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Trump Explains to Biased Media That by “Animals” He Meant MS-13

The reporting on this has been atrocious. Just look at the headline on the video below, “Trump calls some illegal immigrants ‘animals.'” That is completely misleading. Other news outlets reported it the same way.

He was obviously referring, during a meeting Wednesday, to MS-13 gang members, not “some illegal immigrants.”

He was asked about it Thursday and went to the trouble to explain what was obvious but ignored by most of the MSM.

Sarah Sanders was asked too, and had a field day with it.

McCain: Conservative Immigration Stance Driven by “Zealots” and “Kooks”

I’m sorry he is dying. And he is a great American hero. But Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., is not a conservative and, from his stance on immigration to his decision to sink the Obamacare repeal effort with his “thumbs down” vote last year, has done damage to the conservative cause over the years.

Including by losing to Barack Obama, who was infinitely worse.

In a new book, The Restless Wave: Good Times, Just Causes, Great Fights, and Other Appreciations, McCain goes after immigration hawks in the most vicious way, according to a quote from the Guardian:

Right now, Republicans are on the wrong side of that progress and if we want to retain our competitiveness in the fastest-growing communities in the country we’ll stop letting the zealots drive the debate, and fix the problems that [give] them their soapbox . . . They’re still a small fraction in the Republican Party. But they’re the ones getting all the attention right now. They need to be confronted, not ignored or winked at or quietly dismissed as kooks. They need to be confronted before their noxious views spread further and damage for generations the reputation of the Republican Party.

McCain asserts that those seeking to limit immigration fear America is being “contaminated by the customs of non-European immigrants.” That is, that they’re racists.

Actually, they are concerend that the historically high and unending levels of immigration, including millions of illegal immigrants, are too much for the country and the culture – yes, we do have a culture – to absorb. That’s not racist, that’s common sense.

If 20 million Frenchman landed here tomorrw, I’d be very concerned.

Of course, when McCain was in political trouble in 2010, facing a primary challenge from his right, it was a different story. That’s when he ran this ad:

Dang it! Sounds like a politician.

Trump National Guard Border Program Nabs 1,600 Additional Illegals

Once again, President Trump is making bold moves that get results.



According to the Washington Examiner:

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers have apprehended an additional 1,600 people attempting to illegally enter the country from Mexico since April 15 as a result of the deployment of National Guard troops to the southwest border, CBP and defense officials said Wednesday.

National Guard officials overseeing the border state deployments said troops helping monitor the international boundary have freed up more border agents to physically guard the border. The result has led to a surge in the amount of criminal activity agents have stopped.

The increased surveillance and communication between guardsmen and border officers also led to CBP intercepting an additional 451 people who were turned back before illegally entering the U.S.

So far, only 775 troops have been deployed. Trump has approved sending 4,000, so the numbers of people apprehended could rise considerably.

Our apologies to the members of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, who will have to hire actual Americans to fill the jobs these people hoped to take.

Trump Dramatically Reduces Admissions of Refugees

President Trump has reduced the number of refugees being admitted into the United States by tens of thousands compared to admissions under Barack Obama, particularly reducing the numbers allowed in from countries identified as hotbeds of terrorist activity. According to Breitbart: Halfway through FY 2018, only 10,548 refugees have been admitted to the United States,… Continue Reading

Here is Why Trump Needs Jeff Sessions

Because he will take actions like this. The Department of Justice is suing California over state laws that prohibit businesses and police from cooperating with federal authorities trying to enforce immigration law. The federal government has clear jurisdiction over immigration matters. Sanctuary cities are sanctuaries for illegal immigrants, but not for the Constitution. Sessions is… Continue Reading

Supreme Court Refuses to Review Trump DACA Appeal

The Supreme Court rejected the Trump administration’s request for it to review a lower court order that the administration must continue accepting DACA renewal applications. Instead, it will alow an appeals court to review the lower court ruling. In a statement, the justices said they assume “the court of appeals will proceed expeditiously to decide this… Continue Reading

Thanks Obama! Resurgence in MS-13 Gang Activity Linked to Obama Policies

MS-13 crime increased during the Obama years due to an influx of illegal immigrants and reduced enforcement of immigration law, according to a new study by the Center for Immigration Studies, which supports tough measures to combat illegal immigration. The study ties the increase in crime to a changes to Bush administration policies made by… Continue Reading