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Kerry Gives France a Hug. And a Kiss!

Take a look. I’m pretty sure he dropped a little smooch on French President Francois Hollande today during his make-up tour of Paris, necessitated by the failure of the United States to send anybody meaningful to the march Sunday for freedom of speech.

Yeah, Kerry laid it on thick, but that wasn’t the worst of it. He brought along James Taylor to sing a cloying little ballad – in this context, at least – the “You’ve Got a Friend” song, the lyrics to which are at least true, given that France can no longer really defend itself or seriously fight terrorism and so we do it for them.

Taylor appeared for about 30 seconds to have forgotten how the song goes.

Sorry, wrong message. We are with France in a global war against Islamic terror. Kerry should have brought this guy instead.

And finally, here’s Kerry speaking to the French in . . . French. I know some of you will mock this, but I happen to think it’s a good thing for a diplomat to be able to address an ally in their own language. Nothing builds trust and affection for Americans more among foreigners than when we at least make an attempt to say a few words their language.

Kerry: Post-9/11 an “Ugly, Horrible Period”

Wait a second, bud. I remember, the years after 9/11. They were years of unparalleled American heroism, years when a country that had been brutally attacked stood up to the challenge and took the fight to its enemies, led by servicemen and women as brave and dedicated as the nation has ever produced, none of whom, to my knowledge, threw their medals over the White House fence.

Or someone else’s medals. I think that’s what Kerry actually did.

This is what Secretary of State Kerry said at the State Department Wednesday:

I think America in these recent days has seen this and we own up to it. Even yesterday with the report that came out from the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence – we hold ourselves accountable to an ugly, horrible period, and we should be proud of our ability to do that.

I assume Kerry may be lumping the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq into his analysis, since he talks about a “period” and not just the interrogation of al Qaeda terrorists.

Kerry was speaking Wednesday during the 20th anniversary commemoration of the Summit of the Americas, an exercise held every few years where the American president gathers with Latin American leaders and pretends we share so many values with their dysfunctional, inferior societies and their often corrupt, autocratic leaders.

Kerry has been apologizing for the United States his entire adult life, since he howled in outrage at the Vietnam War, in which the U.S. sought to spare Southeast Asia the nightmare of the brutal communism that descended anyway on South Vietnam and onto Cambodia, where one of the 20th century’s great genocides ensued.

He just couldn’t stop it Wednesday. The apologies kept rolling forth:

We know well here at home, as I mentioned a moment ago, that democracy is a work in progress. We know that the eyes of the world are on us, and as President Obama made clear in his address to the U.N. General Assembly, we welcome the scrutiny.

From the streets of New York City to Ferguson, Missouri, we are learning in painful, searing ways that justice and equality are not things that you can just parse out to some and deny to others.

Um, Mr. Kerry, justice was indeed parsed out in Ferguson and New York. Grand juries were constituted and decisions were made, based on evidence, not to prosecute the police officers. Now, the mobs roaming the streets of those two cities say otherwise. So – my mistake – maybe it’s mob justice Kerry is talking about.

This country has nothing to apologize for. This country is imperfect, but it is far closer to perfection than the nations Kerry is importuning with obsequious pleas for forgiveness and approval.

Just because some 20-something left-wing staffers on the Senate Intelligence Committee say roughing up some terrorists was mean and didn’t produce valuable intelligence doesn’t mean its true. I’m sure, from everything I’ve read, that the amount of vital information extracted was extensive and probably saved many lives, perhaps even those of the people who wrote this report, given obvious attractiveness of attacking the Capitol.

I would do it all again, except I might shove their feeding tubes a little further up their alimentary canals.

It was a desperate time. We had no idea what was coming next and whether the next attack would include massive doses of anthrax or radiation. We needed information, and we needed it fast.

Congress knew what what was up with these techniques. But they sure weren’t going to put a stop to them and incur the wrath of Americans once again under attack. And now, people like Kerry and Obama sit on their high horses and pronounce pompous platitudes about American values, even as they shred the Constitution that enshrines them.

But even if you think what we did was too much – and it’s a legitimate point of view – you don’t have any explaining to do to foreigners. Instead, let them thank you and your country for bearing the brunt of the war of terror for them.

H/T CNS News.

Kerry Still Struggling with “War”

Just look how pathetic this is.

You are asking our nation to go to war. And yet you cannot even call it a war. You don’t even look like you know what the Hell it is.

So how do you get people to prepare for the sacrifices ahead? How do you galvanize them toward victory? This isn’t some damn college political science seminar.

He says something about ISIS being in a war against Islam. Last time I checked America was not an Islamic country but if that’s what it takes for Kerry to feel like he’s in a war then fine.

H/T The Blaze.

Kerry: We are Not at War With ISIS

Out-Orwelling Orwell, Secretary of State John Kerry today said we are not at war with ISIS, merely engaged in “a major counterterrorism operation.”

Well. That’s a bit like calling a bank robbery “a very aggressive withdrawal of funds.”

We are dropping tons of bombs on their heads, aren’t we? And we’ve got more than a thousand troops in the arena. Might be mistaken by some people – those more inclined toward honesty – as a war.

Jake Tapper, who has a pretty finely tuned BS meter, sounds a bit skeptical . . .

Asked today whether what we are doing to ISIS is “preemption,” the egregious Marie Harf, the State Department spokeswoman, said no, absolutely not:

Our goal is to be able to prevent terrorist organizations from being able to attack the United States or our interests.

That is, preemption. But of course, that’s a Bush presidency term, and we don’t use those in the Obama administration.

Kerry: God Wants Me to Save Muslim Countries from Global Warming

No really. That’s what he said.

Secretary of State John Kerry today deployed logic to the effect of, God “created the heavens and the earth” and therefore God wants him to stop global warming and especially to do this to help Muslim countries, which are particularly imperiled.

Now, you ask me, has Kerry gone . . .



I really don’t know. I just hope Muslims and God appreciate everything he’s doing for them.

And if only ISIS could get this message. If only they could get themselves on the State Department press release list, they’d at least read what Kerry has to say, and how he wants to make the desert less hot for them.

They’d be more comfortable, less in need of decadent Western cultural artifacts, like central air conditioning, and maybe they’d even be able to think straight. Maybe they wouldn’t be such hotheads, and they’d leave other people’s heads where they belong.

And the world – God’s world – would be a better, and cooler, place.

State Department Been Thinkin’ on ISIL for a Year

Now this was weird.

State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf Wednesday acknowledged that the Obama administration has been “looking at” the ISIL terrorists for about a year, without apparently doing anything serious about them.

Said Harf:

We’ve been looking at that for months and month, even before the latest offensives that started against Mosul – for a year or so now – we’ve been looking very closely at how you confront them in the long term.

Really? What hubris. Does she not realize that “looking at” a group of terrorists take over half of Iraq and establish a caliphate might constitute a foreign policy failure, or rather, utter incompetence?

Yes, I’ve been looking at the wolves devour the lambs for several days now, said the sheep dog.

I gather John Kerry was busy with other things, like combating global warming and trying to win a Nobel Peace prize by solving the Israeli-Palestinian dispute.

Hopefully, he’s taking another look.

Hamas’ Strategy is Working

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Kerry’s Pinpoint Operation

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Uhh, Where’s Kerry?

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