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WHD Takes a Break for the Holidays

Updated Tuesday, December 30, 2014.

White House Dossier will not publish again until next Wednesday, December 31, so I can spend a little time with family and do some work behind the scenes.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah. I hope that your holidays bring you great joy.

This message will remain atop the website and daily open threads will appear below. Thanks for taking care of the website and providing your usual great commentary while I’m away.


Koffler on the Rick Amato Show

This one’s from last week -, apologies, just got the video the other day. Talking about Jonathan Gruber and Obama’s use of the Bible as pretext for his policies.

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Rick’s show airs weekdays at 10:00 pm Eastern and 7:00 pm Pacific.

Koffler Back on the TV, Talking About Dems Fleeing Obama

Just wanted to show you my latest incursion onto people’s TV screens, which occurred Thursday.

I was on the One America News Network’s Rick Amato show talking about Democratic Senate candidates treating President Obama like he’s got Ebola.

One point I brought up that I don’t hear much – what about a sense of honor? I mean, even outside observers seem to think that, while it’s remarkable, it’s certainly understandable that Democrats wouldn’t want to be associated with President Obama.

Really? Yhe guy is traveling around the country raising money for these candidates, he is the leader of their party, and his policies are exactly what Democrats ordered – lots of government, and withdrawal from the world. Plus, Obama gave them socialized medicine, the liberal dream of the past half century.

And they don’t even have the sense of decency to stand with him, even if it hurts a bit. And everyone thinks it aright?

OAN is on AT&T U-verse on channels 208 standard definition and 1208 high def; VerizonFiOS at 116 SD and 616 HD; and CenturyLink on 209 SD and 1209 HD.

White House Dossier Shuts Down for Yom Kippur

It’s dusk in the East, and for Jews who live here, the Day of Atonement is upon us. And so, as is the custom, I will refrain from working during the holiday, which lasts until Saturday night.

The next post will most likely be the open thread that appears Sunday mornings.

Thanks for your patience as I take some time away for this most holy of Jewish holidays. And to those observing it, may you have an easy fast!

Koffler Back on TV

Here’s some video of yours truly, back on Newsmax TV Wednesday discussing various items, including Omar’s mad dash into the White House.

Gosh, I need some makeup or something. People look good on TV because, men and women alike, they get makeup.

Once, years ago, after getting home from the White House, I put my jacket on and pulled out . . . a makeup pad. It was then I realized I had accidentally worn John King’s blazer home. King was CNN’s White House correspondent at the time.

I don’t really mind getting makeup done before a TV appearance. Having a nice looking woman massage my face before I go on TV is not a problem for me.

But this was broadcast via Skype, where I was sitting in front of my computer talking to the little button at the top. What was I supposed to do at home, raid my wife’s makeup case? I don’t even know what any of that stuff is. And I’d get yelled at for messing everything up.

The show is Midpoint with Ed Berliner, which is on daily from noon to 3:00 pm ET. It repeats in a hour-long version at 7:00 pm and 10:00 pm, and then in full at Midnight. You can find Midpoint online at NewsmaxTV or on DIRECTV 349, DISH 223.

Happy Rosh Hashanah

I want to wish everyone celebrating the Jewish New Year a happy and healthy Rosh Hashanah, and may the day bring peace and happiness to all of my Christian and other non-Jewish friends here as well.

As is the tradition, I will not be working during the holiday, which stretches from sundown tonight until sundown Thursday. For more religious Jews there are two days of Rosh Hashanah, but I only celebrate one.

See you tomorrow night.

Koffler to Appear Tonight on the TV Set

Hi everyone. You can watch me tonight on the Rick Amato Show talking about President Obama’s effort to circumvent the Senate with a global warming treaty he thinks doesn’t need to be ratified. Also on the table – a discussion of the egregious Al Sharpton. I hope you can tune in. Amato’s show is on OneContinue Reading

Thanks, Everyone

Just a heartfelt thanks to all of you for continuing to read and comment while I was away. The comment sections were superb, stocked with the usual insight and cleverness from my readers, and so a special thanks to all who participated. And thanks for all the nice vacation wishes too. It was not aContinue Reading

Video || Koffler Discusses Obama’s “Economic Patriotism”

Do people not understand how bad this is? President Obama’s is insisting on “economic patriotism” from corporations that he claims are “deserters” because they relocate their headquarters overseas to avoid paying the high U.S. corporate tax rate. And Obama is targeting not just greedy businessman trying to do right by their shareholders. In his speeches. Obama definesContinue Reading

Tune In to See More Koffler

I’ll be appearing this evening on One American News Network’s Rick Amato Show, which airs at 7:00 pm PT and 10:00 pm ET. I’ll be discussing my piece about President Obama’s dangerous, divisive new rhetoric. OANN is on AT&T U-verse; channels 208 standard definition and 1208 high def; VerizonFiOS at 116 SD and 616 HD; andContinue Reading