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Hillary to Huma: Get Me a Separate Plane from Michelle

Okay, sure, we don’t know the context of this. But even at the very least, it looks like Hillary felt she had better things to do than to talk to Michelle Obama for a couple of hours.

This is from a new tranche of emails obtained by Judicial Watch, among them emails from the secretary of state containing classified information that were sent to the Clinton Foundation. But that’s okay, it’s a trusty organization.

The email below was related to a trip to Betty Ford’s funeral. Note that it starts from the bottom. No, I’m not treating you like an idiot, I started from the top first time I read it!

H/T Washington Examiner.

Michelle Obama: Our Children Need a President like Hillary

Take a look at the video below, if you can stand to watch it. Michelle Obama, dripping with sanctimony, appeared Thursday in North Carolina with Hillary Clinton.

Hard to see people who have done so much damage to this country looking so triumphant.

Michelle is right, this election is about our children’s future. Another four years of Democratic rule and there might not be any.

Because of her and her husband, your children will be living under the threat of an Iranian nuclear bomb dropping on their heads. And constant government intervention in their lives, an economy that barely grows, a culture soaking up the lowest common denominator, $20 trillion in debt, a depleted military, and a Constitution that has been entirely subverted.

People like Mr. Obama, Mrs. Obama, Mrs. Clinton, and Mr. Clinton will now rule us, not laws or principles.

Here’s the most laughable part of the speech, Michelle portraying Hillary as a role model:

No, no, no, this election is about something much bigger. It’s about who will shape our children and the country we leave for them, not just for the next four or eight years but for the rest of their lives. (Applause.) Because as Hillary pointed out, we all know — we know the influence our President has on our children — how they turn on the TV and they see the most powerful role model in the world, someone who shows them how to treat others, how to deal with disappointment, whether to tell the truth. They’re taking it all in . . .

And when I think about this election, let me tell you, that is what I’m thinking about. I’m asking myself, what do my girls, what do all our children deserve in their President? What kind of a President do we want for them?

Someone who shows them whether to tell the truth? Hillary?

Mrs. Clinton should probably be in jail. And no doubt, at some point in her presidency, our children will watch her impeachment trial. At least they’ll get a civics lesson.

They Put Obama in Office, and They are Accused of Worse Than Trump

I don’t dismiss all the charges against Donald Trump. While some of them are probably false, some are probably true. It’s just too many women, and they are alleging things he bragged about.

And I think it’s disgusting.

But the hypocrisy of the Democrats in an uproar at the charges — especially the outrage expressed by Michelle Obama — is also abhorrent. Because they have accepted far worse from the two greatest modern icons of the Democratic Party, two men instrumental in putting Mrs. Obama and her husband in the White House.

Perhaps the pivotal moment in the 2008 primary battle between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton was the January 28 endorsement by the late Sen. Ted Kennedy of Obama. Obama had momentum, having just beaten Clinton in South Carolina, and Kennedy’s timely nod set him up to win a string of primaries that made his lead insurmountable.

Ted Kennedy killed a young woman, Mary Jo Kopechne, in Chappaquiddick, Massachusetts on Martha’s Vineyard in July 1969. The married Kennedy, suspiciously alone with her late at night in a car, accidentally drove off a bridge and plunged into the water. He made it to the surface, she didn’t. He didn’t report the incident until the morning, likely, in my view, so he could have a few hours to sober up. But that’s not a problem for the Obamas, or just about any Democrats, as far as I know.

The 2012 decision by Bill Clinton to bury the hatchet and work aggressively for Obama’s reelection may well have provided the small margin of victory Obama was able to achieve over Mitt Romney. Clinton has now been accused of raping two women, both of whose charges are bolstered by people attesting that the accusers told them at the time of the incident. One of the women, Juanita Broaddrick, had bruising that was witnessed by others at the time. She’s not in for the fame, she resisted coming forward for years. But that’s not a problem for the Obamas, or just about any Democrats, as far as I know.

Michelle Obama’s emotional response to Trump the other day was rank hypocrisy.

The speech of course was feted by the media, which anointed Michelle Hillary’s new star surrogate.

Here are the Obamas dancing with Ted Kennedy.

Mary Jo Kopechne would be 76 this year.

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Michelle’s Socialist Easter Egg Roll Message

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