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Bush: Meet Marco Rubio, the New Obama

Forget Donald Trump. That’s bigger game that has to be taken down later. Right now, Jeb Bush knows he won’t survive long if he doesn’t take care of his Marco Rubio problem, and fast.

In the last 24 hours, Bush has signaled his strategy for dealing with his former protege and Florida “buddy,” who is edging by him in the polls and threatens to start gobbling up fundraising money Bush wants for himself. He’s going to take Rubio call him the worst epithet one Republican can call another: Barack Obama.

What everyone forgets about the sunny-seeming Bushes is that they play to win and they play for keeps. And with well north of $100 million in the bank, Bush stands ready to try to crush anyone in his way. Marco is first.

Rubio, at 9.5 percent, has moved into fourth place in the latest RealClearPolitics average of national polls, a half point ahead of the fifth place Bush.

So, appearing on the MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program Thursday, Bush suggested Rubio lacks the experience to be president, just like the 2008 Democratic nominee.

“It’s not known,” Bush said when asked whether Rubio has the “leadership skills” to fix what ails the country. “Barack Obama didn’t end up having them and he won an election based on the belief that people had that he could and he didn’t even try,” Bush said.

Bush asserted that he, unlike fellows like Rubio and Obama, is tested.

“I think I have the leadership skills to fix things and that’s my strength and that’s what I talk about,” Bush said. “Marco was a member of the (Florida) House of Representatives when I was Governor and he followed my lead and I’m proud of that.”

Bush had broached the Marco-is-Obama theme Wednesday during an appearance on CNN.

“Look, we had a president who came in and said the same kind of thing — new and improved, hope and change — and he didn’t have the leadership skills to fix things,” Bush said.

Bush has also been pushing a proposal to dock the pay of lawmakers who miss votes, a plan interpreted as a broadside at Rubio — who misses votes.

“Is his voting record a problem?” a reporter asked Bush of Rubio during an New Hampshire press conference Wednesday.

This piece first appeared in PoliZette.

“I think if you had a dock in pay strategy, you’d probably get more attendance,” Bush said.

You might remember another candidate who stood accused of being frequently AWOL from the various legislatures he belonged to: Barack Obama.

Of course, Bush doesn’t want to seem vindictive while he’s trying to steamroller a man who has been described as his dear pal and protege. “We’re close friends and I admire him greatly,” Mr. Bush said in New Hampshire.

It was left to Wednesday Trump, who was also campaigning in New Hampshire, to inject a note of typically blunt realism into the situation.

“They hate each other,” Trump said. “They hate more than anyone in this room hates their neighbor. It’s political bull(expletive).”

Video Outtakes || Trump at the Value Voters Summit

Here’s a few moments from Donald Trump’s appearance at the Value Voters Summit Friday in Washington, a gathering that includes many members of the religious right.

I don’t know, I’m not sold on the Bible waving moment. And he gets in a little trouble here picking on nice-guy Marco Rubio, drawing some boos for calling Rubio a clown. But his point, that it may be difficult to trust Rubio on immigration, is well taken.

Marco in the Middle

Well, Sen. Marco Rubio today submitted himself to Fox News Channel’s Monkey in the Middle segment – officially called “Outnumbered” – where a dude is dropped in a sea of estrogen and tries to keep his thoughts straight while questioned by smart, attractive distaff Fox News anchors.

The show is supposed to feature clever and insightful takes on the news provoked by the sensation of being “outnumbered,” but as you can see in the clip below, Rubio wasn’t above launching into some of his standard campaign blather, as in, “I honestly believe the time has come for a new generation of leadership . . . ” and blah blah blah blah blah.

This line, of course, is meant for his fellow Floridian, the suddenly shrinking 800-pound GOP Primary gorilla Jeb Bush, and of course it will come in handy against Hillary Clinton should Rubio gain the nomination.

Why bash your elders, Marco? Such thinking would have excluded Ronald Reagan, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson from the presidency. Surely, having written the Declaration of Independence in 1776, it was time for a new generation of leadership in 1801 when Jefferson became president, wasn’t it?

If Rubio really is the intelligent, earnest fellow his promoters are touting, than he might want to lose some of the insincere claptrap.

One thing I noticed is that he looks a little diminutive, even among the ladies. At 5’10”, Rubio is short for a modern president.

I say it’s time for a president of stature who can help America stand tall!

And blah blah blah blah blah.

Marco Rubio’s Sugar Daddy

The New York Times this weekend did a piece on Sen. Marco Rubio’s father-son, benefactor-beneciary relationship with a billionaire auto dealer named Norman Braman. I thought you might want to have a look.

From the piece:

As Mr. Rubio has ascended in the ranks of Republican politics, Mr. Braman has emerged as a remarkable and unique patron. He has bankrolled Mr. Rubio’s campaigns. He has financed Mr. Rubio’s legislative agenda. And, at the same time, he has subsidized Mr. Rubio’s personal finances, as the rising politician and his wife grappled with heavy debt and big swings in their income.

Now, with Mr. Rubio vaulting ahead of much of the Republican presidential field, Mr. Braman is poised to play an even larger part and become Mr. Rubio’s single biggest campaign donor, with an expected outlay of approximately $10 million for the senator’s pursuit of the White House.

A detailed review of their relationship shows that Mr. Braman, 82, has left few corners of Mr. Rubio’s world untouched. He hired Mr. Rubio, then a Senate candidate, as a lawyer; employed his wife to advise the Braman family’s philanthropic foundation; helped cover the cost of Mr. Rubio’s salary as an instructor at a Miami college; and gave Mr. Rubio access to his private plane.

The money has flowed both ways. Mr. Rubio has steered taxpayer funds to Mr. Braman’s favored causes, successfully pushing for an $80 million state grant to finance a genomics center at a private university and securing $5 million for cancer research at a Miami institute for which Mr. Braman is a major donor.

Even in an era dominated by super-wealthy donors, Mr. Braman stands out, given how integral he has been not only to Mr. Rubio’s political aspirations but also to his personal finances.

In an interview, Mr. Rubio described Mr. Braman as a father figure who had given him advice on everything from what books to read to how to manage a staff. After Mr. Rubio’s father died in 2010, Mr. Braman called every other day to check in.

Pressed on his financial ties to Mr. Braman, Mr. Rubio said in an interview that he saw no ethical issue. “What is the conflict?” he asked. “I don’t ever recall Norman Braman ever asking for anything for himself.”

Not sure what to make of this. Not sure I like it. What do you think?

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