seen, and there’s been little in the local press… Continue Reading

Special Michelle Hawaii Flight Would Cost Thousands

President Obama’s decision to send Michelle and his daughters to Hawaii ahead of him if he is delayed by a fight with Congress could cost taxpayers tens of thousands of extra dollars to fund two separate vacation flights and related costs. The move would also violate the intent of an executive order he issued just… Continue Reading

Michelle: Obesity is a National Security Issue

Well, it’s not. Only in the sense that EVERYTHING is a national security issue. For example, health care. If kids aren’t getting proper health care, how can they be good soldiers? And how about getting enough sleep? If soldiers aren’t engaged in proper sleeping habits, they’re going to miss when they shoot, now aren’t they?… Continue Reading