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Video || Trump: “The Wall is Going to Get Built, Folks”

Well, okay, but it looks increasingly like the fight will be waged in the fall, when Congress works to pass the funding bills for next year. like Trump appears to be putting up the white flag for the current spending fight, which will fund the government through September.

If he won’t do it now, Trump must make the Democrats cave on building the wall in the fall. He was elected on this issue more than any other. He should allow the Democrats to shut down the government, whatever is needed. Otherwise, if preserving the culture and stemming massive illegal immigration is not non-negotiable, then there was no point to this election.

The Wall Street Journal has a good suggestion: End the filibuster for appropriations bills. I have no doubt that’s what the Democrats would do. The filibuster is not in the Constitution. If the Founders wanted it to be more difficult to pass legislation in the Senate, they would have prescribed a super-majority vote.

Justice Department Warns Eight Sanctuary Cities

Sanctuary cities may have to get used to an administration interested in the rule of law.

From the Washington Examiner:

The Department of Justice on Friday reprimanded eight “sanctuary cities” for failing to adhere to federal requests to detain illegal immigrants.

It sent a letter warning the jurisdictions that they could lose certain federal grants if they fail to prove they are in compliance with federal law that requires them to communicate with federal officials about on immigration matters. The statute, 8 USC § 1373, prohibits local and state governments from enacting laws or policies that limit communication with Immigration and Customs Enforcement Customs and Border Protection about “information regarding the immigration or citizenship status.”

Top U.S. Catholic Bishop Rebuts Trump on Immigration

The top Roman Catholic bishop in the U.S. lauds President Trump for his anti-abortion views, for comments on the importance of Catholic schools and for promising to defend religious liberties. When it comes to refugees and immigration, Cardinal Daniel DiNardo says he and Trump will “have to agree to disagree,” the Associated Press reported. In… Continue Reading

MSM Reporters Falsely Accuse Sessions of Calling Illegals “Filth”

Oh, they must have felt so good for a little while until they realized they’d let their wishes get ahead of responsible reporting. Attorney General Jeff Sessions did not refer to illegal immigrants Tuesday as “filth,” contrary to claims from a few media personalities, the Washington Examiner reported. Sessions delivered an address to a gathering… Continue Reading

Sessions Moves to Speed Deportation of Criminal Illegal Aliens

Yes, they broke the law at least twice, so they need to get out fast. Illegal immigrants convicted of a federal crime may be deported more quickly under a policy move announced by Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Thursday, the Washington Examiner reported. The nation’s top law enforcement officer announced the expansion and modernization of… Continue Reading

Sanctuary City Mayors Claim They Are Not Breaking the Law

What do they not understand about the word “illegal” in “illegal immigrants”? Mayors from so-called sanctuary cities insisted to Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly in a closed-door meeting Wednesday that they are not breaking federal law. “We violate no federal or state law,” Austin Mayor Steve Adler told reporters after discussing requests from… Continue Reading

Spicer: Administration to Aggressively Appeal Travel Ban Ruling

Unfortunately this could go to the Supreme Court, where there are only four justices who might put principle ahead of politics, and four who won’t. White House press secretary Sean Spicer on Thursday reacted to the federal court rulings blocking President Trump’s so-called travel ban by saying: “We intend to appeal the flawed rulings,” the… Continue Reading

Hawaii Judge Blocks Trumps New Immigration Order

We now, as Mark Levin was saying this evening, live in an age of judicial tyranny.  People were worried about President Trump ruling without regard to the Constitution. Instead, it’s the judiciary and their Democratic allies on Capitol Hill. In an age of political correctness and liberal certainty, the ends are deemed so noble that… Continue Reading

Trump Signs Revised Travel Ban

This time they’re doing it methodically and carefully, so that a group of San Francisco liberals with black robes on can’t put a stop to it for no good Constitutional reason. President Trump on Monday signed a revised version of his executive order on travel that excludes Iraqi citizens, legal permanent residents and existing visa… Continue Reading

Homeland Security Seeks 5,000 More Border Patrol Officers

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly issued two memos on Tuesday aimed at implementing President Trump’s immigration-related executive orders, which call for strict enforcement of U.S. immigration laws and the hiring of thousands of new border officials, the Washington Examiner reported. Kelly’s memos include guidance about where the agency stands in the process of building Trump’s… Continue Reading

DHS Guidelines Would Expand Illegal Immigrant Deportations

A president who is serious about enforcing the law and safeguarding our culture. Thank you. From the Washington Examiner: The Department of Homeland Security has written new guidelines that would expand the number of immigrants subject to deportation and expedite their removal. The proposal would expand the number of people considered criminals and therefore targeted… Continue Reading