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Hillary Clinton Tweets for Trump to “Speak Out” Against Attack on Jews

Typically low-class Clintons. Lost the election and won’t even give President Trump a chance to govern. And now she’s feeding the meme that Trump is anti-Semitic when his cherished daughter and her children are all Jewish. Meantime, Hillary’s former boss was preparing to throw Israel into the Mediterranean. From the Washington Examiner: Hillary Clinton Tuesday called on President Trump to condemn threats against Jewish community centers and the vandalism at an historic Jewish cemetery in St. Louis Tuesday morning.

Later, during an appearance at the National Museum of African-American History, Trump denounced anti-Semiticism and other forms of intolerance.

The Clinton Global Initiative Closes Up Shop

A great editorial from the Washington Examiner:

The Clinton Foundation has confirmed that it always was what we and many others said it was.

Its latest tax filing declared that the Clinton Global Initiative is closing its offices and sacking 22 staff. This comes amid reports that donations dried up after Hillary Clinton lost the election November 8.

It was always obvious that the Clinton Foundation was not simply a charity. As Hillary’s opponents but also neutral observers discerned, Hillary was a coin-operated policymaker and the Clinton Foundation and CGI were toll collectors for access to her State Department and a future Clinton administration.

The CGI was innovative and quite unlike a normal charity that takes donations and uses them to dole out grants or do good works. Instead, the theory was that it would be the locus of meetings and connections among big business organizatiions that wanted, for example, to alleviate drought in Africa or help educate women in Asia.

There was a big gap, however, between theory and practice. Most of CGI’s undertakings were not completed, according to the organization’s own report.

CGI wasn’t really delivering financial education to Haitian youth, to take another example, but selling access to the Clintons and siphoning money from the coffers of the corporations meeting at the CGI, enriching the Clintons and their friends.

Trump Proclaims Hillary Clinton “Guilty as Hell”

So is he going to appoint a special prosecutor? Mrs. Clinton broke the law. A lot. now she’s preparing to be the voice of the opposition. From the Washington Examiner: President-elect Trump called Hillary Clinton “guilty as hell” Friday morning for skirting federal records laws by having a private email server, despite the investigators determining… Continue Reading

DOJ to Investigate FBI’s Clinton Email Probe

Watchdogs for the Department of Justice will look into whether “improper considerations” affected the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton emails, including whether ties between department officials and Clinton’s camp precluded an objective assessment of her use of a private email system, the Washington Examiner reported. Specifically, the Inspector general will look at whether FBI Deputy… Continue Reading

Obama: “We Have to Compete Everywhere. We have to Show Up Everywhere “

Seems like a bit of a dig at Hillary. President Obama today emphasized the importance of retail politicking, something Hillary Clinton has never shined at. Her schedule was light on campaign appearances and long on attending fundraisers and making phone calls for money. She was, frankly, outhustled by Donald Trump, and comparatively, outhustled by Obama’s… Continue Reading

White House Doesn’t Rule Out Pardoning Hillary Clinton

I guarantee you, he will pardon her. And maybe Bill too. “We don’t talk about the president’s thinking, specifically with respect to any specific cases that may apply to pardons or commutations,” Earnest said when asked about a potential pardon of Hillary Clinton. “We’ve got a long tradition in this country of people in power not… Continue Reading