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Boehner: Cruz a “Miserable Son of Bitch”

From the Washington Examiner:

John Boehner ripped into Ted Cruz at an event at Stanford University Wednesday night, by referring to him as “lucifer in the flesh,” and saying he “never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life.”

Well, okay, but some might argue that given America’s state of affairs under people like Boehner and President Obama, a miserable son of a bitch is what’s needed.

Speaker Boehner to Resign

There was more to the tears than we thought. Speaker John Bohner informed the Republican caucus Friday morning that he is retiring from Congress at the end of October. Boehner has been under enormous pressure from conservatives who are unhappy with his leadership and were planning to possibly take him out through a coup d’etat. Confronting… Continue Reading

Boehner Sticks it Back to Obama

With President Obama about to finish what will no doubt be a dangerous new deal with Iran, House Speaker John Boehner today announced that he has invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Washington to speak next month to Congress directly, bypassing the White House. Obama, who mostly stuck it to Congress with a State of… Continue Reading

Boehner Reelected, but 25 Republicans Oppose

In a sign that conservatives will have no fear of defying him for the next two years, House Speaker Boehner was reelected today, but only as a group of 24 Republicans defected and voted for an assortment of other people, including themselves. Another Republican abstained. There is speculation that, given the opposition and Boehner’s own ambivalence this… Continue Reading

Stop Them Before They Impeach! Send Five Dollars Today.

As you may be aware, the White House has been talking up the possibility that President Obama is going to be impeached – IMPEACHED, I TELL YA – by Republicans. Well, Democratic fundraisers, including the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, or DCCC, have been talking it up too and raising tons of cash on the possibility. Nothing… Continue Reading

Obama Tacitly Rejects Boehner’s Lawsuit

The system is rigged! That’s the conclusion of our president about the essential unfairness and repression that exists in the United States, used as justification for continuing to “go it alone” without Congress. The system. What system? Is this some college dorm bullshit session where we toss around the latest observations from our favorite Marxist… Continue Reading

Video || Koffler Talks House Lawsuit on the TV Set

Here I am back on One America News Network’s Rick Amato show, discussing yesterday’s Supreme Court decision on presidential appointments, John Boehner’s lawsuit against the White House, and one or two other things. Sorry about the sound quality, it’s recorded off my laptop. OANN, the growing conservative news channel, is on AT&T’s channel 208 and in… Continue Reading

Boehner Opts for Impeachment Lite

House Speaker John Boehner today said the House would sue President Obama for all the end runs he has done around Congress. Obama has violated the spirit of some laws, the letter of others, and ignored still more of them. But Boehner’s lawsuit could take years – possibly not even being completed until after Obama… Continue Reading

Boehner to Convene Benghazi Special Committee

House Speaker John Boehner announced Friday that he will convene a select committee to investigate Benghazi, ending months of resistance to conservative demands that the laser focus of a special panel be brought to bear on perhaps the worst scandal surrounding the Obama administration. In doing so, Boehner rejected White House claims that a newly uncovered email,… Continue Reading