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Senate Foreign Relations Committee Approves Tillerson as Rubio Caves

Rubio made a big stink but ended up falling into line anyway. Tillerson will next be approved on the floor, no problem.

From the Washington Examiner:

Secretary of State-designate Rex Tillerson was approved by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Monday in a party-line vote.

“It’s a little bit of a departure in the vote count than things have been in the past on nominations like this, but I certainly respect everyone’s ability to cast votes in the manner in which they wish,” committee chairman Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., said after the vote.

Tillerson carried the day on the strength of 11 Republican votes, while all 10 Democrats opposed the nomination. That result came about as one GOP senator who had seemed inclined to vote against him — Marco Rubio of Florida — and one Democrat who hinted at supporting him reverted to party lines.

Trump Won’t Rule Out Taking Rubio as Vice President

Despite two weeks of vicious invective between the two, Republican front-runner Donald Trump Wednesday refused to rule out taking Sen. Marco Rubio as his running mate.

Trump, who appeared today on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, indicated Rubio could have a chance at the second spot if he drops out of the race before the Florida primary next Tuesday.

“Sure, sure and he’s got a lot of talent. I just don’t want to say that yet,” Trump said when pressed by host Joe Scarborough if he would consider Rubio if he suspend his campaign before Florida. “I have a lot of respect for him, he’s got great talent, I just don’t want to say that yet,” Trump said.

What was left unclear was whether Trump, the famous dealmaker, is seriously considering Rubio or dangling the VP opportunity as an incentive for Rubio to get out of the race. Trump very much needs to triumph in winner-take-all Florida and grab its 99 delegate to stay on a path to winning the nomination outright before the convention.

Trump claimed that if Rubio loses his home state of Florida, he would be such damaged goods that nobody would want him as vice president.

“If he runs and loses, and I don’t think he’d win right now, but if he runs and loses, he will never be able to do anything very big politically in Florida. I certainly don’t think he would be considered by anybody as a vice president,” Trump said. “He’s got a very big decision to make.”

Rubio is trailing in Florida polls, is performing poorly all over the country, and may be on track to be upended in the Sunshine state.

Trump’s outreach to Rubio may be part of an evolving strategy to portray himself as a unifier, a theme he struck during a press conference Tuesday evening after winning the Mississippi and Michigan primaries.

A version of the piece also appears on LifeZette.

Bush, Rubio Declare War on ISIS

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Jeb May be Finished

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Video || Rubio AWOL from Senate

Sen. Marco Rubio has pretty much quit his day job. As of the middle of September, he has 77 votes this year, according to USA Today. He has the worst attendance record in the Senate. Sen. Rand Paul, who unlike Rubio is still running for reelection to his Senate seat, has only missed three. Sen.… Continue Reading

Bush: Meet Marco Rubio, the New Obama

Forget Donald Trump. That’s bigger game that has to be taken down later. Right now, Jeb Bush knows he won’t survive long if he doesn’t take care of his Marco Rubio problem, and fast. In the last 24 hours, Bush has signaled his strategy for dealing with his former protege and Florida “buddy,” who is… Continue Reading

Marco in the Middle

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Marco Rubio’s Sugar Daddy

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