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Video || Clinton Aide Types Message for Andrea Mitchell Before She Asks Question

In the video below, you can see an aide to Hillary Clinton, during her brief post-debate press conference Wednesday night, type out something and show it to Andrea Mitchell.

Andrea Mitchell Clinton aide message

The video then fast forwards to a softball “How did you feel” question by Mitchell. The same aide is then clearly texting and communicating with another reporter.

Clinton Ends Press Conference When Asked About Undercover Videos

Hillary Clinton stopped taking questions aboard her plane last night once someone asked about Democratic dirty tricksters who were filmed talking about provoking violence at Trump rallies.

Notice the softball questions she was getting from the press until finally someone asked about the revelations, which were filmed by activist James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas.

One “journalist” sets her up to dump on Trump, asking a question to which the reporter already knows the answer, “Will you accept the results of the election?”

Then Andrea Mitchell, who of course has positioned herself next to Clinton, asks her favorite candidate a “How did you feel?” question, including how she felt when Trump called her a “Putin puppet.” Except, it was Clinton who started that one.

Whoever asked about the videos was brave, because it’s not easy to contradict the fawning consensus and get dirty looks from other reporters because you might be “one of them” — that is, a Republican.

Wow. Clinton’s campaign has allies playing dirty tricks. This woman truly is Nixon in a pantsuit.

H/T Washington Free Beacon.

GOP Super PAC Uses Michelle’s Words Against Hillary

A pro-Trump Super PAC is running a new ad using 2008 footage of Michelle Obama questioning the ethics of the Clintons.

The ad, titled “Can’t Run Her House,” is by the Make America Number 1 Super PAC.

So many ironies here.

One, of course, is that Michelle Obama is out giving speeches about Donald Trump’s morals and supporting Hillary Clinton when she previously thought Hillary’s ethics weren’t much to be proud of. Seems like Mrs. Obama, who spends millions of taxpayer dollars traveling to her far-flung, exorbitant vacations and listens ardently to Beyonce and Jay-Z’s women-trashing music, is the new arbiter of what is right is what is wrong.

But what’s particularly delicious is Hillary’s new habit of quoting Michelle’s pseudo-maxim, “When they go low, we go high.” In fact, both of them know their way around gutter politics.

The Selfishness of Republicans Too Good for Trump

“You go to war with the army you have, not the army you might want or wish to have at a later time,” said Donald Rumsfeld in 2004.

Republicans like House Speaker Paul Ryan, Sen. John McCain, and the rest of those who simply can’t support Donald Trump, or who do so only halfway, don’t seem to get, or don’t seem to want to acknowledge, that this election is a binary choice between Trump and Hillary Clinton.

We will have one or the other as president. Republicans who don’t vote for either and try to keep their consciences pristine are handing half a vote to Hillary. They help her by not doing what they would normally do, voting Republican. So how does that feel on their consciences, helping elect Clinton for four and — most probably — eight years?

Trump is the army you have. The choice is between him and Clinton. There is no escaping. Gary Johnson is not going to win.

Republicans who don’t support Trump should vote for Clinton. Make a choice. One is better for the country, one is worse. If you opt out and write in your grandmother because voting for Trump or Clinton makes you personally uncomfortable, then you are putting yourself above the interests of the country.

Our service members in uniform go risk their lives every day for causes and presidents they do not necessarily support. They don’t choose to fight World War II for Roosevelt, or to not to fight at all, if they are assigned to fight in Iraq for Barack Obama. They go all out and fight to win, even if it hurts their feelings. Or worse.

Is it too much to ask of Republican political and thought leaders that they make a decision about what will benefit the country, instead of what benefits themselves?

Paul Ryan is the worst of these. He now won’t campaign for Trump, even though as the highest ranking Republican official, that’s his job. But he still will vote for him. Ryan wants it both ways.

Well, make a choice. If Trump makes you too queasy, vote for Hillary. And if you can’t fulfill your duties by actively backing the man Republican voters installed as their nominee, then step down as Speaker.

Mr. Ryan, Republican political and thought leaders, or even you, dear reader: I fully understand if you are not comfortable with Trump. But if you think he’s worse than Hillary, by all means, do the honorable thing and vote for her.

If not, get off your high horse and, like our fighting men and women, go to war with the army you have.

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FBI Immunity Side Deal with Mills Allowed Laptop Destruction

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