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Happy New Year!

Wishing all of you a very happy New Year.

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are wrong, as they have been for eight years. For millions of Americans, hope has been renewed, not dashed. Let’s pray for our new president, and hope that he will be able put this country back on the right path.

And I hope your paths this year will be good ones too.


Changes to White House Dossier

Good evening. I have accepted a full-time job as a senior editor with the Washington Examiner, a conservative-leaning publication. I begin work on Monday. Given that this job will require my full attention, I must change the way I do White House Dossier. Going forward, White House Dossier will continue to provide the daily presidential schedule,… Continue Reading

Koffler on Fox Business

I did Fox Business News Wednesday morning. It was kind of a funny thing. My appearance was at 6:05 am. So they take to a room at about 5:58 to sit me down for TV, and, uh oh, there’s someone else in the seat where I’m supposed to go. Time to rush to another studio where… Continue Reading

Koffler’s Ironic Father’s Day Gift

Okay, those of you who didn’t like my assessment that Donald Trump is a demagogue – I know, there were plenty of you – might particularly enjoy this. My family, aware of my sentiments, gets me a tie for Father’s Day. This tie. Dad: “You guys are too much.” Smart ass nine-year-old daughter: “You want less?” Continue Reading