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It’s Not About “Optics”

President Obama was ready with excuses for Chuck Todd when asked on Meet the Press about his decision to immediately head for the golf course after making a statement last month about James Foley, who was murdered by ISIS. By the time Obama was done, you could almost be convinced he had DONE THE RIGHT THING.

The president claims a public relations mistake. But this is really something more profound, and unfortunately, typically disillusioning.

Not that I had illusions.

From the show, which was broadcast Sunday:

CHUCK TODD: I’ve got to ask, so during that vacation, you made the statement on Foley, you went and golfed. Do you want that back?

PRESIDENT OBAMA: It is always a challenge when you’re supposed to be on vacation because you’re followed everywhere. And part of what I’d love is a vacation from the press . . .

Because the possibility of a jarring contrast given the world’s news, there’s always going to be some tough news somewhere, it’s going to be there. But there’s no doubt that after having talked to the families, where it was hard for me to hold back tears listening to the pain that they were going through after the statement that I made, that I should’ve anticipated the optics.

That’s part of the job. And I think everybody who knows me, including, I suspect, the press, understands that you take this stuff in and it’s serious business. And you care about it deeply. But part of this job is also the theater of it. Part of it is how are you–

TODD: You hate that you–

OBAMA: Well, it’s not something that always comes naturally to me. But it matters. And I’m mindful of that. So the important thing is in addition to that, is am I getting the policies right? Am I protecting the American people? Am I doing what’s necessary?

What self-serving goop.

This man, who gave a speech at the Berlin Wall before being elected, for God’s sake, claims not to understand political theater. What he is telling us is, I’m so much better than optics and phoniness. But I realize I have to descend into phoniness sometimes, and it’s my bad for not lowering myself to the task.

Let’s review what happened here. From the pool report for that day:

The president walked quietly into the cafeteria of the school, tieless but wearing a blue jacket. Eric Schultz accompanied him. Obama stepped to a podium and delivered his remarks, then turned quietly and walked out of the room. The room was silent as he did.

Afterward, the motorcade drove to the Vineyard Golf Club.

He’s was on the golf course within minutes of a solemn statement. In fact, he made the statement as close as possible to the club, so there would be no delay.

This wasn’t about optics. This was a failure of leadership. You don’t console the country with a tribute to a murdered American and then go golfing. I don’t remember Bush making excuses about being uncomfortable with “optics” after he did this.

Obama failed to own up to his mistake. The president talks about having tears in his eyes while on the phone with Foley’s family, to prove that he in fact does care. What he doesn’t understand is that this is not about him. It’s about the country.

None of his presidency should be about him, but all of it is.

Obama’s problem is not that he is better than a mere politician. His problem is that he doesn’t appreciate and understand the office he holds.

If you are a leader, you lead. If you care about the job of President of the United States, it wouldn’t occur to you to make an important statement to a shocked and saddened nation, and then hit the links.

You might even forgo golf for a whole day, who knows?

Obama Opts for Late Checkout

What? President Obama didn’t depart his Martha’s Vineyard vacation home until 8:05 pm ET last night.

Doesn’t that get him into the next day’s charges? I mean, anytime I’ve bargained for a late checkout, I’ve had to weep at the ankles of the front desk lady for ten minutes just get my time extended until noon.

Anyway, this got him back to the White House at 10:21 pm. Touching down with him on the South Lawn via Marine One – following the Air Force One flight from Cape Cod – were Michelle, Malia, Valerie Jarrett, Deputy Chief of Staff Kristie Canegallo and White House Trip Director/Official Obama Golf Buddy Marvin Nicholson.

The pool reporter reported:

The first family, all holding hands, entered the Diplomatic Room doors at 10:23 pm . . .

The departure (from Martha’s Vineyard) comes after 15 days, three presidential statements, two briefings, nine rounds of golf, two hikes, three dinners out, a party with Hillary, one night of fireworks.

The nine rounds – effectively giving the giant finger to everyone who said he sent the wrong message to our friends and enemies during a time of turmoil by golfing incessantly – brings us to 36 for the year and 193 for the presidency.

Late arrival Sunday evening of course resulted in what appears to be a late start at the office Monday morning, as some of you have noticed. Actually, 10:30 am, when he received the Presidential Daily Briefing today, ain’t much different than the usual.

Just for a vacation keepsake, here’s some video of Obama missing a putt during his vacation.

Biking and then . . . Well What Do You Think?

An Obama family vacation is an exercise in rituals – box checking if you want to be mean about it – and one of the sacred rites on the Martha’s Vineyard vacation, along with a trip to the beach and a look through the bookstore, is The Bike Ride.

This has not always worked out well for the president, as he looks not quite as natural as the lady Obamas on The Bike Ride. Actually, he’s been accused of looking like he might be a lady himself.

Lately, he’s been doing better. Here’s the unofficial press pool tweet by today’s pooler, Colleen Nelson of the Wall Street Journal.

Obama bike Martha's Vineyard

Not bad at all! Nice, hip-dad look.

The White House says that Obama, the First Lady and Malia are biking on the Manuel F. Correllus State Forest bike path outside West Tisbury. Not sure where Sasha is. Not even sure if she’s with them at all.

From the pool report:

The paved bike path cuts through a heavily wooded area, offering a shady ride on this picture-perfect day.

Obama, the First Lady and Malia passed by, pedaling at a leisurely pace. “Hey guys, nice day, huh?” Obama said to the pool.

All three were decked out in athletic wear, with Michelle Obama in gray spandex capri pants and a short-sleeved top. Malia wore running shorts and a black T-shirt.

The president wore a black athletic shirt, dark gray pants, white socks and black Nikes. All donned bike helmets. A phalanx of Secret Service agents followed closely behind.

The pool saw the president and family for only seconds as they continued to make their way down the path.

After an hour or so, it was enough biking, and Obama headed directly for the golf course. He’s back at the Farm Neck Golf Club.

With him are Glenn Hutchins, a Democratic fat cat donor who owns part of the Boston Celtics, Robert Wolf, another Democratic fat cat who was invited back after golfing with Obama Monday, and Cy Walker, Obama’s new BFF who is playing golf with the president constantly on the Vineyard. Walker is Valerie Jarrett’s cousin.

It is Obama’s fifth time playing in seven days on vacation, his 32nd outing of the year, and the 189th of his presidency.

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