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Latino Radio Host to Clinton: My Family is Voting Against You

Syndicated Latino radio host Enrique Santos told Hillary Clinton that his whole family hates her, and what’s she gonna do about it?

“My father’s voting for Trump because he says that he can’t trust you. My mother says you’re a crook and my brother says you should go to jail,” he said. “How would you convince them to sit on your side of the field?”

He’s a supporter, it seems. His family, not so much.

Stop listening to the “relentless . . . ridiculous, untrue attacks, Clinton responded

Well, the attacks are relentless. But ridiculous and untrue? Sorry, can’t quite agree.

It seems Trump’s efforts to label Clinton negatively are already sticking, though of course others got the ball rolling with her long ago. It’s like the way he went after his primary opponents — while over the top, his categorizations stuck because there was a strong element of truth to them. With Hillary, the examples of her corruption are so legion, it’s hard to go over the top.

Despite his rhetoric, Trump’s support among Latinos is not far off the 27 percent Mitt Romney got in 2012. I think a lot of Hispanics will find Trump’s strong character appealing. Machismo, after all, is a Spanish word.

Clinton Backs Down, Uses Term “Radical Islamism”

Well, Trump finally got to her.

Hillary Clinton Monday morning backed down to the pressure applied by Donald Trump, finally, if reluctantly, using the term “radical Islamism” to describe the motivation for terrorism inspired by extreme interpretations of Islam.

“Trump, as usual is obsessed with name calling,” she said during an appearance on NBC’s “Today” show. But then she said:

I have clearly said that we face terrorist enemies who use Islam to justify slaughtering innocent people. We have to stop them and we will. We have to defeat radical jihadist terrorism, and we will. And to me, radical jihadism, radical Islamism, I think they mean the same thing. I’m happy to say either, but that’s not the point.

But she also said that “talk, “rhetoric” and “demagoguery” is “not going to solve the problem,” adding “I’m not going to demonize and demagogue and declare war on an entire religion.”

Well, such talk will help solve the problem. Because you can only focus correctly on the problem if you know what it is. Banning AR-15s is not going to stop terrorism. Understanding that the terror is emanating from an actual branch of the religion lets you know where to go to find and defeat the killers, and how to counter their propaganda.

Video || Obama Endorses Hillary Clinton

Well, President Obama finally decided it was time to endorse Hillary Clinton.

Now, let me ask you a question. What kind of signal does that send to the people in the FBI who are investigating her potentially criminal activity?

Obama, of course, doesn’t care. Or he does, and he hopes they get the message.


Hillary Clinton’s Free Stuff

Mitt Romney took a lot of . . . heat  . .  . in 2012 for saying Democrats give voters free stuff. What, exactly, was inaccurate about it? I thought you might enjoy this article I did for LifeZette, detailing the free stuff Mrs. Clinton is offering voters.

From the piece:

Paying for things yourself is hard. You have work long hours, sacrifice time with your friends, spouse and children — and possibly turn off the TV or shut down your Obamaphone.

But Democrats have a better way. Here’s the plan. You take other people’s money, and spend it on yourself! Simple, right? No, you won’t go to jail. That’s because when the government does it for you, it’s completely legal! Don’t worry about their sacrifices, ingenuity and endless hours of work. You can take their money — and if they refuse, they go to jail, not you!

Because, you see, the author of “It Takes a Village” and others on the Left believe that the villagers must be forced to do their “share” for the collective benefit of the masses.

Hillary Clinton has arranged a vast pu pu platter of free tidbits for everyone.

Free college. Free daycare. Have a look at the rest of the article here.

McCaskill: Hillary Chose to “Serve the Public” Over Money

I only have once question for Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill. Are you insane?

No, really, this can’t even be a lie. It has to be a critical malfunctioning of the neocortex.

McCaskill said:

Hillary Clinton could have made a choice in her life to make money. She made a choice at every juncture in her life to serve the public.

Well, if be serving the public you mean the lunches that were set down before bankers at her $200,000 for a half hour speeches, then, yes, the public was served.

McCaskill is married to businessman Joseph Shepherd, who, for example, has his own private plane. So maybe for McCaskill, earning $200,000 for a speech qualifies as a vow of poverty.

Clinton has Enough Delegates to Win Without Superdelegates

Fox News is projecting that Hillary Clinton, after tonight’s primaries in California, New Jersey, and other states, has enough directly elected delegates to claim the nomination. This means that Bernie Sanders’ final claim that he could win by flipping “superdelegates” who choose the nominee on their own is no longer valid, and he has no path to victory.

That is, Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee.

Video || Hillary on Trump: Be Very Afraid

This is going to be Hillary Clinton’s mantra throughout the election, that it’s too “risky” to make Donald Trump president.

Now, this is certainly a line of attack that will resonate with many people. But I would note that Democrats tried to present Ronald Reagan as scary, and I remember Al Gore relentlessly discussing the “risky” vote people would be casting for George W. Bush.

President Ronald Reagan, and President George W. Bush, that is.

Hillary has work to do explaining the rationale for her presidency, and she presents lots of problems for honest Democrats or anyone who cares the least about her shady dealings. Basing your campaign on attacks against your opponent – now that’s “risky.”

Former Clinton Aide to Take the Fifth

Bryan Pagliano, the former State Department IT specialist who set up and maintained Hillary Clinton’s private email server, will plead the fifth. From Politico: Lawyers for former State Department tech specialist Bryan Pagliano said in a court filing Wednesday that there’s no valid reason to make an audio or video recording of the session since… Continue Reading

Obama Administration: Clinton Broke State Dept. Rules

The State Department’s own inspector General released a report today to lawmakers stating the Hillary Clinton broke State Department record keeping rules. According to Politico: “Therefore, Secretary Clinton should have preserved any Federal records she created and received on her personal account by printing and filing those records with the related files in the Office… Continue Reading