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White House Forgets that it Doesn’t Think Jerusalem is in Israel

The White House today accidentally did something pro-Israel by inadvertently sending out a transcript of President Obama’s Shimon Peres eulogy which listed Jerusalem as part of Israel.

It was forced to send out this correction.

White House Jerusalem transcript

White House policy is that Jerusalem belongs neither to the Palestinians nor the Israelis, and our embassy is in Tel Aviv. To be fair, George W. Bush maintained the same policy. Congress passed legislation in 1995 calling for the embassy to be moved to Jerusalem, but the president uses waiver authority to block it every year.

Obama Statement on Shimon Peres: But Enough About Me

President Obama last night issued a name-dropping, self-referential statement about Israeli President Shimon Peres, who died Tuesday at 93, noting three times that he and Shimon were “friends.”

“My friend Shimon”

“Our dear friend Shimon Peres”

“I will always be grateful that I was able to call Shimon my friend.”

Like, what kind of friends? As in, Hey Shimon, I’m calling because you’ll never guess what happened to me today!”

They weren’t friends. I doubt if Peres, whose personality was seared in the struggle for the birth and preservation of Israel, had much respect for this man who rose to power through charm and little else. A man who offered up a moral equivalence between the Israelis and the Palestinians, pressuring the Jews into concessions and treating with disrespect Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu because he personally disliked him.

That is, he didn’t consider Netanyahu a “friend.”

Obama will go down in history as the man who may have sealed the destruction of Israel by allowing Iran to gain nuclear weapons and, most likely, setting off a nuclear arms race among Arab states in the Middle East. We should have taken care of the Iran problem ourselves, but failing that, no doubt the Israelis were inhibited from doing so partially because they knew the petulant American president would sternly object.

Obama Peres

Obama will be in Israel Friday for Peres’ funeral and no doubt take the opportunity to lecture Israelis on how they have abandoned Peres’ vision of peace.

But the Israelis are faced with implacable enemies who, even among their average citizens, aspire to throw the Jews into the sea. The Palestinians were offered generous peace terms during Bill Clinton’s last year, and they rejected them and launched a new round of terrorism instead.

The Israelis have taken distinctly non-Obama style steps to combat the Intifada, the polite name for Palestinian terrorism, building their own wall and responding with harsh measures. It’s worked. Hopefully, in a few months, they will be dealing with a president who understands a little better the terrible vice Israel is squeezed into.

But Ugandan President Museveni Digresses

I found this recently and thought you might want to see it, just since it is one of the strangest things I’ve seen recently.

Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu was in Uganda early last month to mark the 40th anniversary of the Israeli raid on Entebbe, which freed Israeli hostages being held by then-President Idi Amin.

At the ceremony, current Ugandan President Museveni delivered the most absurd speech I have ever heard by an international leader, while Netanyahu politely listened. He referred to Israel as Palestine, repeatedly, and started talking about Jesus, Britain’s Lord Balfour, and some of his personal experiences related to nothing in particular.

Video || Netanyahu Blasts Iran Deal at UN

Here is Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cogently outlining for a non-listening world the problem with President Obama’s Iran deal: That if Iran does what it is supposed to, it will remain a tyranny, continue its aggression, and eventually build nuclear weapons:

“When bad behavior is rewarded, it only gets worse,” Netanyahu said.

Here, Netanyahu decries the “deafening silence” of the UN in response to Iran’s vows to destroy Israel, and then adds some deafening silence of his own to bring home the point.

Obama Denies He is Anti-Semitic

President Obama was forced to address the question of whether he is anti-Semitic.

In an interview – out today – with the editor of Forward, a publication that covers Jewish American issues, Obama was asked about the charge:

Then, I asked, does it hurt you personally when people say that you’re anti-Semitic?

“Oh, of course,” he answered quietly, leaning back in his chair, a cup of tea on an adjacent table still untouched. “And there’s not a smidgen of evidence for it, other than the fact that there have been times when I’ve disagreed with a particular Israeli government’s position on a particular issue.”

A president whose relations are so bad that the issue of his possible personal anti-Semiticsim arises. Never heard of that one before.

DWS Won’t Commit to the Iran Deal

You go girl!

Spastically vitriolic DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is suddenly a paragon of probity and careful consideration, refusing to say whether she will vote in favor of President Obama’s Iran nuclear deal.

I’m gonna go home and speak to my constituents who have been weighing in, and I’ll reach a conclusion on what I’m going to do with my vote once I really feel like I’ve been able to thoroughly review the whole deal . . . There’s lot of merit to the deal, but there’s also a legitimate cause for concern.

DWS is thinkin’ on it because any dummy can see that all this deal does is make Iran wait 10-15 years before it acquires a nuclear weapon it can Fedex straight to Tel Aviv. And she knows her constituents get it too.

I’m glad her compassion for Israel has knocked some sense into her.

Don’t Free Pollard

I am Jewish American and a very strong supporter of Israel.

But I am not an Israeli.  And I have no sympathy for Jonathan Pollard nor any wish that he be set free.

Jonathan Pollard is a spy. Espionage is a capital offense. He is lucky to be serving a life sentence. Why his sentence allows him mandatory parole after 30 years is unclear to me. Then it’s not really a life sentence, is it?

That he spied for an ally makes little difference. Israel is a foreign country, with entirely different interests than ours. What happens to our secrets when they are given to Israel is beyond our control and could be harmful to the United States.

What if Israel shares the information with another country seen, at least for the moment, as friend to them but which is hostile toward us?

I don’t make distinctions when it comes to spies.

Pollard says he was motivated by his love for Israel, but, um, he was also paid about $50,000 for his enthusiasm and was on tap to get much more. He is a treasonous rat.

Pollard is being viewed as a White House offering to the Israelis to placate them amid their anger over the Iran deal. The administration denies this, saying the parole is mandatory.

I’m willing to bet the Iran deal plays a part in this. The administration can oppose Pollard’s release by arguing that he violated prison rules or is likely to commit additional crimes. The Justice Department should be doing everything it can think of to keep him in jail. Instead, it has signaled that it will do nothing.

And that is a great shame.

Obama’s Iran Deal Nonsense

I actually think President Obama convinces himself that most of the things he is saying are true, and even, wise. That they are neither doesn’t make him a liar, nor even a fool. It makes him an egoist completely convinced that things are right merely because he does or says them. And, being an egoist,… Continue Reading

Book to Detail Obama Administration’s “Root Hostility” Toward Israel

A new insider book by former Israeli ambassador to the United States Michael Oren will provide “an incredibly detailed account of the root hostility of the Obama administration toward the Jewish state,” according to writer John Podhoretz. Oren was ambassador from 2009-2013 and is, as Podhoretz notes, no “flame-breathing Israeli right-winger.” Rather, he was actually suckered… Continue Reading

Lew Booed at Jerusalem Post Conference

Oh, this is priceless. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew was heckled, jeered, and booed as he spoke Sunday to a conference organized by the Jerusalem Post. Clearly, those in attendance understand the enormous peril posed by the Obama administration’s appeasement of Iran. And so, naturally, they reacted with anger as Lew artlessly read the administration’s propaganda… Continue Reading