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Obama Avoids Dissing Huntsman

President Obama served up a classy – dare I say adult-like – performance in his announcement that Jon Huntsman is ending his tenure as ambassador to China, to be replaced by Commerce Secretary Gary Locke: Not only did Obama eschew wisecracks about how the Republican Huntsman is probably stepping down to run for president against him, but he graciously commended Huntsman for his service.

During his tenure, Jon has been an outstanding advocate for this administration and for this country.  He made a real sacrifice in moving his family out of the state that they loved and has helped to strengthen our critical relationship with the Chinese government and the Chinese people.  And so I am very grateful for his service.

What’s more, he didn’t overdo the praise, which would have invited accusations that Obama is setting Huntsman up for criticism with the GOP base by making Huntsman seem to close to himself.