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Live Stream || Donald Trump and Mike Pence in Scranton, Pennsylvania

Thought you might want to check out the Don and Mike Show.

Yes, that was a national radio show, you may remember. Now it’s a syndicated campaign roadshow.

Trump and Pence are in Pennsylvania because, unlike other Republican presidential tickets, they can win it. Trump’s appeal to blue collar whites, among others, is such that Hillary will have to defend lots of territory Democrats don’t normally have to worry about.

I really don’t get these articles I’m seeing by people saying “Hey, wait a minute, Trump could actually win this election, Democrats take notice!”

Of course he can win. I think he’s favored to win. Nobody likes Hillary, and Trump is showing more discipline while still being Trump. Tuesday, he spoke to the Veterans of Foreign Wars, used a teleprompter, didn’t go off on a hundred tangents, and had actual, detailed proposals about how he’s going to fix the problems at the Veterans Affairs Administration.

Yeah, Hillary has a problem.

Scheduled to begin at 3 pm ET.

Live Stream || Democratic National Convention

Bill Clinton will speak tonight.

And the Democrats will feature “Mothers of the Movement” — a group of speakers that includes the mothers of Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland and more. As far as I’m aware, not mothers of murdered police officers are scheduled to appear this eveing.