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Koffler on Fox Business

I did Fox Business News Wednesday morning. It was kind of a funny thing.

My appearance was at 6:05 am. So they take to a room at about 5:58 to sit me down for TV, and, uh oh, there’s someone else in the seat where I’m supposed to go. Time to rush to another studio where I’m dropped into a seat with about a minute to go. Earpiece in, microphone on the jacket.

“Mr. Koffler, lower your seat.”




“Now Mr. Koffler, count to five!”


“Okay, you’re on.”

Wha- what? Already?

“Joining us now is Keith Koffler . . . ”

Yikes. But the bad stuff was just starting. I was told we would be talking about Speaker Boehner and the Republicans. But Maria Bartiromo starts off with a question about the Teamsters meeting with Donald Trump, which I misheard as a question about a union meeting with Hillary Clinton, having just gotten settled in the chair.


This sometimes happens, that they go off topic, and since I read a lot, I can usually handle it. But this one I wasn’t aware of.

Watch the sort of confused look on my face as I get the question and bumble through a short answer. I was hoping she’d move on to something else, but she followed up with, essentially, “What the Hell are you talking about?”

Finally, thoughts started coming into my head, and I think I gave a satisfactory answer.

Scary, but kind of fun too. The rest of the questions were off topic also, but easier.

Koffler Becomes Political Editor of LifeZette; WHD Continues

Good morning.

I want to let all of you know about my new role as the political editor of LifeZette.

I’m sure some of you have been wondering about all the articles I’ve been doing for LifeZette.

I have taken a full time job with LifeZette, leading its Polizette webpage. I will edit the page and also write for the website.

LifeZette focuses a broad range of issues facing the nation and our lives – politics, parenting, faith, health and pop culture – addressing the changes that are rapidly occurring in our society and that adversely affect our future. I am very excited, because I feel like I’m not just part of a publication, but part of a cause.

As part of my agreement to work at LifeZette, I will continue writing at White House Dossier and have permission to run the articles I write for PoliZette on White House Dossier.

I hope you enjoy LifeZette, I really think you will find it useful, important and a great read. And thanks for continuing to read White House Dossier.


Koffler on TV Set Discussing Trump

I was on the Newsmax’s The Hard Line with Ed Berliner show Wednesday evening talking about Donald Trump. I mention his massive PR triumph Thursday in heading to the Texas border – none of the other candidates will be able to get any coverage.

So just before the interview starts, I’m sitting at home in my suit and tie in front of my computer waiting for the Skype to get rolling when they inform me there’s problems with the hookup and we’ll have to do it by phone.

So instead of video they used this photo of me I put on the Internets because I looked like a jerk and I thought it was funny . . . At least I was seven years younger and had less gray hair!

“The Hard Line” with Emmy award-winning host Ed Berliner can be seen weeknights 9pm ET on NewsmaxTV, which is found on DirecTV at channel 349, DISH 223, Verizon FiOS 115.

Koffler’s Ironic Father’s Day Gift

Okay, those of you who didn’t like my assessment that Donald Trump is a demagogue – I know, there were plenty of you – might particularly enjoy this.

My family, aware of my sentiments, gets me a tie for Father’s Day.

This tie.


Dad: “You guys are too much.”

Smart ass nine-year-old daughter: “You want less?”

Koffler Back on the TV Set

This was me Wednesday on One America News Network’s Rick Amato Show talking about Hillary’s email problem. Looks by the still below that Rick chose to sing the questions to me. That was not the case, however. The One America News Network is on AT&T U-verse; channels 208 standard definition and 1208 high def; VerizonFiOS… Continue Reading

WHD Takes a Break for the Holidays

Updated Tuesday, December 30, 2014. White House Dossier will not publish again until next Wednesday, December 31, so I can spend a little time with family and do some work behind the scenes. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah. I hope that your holidays bring you great joy. This message… Continue Reading

Koffler on the Rick Amato Show

This one’s from last week -, apologies, just got the video the other day. Talking about Jonathan Gruber and Obama’s use of the Bible as pretext for his policies. The One America News Network is on AT&T U-verse; channels 208 standard definition and 1208 high def; VerizonFiOS at 116 SD and 616 HD; and CenturyLink on 209… Continue Reading

Koffler Back on the TV, Talking About Dems Fleeing Obama

Just wanted to show you my latest incursion onto people’s TV screens, which occurred Thursday. I was on the One America News Network’s Rick Amato show talking about Democratic Senate candidates treating President Obama like he’s got Ebola. One point I brought up that I don’t hear much – what about a sense of honor? I… Continue Reading