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Carney Ripped Apart by McCain

Starting his gig as a CNN commentator, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney Wednesday ran up against something he’s not used to – an aggressive challenge, free of the protocols of a White House briefing, in which a knowledgable adversary tolerates none of his spin.

Carney, who hasn’t figured out yet that he has to make real arguments now instead of offering up preprogrammed propaganda, found his sophistry violently debunked by Sen. John McCain. McCain, who was the chief proponent the the Iraq surge strategy that pacified the country, was having none of Carney’s nonsensical Obama White House storyline about how U.S. force levels in the country didn’t matter.

Carney and McCain go way back, from Carney’s many years as a Washington reporter for Time magazine. McCain was one of Carney’s fiercest critics when the mainstream reporter he had known morphed into an unapologetic Obama apologist.

Have a look. It’s pretty compelling.

WH Defends Witless Ambassador Pick

The White House is standing by George Tsunis, President Obama’s pick for ambassador to Norway, despite a side-splitting confirmation hearing performance in which he averred that Norway has a president, which it doesn’t, and that the Norwegian government had condemned a Party with which it has formed a coalition. “I can tell you that this… Continue Reading

GOP Senators “More Troubled” After Rice Meeting

Three Republican senators who have led those concerned with the possible nomination of UN Ambassador Susan Rice to be Secretary of State say they are even more troubled after meeting with her today, according to the Associated Press. Sens. John McCain of Arizona, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire met… Continue Reading

The New Politics of Discrimination

There’s a new racket in town, and President Obama is running it. After Sen. John McCain said on the morning of November 14 that UN Ambassador Susan Rice was not qualified to be Secretary of State because of her erroneous assertions that the Benghazi consulate attack was prompted by an anti-Muslim video, the discrimination police… Continue Reading

McCain: Carney a “Very Deep Disappointment”

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) Thursday said White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was a “very deep disappointment” to him, saying his habit of attacking opponents like McCain has caused Carney to disgrace himself. McCain said Carney ought to “grow a beard” so he wouldn’t be able to see himself in the mirror. They attacked me… Continue Reading

Obama Has it About Right on Syria

What is happening in Syria is an awful thing to behold. And we can act to end it. And we shouldn’t. By refusing to commit U.S. airpower to helping the Syrian rebels, President Obama is making judicious use of the most important resource the world has – the U.S. military. We can’t fight every battle.… Continue Reading