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Six Reasons to Care About Obama’s Trip to Asbury Park

President Obama travels to Asbury Park, New Jersey today. Here’s why you should care:

1. It’s good that he’s doing it

Yes, there is a legitimate reason for this trip. New Jersey suffered badly from the hit it took from Hurricane Sandy, and the president ought to go and show the nation’s concern and see how all those federal tax dollars are being spent.

But there are other reasons too.

2. Obama gets to portray himself has above the fray

Let’s face, like much of what Obama does, this trip is also about Obama. It’s gonna make him look good amid the scandals plaguing his administration. While those supposed Nattering Nabobs of Negativism, the Republicans, carry on with their investigations, Mr. Obama is out being photographed and videotaped showing the nation is compassion and leadership.

3. A chance to change the conversation

Maybe, just maybe, the White House calculates, a day at the beach will give reporters something else to talk about other than the IRS, Benghazi, and assaults on freedom of the press.

4.  Obesity

Today you will an opportunity to see how Chris Christie is doing with his post-lapband surgery weight loss program!

5. Political payback.

You get to witness the weird sight of a Democratic president paying back one of the leading contenders for the GOP presidential nomination for his help in getting him reelected president.

While Christie’s man-bro embrace of Obama just days before the 2012 election no doubt helped Obama politically, today’s rekindling of the love affair aids Christie in his upcoming reelection battle as the GOP governor gets a day at the beach with a Democratic president popular in the blue state.

Meanwhile, it wasn’t clear even a few days ago that Obama would speak at all to Christie’s likely opponent, Democratic State Sen. Barbara Buono. Turns out she’ll get a meeting before the photo ops begin.

6. Greetings from Asbury Park!

Just say it, Mr. President. And tell Mr. Christie, I came for you, for you, I came for you .
. .

Chris Christie and the American Gimme Culture

Gosh, you know, I hate to sound ungenerous, but is anyone else put off by the sight of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie stomping up and down, pounding the floor and demanding, Where’s my $60 billion?

Now listen. The New York City and New Jersey area – that’s my hometown. I have relatives there who were severely affected by Hurricane Sandy. People have suffered tragedies from which they will never really recover. I want the area to get help as much as anyone.

Please put $60 billion under the tree, douchebag.
Please put $60 billion under the tree, douchebag.

And I think emergency disaster aid is a correct use of federal resources. Americans ride to the rescue of their brethren in other parts of the country when tragedy strikes, and the federal government, in addition to private charity, is a useful means of doing this

But requests for other’s people’s money – and lots of it – should be made with some sense of humility. Assuming an adult population in the United States of about 250 million, $60 billion means every man and woman in the nation will be spending $240 to help out New Jersey and the rest of the region that was devastated by the hurricane.

And that doesn’t include interest, since the government is out of money and we’ll have to pay the going rate in Beijing to borrow this.

But in the Gimme Culture that President Obama is nurturing with his vast new federal programs and outlays, people – even Republican people – think less and less like this. They just assume money is coming from somewhere to help them out, whether that means digging them out from a natural catastrophe, helping them go to college, or granting them years worth of unemployment benefits.

Is it really so callous to ask if New Jersey has a rainy day fund and, if not, why not?

What’s more, Dan Henninger writes in today’s Wall Street Journal that FEMA’s effort to assist New Jersey is actually funded until spring. The money which the House has not yet approved – but surely will – is to get New Jersey through the rest of 2013 and beyond.

Christie says hurricane relief should be beyond politics. But as he savages the unpopular House Republicans and Speaker John Boehner as shameful misanthropes who are “to blame for the continued suffering of these innocent victims,” it’s worth asking: who exactly is playing politics – the House GOP or the Republican governor running for reelection in a Bright Blue state?

Christie already has raised $2 million for his gubernatorial campaign. How about, if we’re setting politics aside, we start with that money as a down payment on the funding to come?

And after getting reelected, everyone knows where Christie thinks he’s headed. If the Gimme Culture one day actually pervades a Republican White House, then you’ll know it’s here to stay.

Obama Headed to New York Next Week

President Obama Thursday will visit “the New York City area” to get a first hand look at the failure of government to provide adequate power, food, and gasoline to the battered city in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

Well, the White House puts it a little differently:

On Thursday, the President will travel to the New York City area, to view the storm damage, talk with citizens who are recovering from the storm and thank first responders who put their lives at risk to protect their communities.

Obama has largely avoided the media outrage that attended George W. Bush’s handling of Hurricane Katrina.

Obama staged a pre-Election Day photo op at the Jersey shore with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie before the full extent of the wreckage and suffering became apparent.

The president’s appearance – featuring slobbering thank you’s from Christie – set up a storyline that FEMA is responding briskly and successfully to the hurricane, a notion that stuck in people’s minds through Election Day and has helped insulate Obama from outrage.

George W. Bush, who failed to visit New Orleans immediately after Hurricane Katrina – partly out of concern he might interfere with the rescue effort – never recovered from charges that he was inattentive to the crisis.

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