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White House Press Pool Forced to Fight Their Way in to See Obama!

White House reporters traveling with President Obama in Panama were forced to shove their way past a group of armed local Panamaniacs who were trying to prevent them from covering an event with Obama and Panama’s president, Juan Carlos Varela.

From the pool report:

Note at the top: local security officials attempted to cut off access as some of the pool continued to file into conference room where POTUS and President Varela were making short statements after bilateral meeting.

Your pooler was among those who had to try and force my way in along with other print/wires. Thanks to wrangler for helping to literally pull me in and get the rest of the pool in.

As pool arrived, at approx 11:24am local, POTUS was speaking‎ with Varela to his left. Secretary Kerry and others in American delegation seated across from Panamanian counterparts.

White House Dossier, which is safely ensconced in the Northern Virginia Washington DC suburbs, has obtained this exclusive footage of the confrontation.

Obama Enlists His Friends in the Press to Help on Iran

President Obama today met with a mostly left-leaning group of journalists from a mostly left-leaning group of publications to make his case for his Iran nuclear appeasement deal.

According to The Huffington Post, the meeting was off the record, meaning that as a condition of getting in, reporters were required not to report or discuss with anyone whatever they heard.

That is, it’s an attempt by Obama to influence their reporting and get his ideas into their journalism without having his fingerprints on it.

Present at the meeting were The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg, New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait, The Wall Street Journal’s Gerald Seib, The New York Times’ Carol Giacomo, The New Yorker’s Dexter Filkins, The Daily Beast’s Michael Tomasky, The Huffington Post’s Ryan Grim and The Washington Post’s David Ignatius, Eugene Robinson, Ruth Marcus and Greg Sargent.

Even for jaded Washington journalists, a plea from the president is not easy to resist. For those already sympathetic, like most of the ones present today, it will no doubt serve as a call to arms.

The Wall Street Journal has been harshly critical of Obama’s Iran dealings, so perhaps Seib was called in to try to get some of the edge taken off.

Obama has already sat for on-the-record interviews with lefty Tom Friedman of the New York Times and National Public Radio’s Steve Inskeep.

Supposed News Organization Does Promo Video for Obama

Buzzfeed, which is actually a news organization respected within Washington, decided it wanted a cute video of President Obama so badly that it helped him promote the Obamacare website.

The Buzzfeed website, which includes GIFs from the video, baldly admits, “How did we get Obama to use a selfie stick? Oh, because he wants you to go to”

The entire video was posted this afternoon on Buzzfeed’s Facebook page. It’s an outright Obamacare signup promo. Have a look.

I hardly need to make any dignity-of-the-office comments. Obama long ago decided he’d rather everyone think he’s groovy.

I wonder if there’s a word for “like a cousin.” Cousinular? That’s what Obama is. I’ve heard other leaders characterized as grandfatherly, paternal, or avuncular. Obama is like your cousin.

Cousinular. Or perhaps, childish.

White House Officially Declared Laughingstock

Updated at 10:35 pm ET.

The White House Thursday was officially declared a “Laughingstock” and will be demolished by the Department of Interior within a month, officials said today.

The proximate cause of the declaration was the White House decision to take the presidency to a brand new low, inviting in three absurdly unqualified and generally ridiculous people to interview the president of the United States.

In what the White House no doubt concluded was a brilliant stunt that would allow President Obama to widely distribute his message unimpeded by tough questions and annoying follow ups, Obama aides enlisted three people who have built a large following on YouTube – that should have disqualified them right there – to grill the president

The first, a young man who wore a tie but forgot his blazer at home, ended his session by thanking the president for Obamacare and asking for his autograph.

The second, a woman with green lipstick, prefaced a question about Cuba by noting Castro had “put the ‘dick’ in ‘dictatorship'” and then went on to accidentally refer to the first lady as “your first wife” before giving Obama sticks of green lipstick for Mrs. Obama and his daughters.

The final interrogator was a woman of 19 who acknowledged she’d never really cared about politics until this very moment, punctuated Obama’s answers with comments like “awesome,” “amazing,” and “I completely agree,” asked him what his favorite super power would be – it’s flying – and wanted to know what he could do to expand internet access . . . in China.

Even Obama seemed at one point to recognize the catastrophe that was unfolding, responding to the 19-year old’s observation that he is “a busy man” by noting, “yes, I am,” with the distinct suggestion that he needed to get going right away.

The three naturally concluded the entire surrealistic episode by taking a group selfie with the president, and then no doubt booted up their iPads and went back into cyberspace where they came from.

Here’s a preview that was filed yesterday by an incredulous Jake Tapper of CNN, who was previously a White House reporter for ABC.

UPDATE: Here’s the rerun. I don’t advise watching, it could cause serious psychological damage. Please, this is my job, I’ve watched it for you. You have to let a professional handle this.

Obama Gains a New Watchdog

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