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Obama Approval Rating Remains Low

President Obama remains stuck with historically low approval ratings, a potentially severe handicap that could hamper his ability to pass his second term agenda.

Despite recent reports ballyhooing a rise in Obama’s approval numbers, which according to Gallup had  edged up to 58 percent in December, Obama is back to a bare majority, with only 52 percent giving him the thumbs up in both Gallup and Pew Center surveys.

The polling shows Obama essentially got no bounce from his Inauguration, with his approval rating having been at about 51 percent before giving a speech widely held to be a partisan recitation of liberal principles.

Fifty two percent is exactly where George W. Bush was at the start of his second term. But unlike Obama, Bush had won the presidency by a sliver and was embroiled in an unpopular war. Bush’s signature second term initiative, Social Security reform, was a dismal failure.

Bill Clinton, who had some significant legislative successes – particularly on the budget – in the first year of his second term, was at 60 percent approval post-Inauguration Day 1997. Clinton’s average approval rating for his second term was 61 percent.

Obama is well off the highs he recorded after his first Inauguration, when his approval was close to 70 percent. Still, Obama’s current level is an improvement over numbers that had been stuck around the mid-40s for much of 2012.

Yes, It Matters Whether Beyonce Sang the National Anthem

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today sought to extinguish controversy over whether Beyonce lip-synched the national anthem at the Inauguration by going on the attack against reporters. “What I know about this I know this I know, mostly know from what I’ve read and shockingly it has not all been consistent,” Carney said during… Continue Reading

Obama Government Equal to Population in 1776

President Obama Monday invoked Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence to justify his expansive view of government, but Jefferson might be surprised to learn that the number of federal employees today is nearly equal to the entire population of the nation in 1776. According to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, the current civilian federal workforce,… Continue Reading