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Michelle Enlists Richard Sherman for Let’s Move

We the best chefs in the game! declares Richard Sherman in his new plug for Michelle’s healthy eating agenda.

While they were a the White House the other day to be honored by President Obama for winning the Super Bowl, First Lady Michelle Obama corralled a couple of Seattle Seahawks to have them help promote Let’s Move, using a twist on Sherman’s famous outburst.

Not a bad little promo effort here.

EXCLUSIVE Video || Michelle Let’s Move Event

White House Dossier has obtained exclusive video of a mass Let’s Move event directed by First Lady Michelle Obama.

As you can see, the Homeland is growing increasingly fit under the leadership of Mrs. Obama, who is making sure that the government requires maximal effort from our formerly fat and sluggish citizens.

No more slackers. It’s time for the youth of America to shape up and help the Obamas close the income gap and fight global warming with their newly lean and strong physiques. Young people, unite!

Michelle’s Low-Freedom Diet

First Lady Michelle Obama’s announcement Tuesday that schools will be prohibited from marketing junk food to kids seems nice. Obvious even. It’s terrible that schools allow kids access to this garbage. But as usual, it’s left to conservatives to be the grinch at the free-stuff party. To seem like we’ve got a War Against Children… Continue Reading

Obamas’ Claims for “Let’s Move” Misleading

President and Mrs. Obama have been claiming lately that Let’s Move has reduced childhood obesity in the United States. Victory for executive action out of the East Wing! Michelle has bragged on it, and Obama even lauded her fat reducing ways during the State of the Union speech, proclaiming: “Michelle’s Let’s Move partnership with schools, businesses,… Continue Reading

Let’s Move Starvation Program Suffers Setback

In a major step toward eliminating hunger in the United States, the federal is government throwing in the towel on the protein and grain limits mandated by First Lady Michelle Obama’s kids’ school lunch program, caving in to starving students who were jettisoning tons of bland vegetables into cafeteria garbages throughout the United States. The… Continue Reading