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Koffler Writing Bannon Bio and WHD Will Not Publish This Week

I am currently working on a biography of Steve Bannon. To finish it, I’m going to stop publishing White House Dossier this week. Sorry for the inconvenience. I will be returning soon, thank you for your patience.

The Bannon book is already available for sale on Amazon. Purchase your pre-order copy here. Or click on this:

I’m going to keep this message at the top of the page while I’m away and post Trump’s schedule below it each day.


Koffler Writing Biography of Stephen Bannon

Good evening.

I wanted to let you know that for several months now, I have been writing a book about White House advisor Steve Bannon. Early this spring, Regnery, the conservative publishing house, approached me with the idea, and I jumped at the chance.

The book will talk about Bannon’s life, but it will focus on his ideology and the sources of his thinking, helping explain Bannon’s brand of conservatism and discuss what he is trying to help President Trump achieve.

Unfortunately, it has meant that I have had to leave my post as senior editor at the Washington Examiner. I plan to continue publishing here at White House Dossier until I finish writing the book and will continue to do so once I’m done later this summer.

And yes, it’s already available for pre-order on Amazon. “Bannon: Trump’s Rebel in the White House,” will be published November 13, 2017. I think you will love it.


The Obama Scandals: The Top 22 Outrages, Including the Hillary Scandals

I’ve just published an ebook, “The Obama Scandals: The top 22 outrages of the Obama administration.”

This book includes what you need to know about the biggest Obama administration misdeeds, starting with the recently revealed “unmasking” scandal and including Hillary’s email server, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the IRS targeting of conservatives, and much more!

Yes, all the Obama abuses of power are here in one book you can use to contradict your liberal friends and family members when they start talking about the corruption of Trump’s campaign or his administration, for which there exists no proof at all!

By purchasing this book, you will not only be helping White House Dossier, but you will possess at your fingertips the evidence that electing leftists who believe the means justifies their “noble” ends leads to egregious corruption.

I hope you will buy a copy, it’s only $4.99. If you are able to rate the book and leave a short review on Amazon, that would help enormously.

Thanks so much. You can get the book on Amazon by clicking this link or on the image below. If you don’t have Kindle, you can download the app from Amazon or the Apple App store. It’s also available on iBooks and will be soon on Barnes and Noble’s Nook. Thanks again.


Happy New Year!

Wishing all of you a very happy New Year. President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are wrong, as they have been for eight years. For millions of Americans, hope has been renewed, not dashed. Let’s pray for our new president, and hope that he will be able put this country back on the right… Continue Reading

Changes to White House Dossier

Good evening. I have accepted a full-time job as a senior editor with the Washington Examiner, a conservative-leaning publication. I begin work on Monday. Given that this job will require my full attention, I must change the way I do White House Dossier. Going forward, White House Dossier will continue to provide the daily presidential schedule,… Continue Reading

Koffler on Fox Business

I did Fox Business News Wednesday morning. It was kind of a funny thing. My appearance was at 6:05 am. So they take to a room at about 5:58 to sit me down for TV, and, uh oh, there’s someone else in the seat where I’m supposed to go. Time to rush to another studio where… Continue Reading