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Video || Messina on the Spot About Selling Access to Obama

This is from Friday’ CBS This Morning Show, during which Organizing for Action chief Jim Messina was questioned about OFA’s policy of putting contributors who give $500,000 on an “advisory board” that meets quarterly with Obama.

Actually, the questioning was so lousy that he wasn’t exactly asked about that. Host Norah O’Donnell cites a $50,000 ticket to meet with Obama, but all that gets you is . . . Messina.

Nevertheless, I thought Messina’s effort at obfuscation was still sufficiently interesting that you would want to take a look.

Messina: Ryan Pick “Carries Real Danger” for Obama

Obama Campaign Manager Jim Messina sent out an email list night warning supporters that Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan represents “real danger” to Obama’s reelection prospects, begging for donations of “$5 or more” to combat the peril.

The note, sent to supporters who had not yet contributed to the campaign, was designed to leverage fear over Ryan’s ties to big ticket conservative donors into more cash for Obama.

Here’s a section of the email, which features a hint of the foul language for which Obama aides are legendary:

Congressman Paul Ryan is the poster boy for the extreme Republican leadership in a Congress whose overall approval rating is 12 percent. His plan to dismantle Medicare is deeply unpopular with the general public, and especially undecided voters.

You might be wondering why the hell Romney picked this guy. But this is a strategic pick that carries real danger for us.

Here’s the calculation: Mitt Romney doesn’t need or expect Paul Ryan to convince even one undecided voter to cast their ballot for him. That’s not what he’s on the ticket for. He’s there to reassure and inspire ultraconservative ideologues and corporate interests that they will have one of their own a heartbeat from the presidency.

That means tens or even hundreds of millions more dollars for the Romney campaign and the array of outside groups supporting him — and if current trends hold, more than 90 percent of that money will be spent on TV ads — lying, distorting and trashing Barack Obama. Those ads will have more impact on undecided voters than anything Paul Ryan himself does or says.

Mitt Romney is convinced that picking Paul Ryan is a great investment for him.

If you sense of note of frustration in the missive, remember that the Obama campaign is badly trailing Mitt Romney’s operation in fundraising, and its allied SuperPacs are being swamped by rivals on the right.

The Obama campaign appears to have done away with the demands for $3, upping its minimum request by two bucks.

Ryan indeed is one of the best fundraisers in the House, and his donations include money from ideologically motivated conservative donors like the Koch brothers. But the notion that Ryan could bring in “hundreds of millions more dollars” than Romney and his allies would otherwise have collected is probably fiction.

And the email is a sure sign that the Obama campaign will open a new avenue in its attacks on Ryan, seeking to tie him to “sinister” wealthy conservatives.

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