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Obama’s Fox News Jihad

Obama has been attacking Fox News for eight years, and in a new interview with Rolling Stone blamed Fox in part for Americans’ rejection of Hillary Clinton — and of Obama’s own policies.

“Part of it is Fox News in every bar and restaurant in the country,” Obama said.

I know, it’s hard to take the blame for things oneself. I mean, it can’t be that people disagree with Obama, right?

Is it possible the president doesn’t see that Fox is just one boat in a sea of liberal mainstream news? Of course he doesn’t, because liberals don’t recognize their opinions as liberal. Just good, unbiased fact.

Trump as president will launch searing attacks against the media. It concerns me. I don’t think the government should be attacking the press — or any private citizens — even though the press is unfair. I think liberal bias should be fought with more conservative media, which is something that’s been happening. But when Trump attacks journalists, remember that Obama and his minions led the way.

Clinton Peppered with Marshmallow Questions by Press

Hillary Clinton Tuesday swung at softballs pitched to her by a press corps no doubt relieved that she’d escaped Monday’s debate without having a bad night. From the Washington Free Beacon: One reporter asked her, “What do you think were the most critical moments last night?” The follow-up question after that focused on how gender… Continue Reading

Media Bias Grows as Trump Gains

Gulp. Many in the media seem to be getting that horrible, sinking feeling that Donald Trump could actually win this. And they’re not going to let that happen! I’m not one of those who think the mainstream media get together in some kind of cabal and plot the destruction of Republicans. I’ve been in the… Continue Reading

Obama Improperly Interferes with the Press

During his remarks Monday on the latest terror attacks occurring under his watch, President Obama decided he would deploy a little government interference against freedom of the press. He said: I would ask that the press try to refrain from getting out ahead of the investigation. I am extraordinarily happy with the cooperation that’s been… Continue Reading

Video || How CBS Tried to Help Hillary By Editing Bill

This is pretty damning. I can think of no other reason to do this other than to help out the Democratic nominee. Bill Clinton initially said that Hillary “frequently” passes out, then said he didn’t mean it. CBS decided to accept his explanation by deleting the whole moment. Because Bill Clinton would never try to… Continue Reading

WH Correspondents’ Assn. Presidents Rip Trump and Clinton

The outgoing and incoming presidents of the White House Correspondents’ Association, respectively Carol Lee of the Wall Street Journal and Jeff Mason of Reuters, have written an op-ed in USA Today criticizing the treatment of the press by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. From the piece: The White House Correspondents’ Association is alarmed by the… Continue Reading

Video || This is Why Trump’s Journo-Bashing Scores Points

Watch here as the three CBS This Morning anchors nod together in self-satisfied disgust at the failure to advance gun control. As if there wasn’t a conservative in their audience or another opinion in the land. How smug, and ultimately, how dumb. To be so sure of one’s opinions that nobody could possibly disagree, and… Continue Reading

Frank Luntz Explains Why Trump’s Attacks on the Press Work

GOP pollster Frank Luntz this morning explained why Donald Trump’s denigration of the press is “so powerful.” “The only people who have credibility ratings as unfavorable as members of Congress, are members of the press,” he said on Fox News. “The average voter thinks, finally, somebody is standing up to them, shouting them down, and… Continue Reading

Oops! CBS Anchor Says “We Were All Laughing” at GOP Travails

CBS The Morning anchor Gayle King accidentally said “we were all laughing” at Republicans when the Republican convention seemed threatened with disorder, clearly lamenting that the Democrats were now themselves a “hot mess” because their convention is where violence is threatened. That’s a good little window into the presumptions of Washington journalists. She’s there with her colleagues… Continue Reading

Obama and His Washington Press Patsies

I have a piece running in LifeZette today about National Security Council communications chief Ben Rhodes’ manipulation of the press and what it reveals about the cooperation between the White House and Washington reporters. Thought you might want to take a look. From the piece: The crazy world that is Inside-the-Beltway politics is agog this week over… Continue Reading