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Manchester Can Thank Obama and Clinton for Making Libya A Terrorist Haven

The latest news indicates that the British-born citizen of Libyan extraction who committed terrorist bombing in Manchester this week had ties to Islamists in his parent’s home country.

Now you remember who is responsible for the situation in Libya, don’t you?

From the Washington Post:

In Libya, meanwhile, an official said counterterrorism authorities have arrested at least two members of the family of the bomber, Salman Abedi, including a younger brother suspected of planning an attack in Libya’s main city, Tripoli.

Ahmed Dagdoug, spokesman for Libya’s counterterrorism Reda Force, said Hashem Abedi was arrested Tuesday and is suspected of “planning to stage an attack in Tripoli.” Abedi’s father, Ramadan, was arrested Wednesday.

Dagdoug said Hashem was also in frequent contact with his brother Salman in Manchester and was aware of the plans to attack the concert.

It was unclear whether Abedi’s family were a key part of the network planning the Manchester attack, but authorities were increasingly exploring the emerging connections between Britain and Libya.

Muammar Qaddafi was a brutal dictator. But at the moment in 2011 when Barack Obama and his incompetent Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, decided to remove him from power, he wasn’t bothering the United States. In fact, he was acting pretty friendly and had given up his nuclear weapons program, and he was obviously keeping a lid on Islamic extremism within his own country.

Hillary Clinton with Hijab

President Trump, of course, is getting attacked for being too friendly with Middle East satraps and failing to fully harangue them about their human rights records. But Trump has the right idea. This is a barbaric corner of the world, and only nasty operators can keep the savagery at bay and from becoming organized in a way that it comes to get us.

We’ve seen this in Libya, Iraq, and Syria, and we will see it elsewhere if we undermine friendly Arab leaders. We saw it in Egypt until Egyptian President Sisi stepped in and solved the problem.

Sure, we should push for reform in these societies. But the priority has to be having people in charge who can maintain order and keep terrorism at bay. The “underlying problems” in these cultures are not going to be fixed by allowing and abetting revolutions that put Islamists in power or that create chaos that permits Islamists to thrive.

The Latest Islamist State to Begin Rising Under Obama

While President Obama is whacking golf balls from one end of Martha’s Vineyard to the other, the Caliphate is reaching ever deeper into one of his many Middle East mistakes, this one called Libya.

As you remember, former Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi was about to brutally crush a rebellion in his country when we got involved, albeit from the back seat, and turned the side so that the Jeffersonian Democratic Party in Libya could take the reins and bring freedom to all.

Except there was no Jeffersonian Democratic Party in Libya. What there was instead away a nest of vipers seething underneath, which Qaddafi had kept under wraps for us, and who are now rampaging thought the countryside and doing something Qaddafi hadn’t in years – threatening our national security.

According to the Washington Times:

While the American-led campaign against the Islamic State has focused on Syria and Iraq, the terror group’s burgeoning spread into North Africa is prompting increased unease among European and Arab powers wary of the extremists’ growing hold on territory in the political vacuum in Libya.

With hundreds of thousands of Libyans fleeing across the Mediterranean during recent years because of the chaos and lack of security in their homeland, Italy’s foreign minster warned on Monday that the war-torn nation risks turning into “another Somalia.”

Italy joined other European nations and the Obama administration over the weekend in condemning the Islamic State’s rise in Libya, while a group of Arab powers are weighing whether to open a campaign of airstrikes targeting the group across several Libyan cities and towns.

Now, mea culpa, I supported Obama’s decision to take out Qaddafi. I think I let my anger over his dictatorship and his killing of Americans over Lockerbie get the best of me. It is one of the worst mistakes I’ve made writing for White House Dossier, and I regret it.

But that doesn’t make this any less of an error by Obama. I mean, it’s not like he was taking advice form me. And he has never acknowledged his mistake or learned anything from it, far as I can tell.

Unless bad guys are threatening us, leave them alone. These countries have bad guys running them for a reason. For whatever reason, the world’s older cultures have remained about where they were thousands of years ago. It’s not our business to bring them into the modern world unless they present a threat.

State Department: Stay out of Libya

Well, looks like things are working out great in the wake of our Libya adventure.

The State Department has issued a “travel warning” telling Americans not to go to Libya and advising those who are there to RUN FOR YOUR LIVES.

From the bulletin:

The Department of State warns U.S. citizens against all travel to Libya and recommends that U.S. citizens currently in Libya depart immediately. Due to security concerns, the Department of State has limited staffing at Embassy Tripoli and is only able to offer very limited emergency services to U.S. citizens in Libya.

The security situation in Libya remains unpredictable and unstable. The Libyan government has not been able to adequately build its military and police forces and improve security following the 2011 revolution. Many military-grade weapons remain in the hands of private individuals, including antiaircraft weapons that may be used against civilian aviation.

Crime levels remain high in many parts of the country. In addition to the threat of crime, various groups have called for attacks against U.S. citizens and U.S. interests in Libya. Extremist groups in Libya have made several specific threats this year against U.S. government officials, citizens, and interests in Libya.

Now if I’m thinking, if I were an Islamist terrorist in need of some decent training, would I travel to Libya or Syria now, or wait until 2016 and go to Afghanistan?

Obama Appoints New Libya Ambassador

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October Surprise?

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Benghazi Consulate Scandal Grows

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WashPost: Security at Libyan Consulate “Lax”

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Top Republican: Benghazi Attack Planned, Security Lax

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Carney: Libyan Consulate Attack was Terrorism

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So When Does the Investigation Begin?

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Obama to Deliver a Statement

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