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Somebody Got to Donna Brazile

This is a fascinating little video. Donna Brazile was mad as hell and wrote a justifiably angry book about how Hillary Clinton took over the DNC and corruptly ripped the primary election away from Bernie Sanders — and therefore away from Democratic voters too.

Of course, she contributed to this by sharing debate questions with Hillary during the primaries and so she might be a bit of a hypocrite and not the most credible witness but let’s forget about that for now we’re having too much fun. Okay?

Brazile’s book has created a couple problems for the Democratic establishment, of which Brazile is a part. First, while the Democrats are trying to say the Donald Trump undermined democracy, the only clear evidence of anyone doing that points to Democrats, who ate their own. And second, the Democratic establishment has been completely discredited, increasing the chances that a leftist populist will be the 2020 nominee.

No doubt, Democrats have been on the phone with Ms. Brazile dropping expletives and threatening the ship her to Mars. So here she is on CBS This Morning Tuesday trying to suggest it was a fair vote and hoping to change the subject to Russian meddling in the election. I have to give the liberal CBS This Morning crew credit. They’re not letting her get away with any of it and they’re flabbergasted at her backpedaling, even though they’re all old chums.

Now Hillary Blames . . . The Media

Providing the latest bit of proof that she has lost touch with reality and that her personality would have been at least as disconcerting a fit for the presidency as Trump’s can be, Hillary Clinton is now casting her wide net of blame for her loss toward the media.

You know, the same media which pounded Trump day after day. Interestingly, Hillary even suggests that she is aware that the mainstream media was in her corner and that, in fact, it should be. Watch below as she says journalists admitted to her they screwed up by choosing to “beat up on me” too much – presumably over her emails – thinking it would be “without consequence” since she was going to win anyway.

Elizabeth Warren: The Democratic Primary Was Rigged

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., Thursday acknowledged that Hillary Clinton rigged the Democratic primaries against Bernie Sanders by taking control of the DNC before the primaries even started.

I think the Democrats have finally had it with Hillary. I think you will soon see her shouted down by fellow Democrats during one of her appearances. The Democratic base never liked her and now they are furious. And the chances that Democrats will rally behind an extreme leftist like Warren in 2020 are growing.

Don’t get excited. That’s bad news for Republicans. Because there is no guarantee an extreme leftist will lose the general election. And if they win, America could be put irrevocably on a course toward catastrophe.

How Hillary Rigged the Democratic Primaries Against Bernie

The avarice and the immorality of the Clintons truly know no bounds. In order to gain power, they even ate their own. Hillary Clinton betrayed millions of Democratic voters by ensuring that the ostensibly neutral Democratic National Committee favored her during the Democratic primaries. It favored her because it was secretly controlled by her. The reason… Continue Reading

Ex-Clinton Aide: Hillary “May have Known” About Trump Dossier Funding

Former Hillary Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon Wednesday said Hillary Clinton may have known that her campaign helped hire Fusion GPS to research the “Russian dossier”  that was collected on then-candidate Donald Trump. Fallon acknowledged that a “select group” within the campaign knew that Fusion GPS had been hired to do the research against Trump… Continue Reading

In Britain, Hillary Defends Kneeling NFL Players

Speaking to a foreign audience, Hillary Clinton Sunday defended NFL players who kneel during the National Anthem, saying they are doing it to protest racism in the criminal justice system and counter “dog whistles” by President Trump to his base. Hillary was promoting her new book at Southbank Centre’s London Literature Festival: You have to… Continue Reading

Ed Klein: Clintons Knew About Weinstein; Hardly Spend Time Together

Of course they knew all about Weinstein. I’m increasingly convinced that everyone did, it was both an inside joke and one expressed openly several times. But they, like the Obamas, wanted his money and they wanted Hollywood on their side. “The Clintons were very close, as you know, to Harvey Weinstein. He gave her tons… Continue Reading

Obama, Clinton Silent on Weinstein

UPDATE: The criticism finally got to her. Hillary Clinton said Tuesday, “I was shocked and appalled by the revelations about Harvey Weinstein.” Here is the original story posted this morning: Oh my goodness. The two great moral leaders of our time. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, the greatest champions of women we’ve known since Ted Kennedy.… Continue Reading

Puerto Rican Governor: Trump Has Responded “Quickly”

There seems to be a growing media meme that while, okay, we’ll give you that Trump did well enough with Houston and Florida, his racist instincts have kicked in and he’s ignoring Puerto Rico. Trump Tuesday announced that he will go to Puerto Rico and possibly the U.S. Virgin Islands next week. And this just… Continue Reading

Hillary Clinton Race Baits Trump Over Football Kneeler Comments

I suppose this is what Trump gets for failing to immediately call out Nazis protesting in Charlottesville, Virginia and saying there were some good people among them, evidence of which I have yet to see. And yet, it does not follow that every time Trump criticizes people, some of whom happen to be black, that… Continue Reading