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Liberal Dershowitz Can’t Get Published in NY Times Because He Doesn’t Alway Hate Trump

Liberal attorney, professor, and TV commentator Alan Dershowitz has a traditional liberal fondness for iconoclasm and free speech. That doesn’t sit well with the didactic mainstream media, particularly the New York Times, which according to the Washington Examiner isn’t even responding the Dershowitz’s submissions.

Dershowitz’s crime is that he tends to look at the legal arguments with respect to Trump without getting sidetracked by ideological emotion. And that’s not good enough today, because it violates political correctness.

From the Examiner:

Alan Dershowitz recently tried to publish an opinion piece in The New York Times that President Trump likely did not attempt to obstruct justice by firing former FBI Director James Comey.

But Dershowitz told the Washington Examiner over the phone on Monday that the Times had “no response” to his submission.

The widely known legal commentator and cable news fixture said he remains a “liberal Hillary Clinton supporter,” but said after reading an op-ed in the Times that argued Trump could be charged for criminal conduct in Comey’s firing, he reached out in June to the paper to present an opposing view.

“I said that I thought the readers of the New York Times were entitled to hear or read the other side of the issue whether there were crimes committed,” said Dershowitz, a professor emeritus of Harvard Law School. “And I really do think The New York Times does not want its readers to hear an alternative point of view on the issue of whether or not Trump administration is committing crimes.”

Trump Backers Explain to the Media Why They are Still Trump Backers

As usual, “flyover country” gets what the Coasts cannot comprehend:

That little of significance has come out to suggest any kind of actual collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, and that the media are perversely obsessed with the issue. And that meantime, the actual things Trump is doing are barely getting covered, unless one wants to include the media delighting in the failure so far to pass Obamacare repeal.

CNN Anchor Thinks Star-Spangled Banner is French National Anthem

Anchor Poppy Harlow today did her part to abet CNN’s self-destruction by failing the recognize the national anthem. Well okay, she corrected herself, either because she had a sudden spontaneous infusion of patriotism or because a producer started yelling AMERICAN NATIONAL ANTHEM!! in her ear. Most likely the latter. No, I don’t think Poppy Harlow… Continue Reading

Washington Post Actually Publishes Sober Piece About Don Trump Jr.

The Washington Post Thursday is running a reasonable story related to the Russia scandal. Yes, that’s news. Post White House reporter Abby Philip, who unfortunately will gain nothing from her organization by getting a compliment from a conservative news site like this, wrote a piece that suggests — without denying the possibility that Russia collusion… Continue Reading

White House Briefing Wednesday Again to be Off-Camera

Well, this is going to cause the MSM to go ballistic, given that yesterday’s briefing was also off camera. Once again, Sarah Huckabee Sanders will be ringmaster. Ringmistress? No, that doesn’t sound right, best to stay with the sexist male version of the term. Looks like Sean Spicer is increasingly fading into the background. Remember,… Continue Reading

Joe Scarborough Leaves the Republican Party

Good. That means there’s a place open for someone who’s actually a Republican. Mika is beaming in this video, and who can blame her? She’s a Democrat, and now her fiance, who proclaimed himself an independent on lefty Steven Colbert’s show Tuesday night, is halfway there. No one who is a Republican sits that schmoozily… Continue Reading

MSNBC Anchor Stephanie Ruhle Gets Snippy With Sebastian Gorka

MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle this morning failed, at the very end of an interview with senior White House aide Sebastian Gorka, to keep her disgust with her guest under wraps, bringing up a meaningless criticism that made no sense except to be antagonistic. Gorka wasn’t taking any nonsense from her and shot a retort right… Continue Reading

CNN Producer Admits Trump-Russia Coverage is About Ratings

That’s fine. A company has a right to make money. Just, let’s be honest about it. Project Veritas scored again, this time surreptitiously recording a CNN producer who admits that money is driving CNN’s obsession with the Russia investigation story, and that the coverage persists even though there is no evidence of collusion or wrongdoing by… Continue Reading