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Obama is Still in Office, and That’s Dangerous

From a piece I have running today in Lifezette:

President Obama famously snarked that he didn’t need Congress so much because, “I’ve got a pen, and I’ve got a phone.” That is, he could use his pen to issue executive orders and phone up leftist activists and groups to back his agenda, circumventing the will of the peoples’ elected representatives.

But with Donald Trump’s election as president, Obama’s pen has been turned into a pencil, and it’s got an eraser. Whatever the current president decrees between now and Jan. 20 can be rolled back on Jan. 21 by the next president.

But even though he is partially defanged, Obama can still do lots of damage. Make no mistake — he is still the president, and this petty, prickly president is undoubtedly very angry and intent on doing as much to preserve his deeply imperiled legacy as possible. He is a man with nothing to lose politically. And that could be a very dangerous thing for the Republic.

Please read the rest of the article on LifeZette.

Haunted, Harried Hillary

From a tongue and cheek piece I did that ran Monday on LifeZette:

What’s scaring Clinton this year is people — some of whom didn’t seem scary at all just last week! But now their masks are on, and like a zombie army they’re marching toward her, relentlessly, threatening to chase her far away from the White House.

FBI Director James Comey seemed like such a nice man. Not only had he failed to recommend an indictment for obvious wrongdoing by Clinton, but he gave her potential co-conspirators immunity so they would “tell all,” and even offered to smash their laptops for them.

But with Halloween approaching last Friday, the pleasant-seeming Count Comey began growing fangs and showing an aversion to light and crosses. He was Dracula, it turned out, and he wrote a letter to Congress that scared Hillary to death! He revealed he had just decided to restart the investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server for classified information.

To see some of the other ghouls and goblins haunting Hillary Clinton, read the rest of the article on LifeZette.

The Peril of a Presidential Candidate Under Criminal Investigation

Good morning. Mrs. Obama said just last week that Hillary is some kind of beacon toward which the gazes of our children should be directed.

They could end up looking into a prison.

From a piece I have running today on LifeZette:

With just eight days to go in the 2016 presidential election, one of the two candidates with an actual chance to be president of the United States is under an active criminal investigation.

Electing someone president who is the subject of a criminal probe would put the United States in a category with every banana, pineapple, or passion fruit republic that makes corrupt government its standard of practice. And it threatens to destroy faith in our institutions at a moment when respect for our leaders is already at historic lows.

Please read the rest of the article on LifeZette.

Did Obama Actually Call Someone Else Whiny?

From a piece I wrote for LifeZette: President Obama this week waded into the general election with his customary grace, instructing Donald Trump to stop “whining” that the contest might be rigged. “If you start whining before the game’s even over, if whenever things are going badly for you and you lose — you start… Continue Reading

Why Trump Should Demand a Fourth Debate

Well, first of all, why not? He’s losing. From a piece I have running today in LifeZette: By proposing a debate where comment is restricted to economic issues, Trump could occupy the moral high ground, a place where he has had plenty of trouble standing, even against Hillary Clinton. Instead of showboating TV journalists, Trump… Continue Reading

Obama to Trump Voters: You are Racists

From a piece I have running today in LifeZette: In a column titled, arrogantly enough, “The Way Ahead,” Obama asserts the current moment “reflects any number of eras in which Americans were told they could restore past glory if they just got some group or idea that was threatening America under control.” He adds, “We… Continue Reading

Ayotte and Toomey’s Anti-Trump Opportunism Fails

From a piece I did for LifeZette. No doubt, were Trump way ahead in their states, these two senators would be putting their “reservations” about the GOP nominee aside and embracing him. Two Republican senators facing brutal re-election battles in critical presidential battleground states have damaged themselves and Donald Trump by failing to flatly endorse the… Continue Reading

Obama is Not Done with America Yet

My latest piece for LifeZette: “Obama’s Last Radical Push.” From the article: President Obama has only about 3.5 months left in his administration — but don’t be fooled. He still has plenty of time to do lots of damage. Obama just ceded U.S. government control over the internet by relinquishing Commerce Department oversight of ICANN,… Continue Reading

Trump May Not Have Outscored Clinton, But He Still Won

Here’s my take on the debate, which I did in a piece for LifeZette. From the article: Hillary Clinton may have won the debate on points. But this debate was not scored on points. Clinton was obviously better prepared. Famed for his slash and burn approach to debates, Trump was actually a bit less aggressive… Continue Reading

Eight Things Trump Must Emphasize to Win the Debate

From a piece I did for LifeZette: The topics for Monday’s crucial first presidential debate are “achieving prosperity,” “securing America,” and “America’s direction.” This is a gift to Donald Trump, because under the Obama administration, of which Hillary Clinton was a part, America is not achieving prosperity, it’s not secure, and it is headed in… Continue Reading

Obama Talks Economic Fantasy While Touting Hillary

From an article I have running today in LIfeZette: The president arrived in Philadelphia Tuesday to campaign for Clinton, seizing on a stray number and trumpeting it as if the country had  been brought back the Roaring Twenties. But after nearly eight years of Obama, the economy currently is just a point away from recession. It… Continue Reading