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Michelle Obama: Our Children Need a President like Hillary

Take a look at the video below, if you can stand to watch it. Michelle Obama, dripping with sanctimony, appeared Thursday in North Carolina with Hillary Clinton.

Hard to see people who have done so much damage to this country looking so triumphant.

Michelle is right, this election is about our children’s future. Another four years of Democratic rule and there might not be any.

Because of her and her husband, your children will be living under the threat of an Iranian nuclear bomb dropping on their heads. And constant government intervention in their lives, an economy that barely grows, a culture soaking up the lowest common denominator, $20 trillion in debt, a depleted military, and a Constitution that has been entirely subverted.

People like Mr. Obama, Mrs. Obama, Mrs. Clinton, and Mr. Clinton will now rule us, not laws or principles.

Here’s the most laughable part of the speech, Michelle portraying Hillary as a role model:

No, no, no, this election is about something much bigger. It’s about who will shape our children and the country we leave for them, not just for the next four or eight years but for the rest of their lives. (Applause.) Because as Hillary pointed out, we all know — we know the influence our President has on our children — how they turn on the TV and they see the most powerful role model in the world, someone who shows them how to treat others, how to deal with disappointment, whether to tell the truth. They’re taking it all in . . .

And when I think about this election, let me tell you, that is what I’m thinking about. I’m asking myself, what do my girls, what do all our children deserve in their President? What kind of a President do we want for them?

Someone who shows them whether to tell the truth? Hillary?

Mrs. Clinton should probably be in jail. And no doubt, at some point in her presidency, our children will watch her impeachment trial. At least they’ll get a civics lesson.

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