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Clinton: Benghazi was “Not My Ball to Carry”

Here’s Hillary Clinton on 60 Minutes, denying “culpability” for Benghazi while comparing herself to George Schultz, who was Secretary of State during the 1983 Beirut bombing that killed 241 Marines.

What’s she talking about? That was a bombing of a Marine barracks, not a diplomatic mission.

Also amusing here is how she takes responsibility “as Secretary of State” for Benghazi, which is absolutley meaningless when saying she’s not culpable because her own commission cleared her and it was not “my ball to carry.” All she is saying is, Yeah, I was Secretary of State at the time it happened.

Taking “responsibility” but not taking any of the blame. Only in Washington.

Clinton Selects Kaine for Vice President; Bad Idea

Hillary Clinton announced Friday evening that she had selected Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine to be her running mate.

Kaine brings moderation, appeal to Latinos — because he speaks Spanish and worked in Honduras — and quite possibly, the state of Virginia to the ticket.

Kaine was viewed widely as the “safe” choice and one backed by Bill Clinton. He’s no attack dog, but that’s okay, because Hillary is.

Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine

But this is not an inspired choice. Hillary doesn’t need Latinos, she’s already got lots of them. Kaine won’t help her close the deal with the Left, which will be problematic for her as she tacks right during the general election, once the convention is done with.

What’s more, Kaine is the former chair of the DNC, solidifying the Democrats as the establishment ticket in an anti-establishment year.

She’s playing it safe, and this is going to be a very tight election. Trump may even be the favorite. So I think she has made a mistake going with a uninspiring white male. Trump need a calming ballast to his heated rhetoric and so he chose Mike Pence. Hillary needs someone the electorate will care about. And nobody cares about Tim Kaine.

Video || Christie Indicts Hillary Clinton

Because someone has to.

Here’s the attack dog Trump could have had on his ticket.

Gov. Chris Christie last night gave an effective denunciation of Hillary Clinton. One of his best lines, I thought, was this:

We cannot promote someone to commander-in-chief who has made the world a more violent and dangerous place with every bad judgment she’s made.

It addresses a legitimate concern people have about Trump — that it’s dangerous to put someone who seems erratic, unpredictable, uninformed, and vengeful in the Oval Office. Christie is telling you to look at the world and how dangerous it has become. Are you really safer from war and destruction with Hillary Clinton in charge?

Clinton to Announce Vice President pick Friday

Clinton campaign spokeswoman Karen Finney said Tuesday that Hillary Clinton will announce her vice presidential selection Friday.

That means she will try to immediately steal the “bounce” Donald Trump hopes to get from the Republican convention, which ends Thursday night. Wise move.

And it means she has already chosen her running mate, though with all reporters focused on the GOP convention, it’s less likely to leak than Trump’s did, so she’ll probably have the rollout she wants. Unlike Trump.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer broke the news, though there was already talk that Friday was the day.

Wolf is a good journalist, and he gives in the above video a little lesson in a journalistic technique that anyone can use in their own lives.

Note how he asks the question: “I take it it will be announced . . . this coming Friday,” Wolf “asks.”

“I expect that’s about right,” Finney answers, almost sheepishly.

The key here is to put someone on the spot a bit by offiering a specific alternative instead of asking an open ended question. If you simply ask “When will you announce your vice presidential pick?”, it’s much easier to say, “Well, we’ll let you know.” But if you say a specific day, you’re faced with confirming or denying something, which isn’t as easy. Your subject will feel more obligated to offer a specific response — at least something like, “No, not Friday, probably next week,” were it not actually Friday.

So, don’t ask your spouse, “Are you having an affair?” You’ll get, “Of course not, sweetheart.” Ask, “Are you having an affair with Jennifer??” The reaction will be a little different, especially if it’s Jennifer. Or maybe he’ll say, “No, it’s Emily.”

WH Correspondents’ Assn. Presidents Rip Trump and Clinton

The outgoing and incoming presidents of the White House Correspondents’ Association, respectively Carol Lee of the Wall Street Journal and Jeff Mason of Reuters, have written an op-ed in USA Today criticizing the treatment of the press by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

From the piece:

The White House Correspondents’ Association is alarmed by the treatment of the press in the 2016 presidential campaign.

The public’s right to know is infringed if certain reporters are banned from a candidate’s events because the candidate doesn’t like a story they have written or broadcast, as Donald Trump has done.

Similarly, refusing to regularly answer questions from reporters in a press conference, as Hillary Clinton has, deprives the American people of hearing from their potential commander-in-chief in a format that is critical to ensuring he or she is accountable for policy positions and official acts . . .

The United States will not have a free press if its president gets to choose which journalists and which media organizations are allowed access to the executive branch. We will not have a truly free press and an informed electorate if the president doesn’t believe he or she should be held accountable to inquiries from the media.

As a White House reporter, I am a member of the White House Correspondents’ Association. I know this won’t be popular with some of you, but I completely agree with the conclusions in the piece, and I applaud Lee and Mason for taking an aggressive stance.

Hillary Clinton’s failure to answer questions is reprehensible. She has a lot to hide, and she’s hiding it. Though I haven’t experienced it myself, her lackeys no doubt try to intimidate the press when negative stories that are written, just like the Obama people did.

Trump takes all press scrutiny personally and doesn’t seem to have any conception of the roll of reporters in performing accountability on politicians. His decision to ban many reporters from his press conferences stinks of the actions of a third-world despot. And his demagogic press bashing during his speeches is a play to the crowd that is unhealthy for our democracy.

To be sure, the press has undermined itself by failing to restrain its liberal bias. But most mainstream news reporters I know — not all, but most — do their best to keep their own agenda out of it and honestly report the news. Bias creeps in anyway, because we’re human. But the cause of accountability for politicians is so important that even if there is some bias, a potential president demonizing and banning the press is a danger to the republic.

Presidential candidates should allow access to all responsible journalists, even those with an opinion, whether from the left or the right. The Founders enshrined freedom of the press in the First Amendment, and for good reason.

Clinton Will Finish the March Toward Socialized Medicine

With her embrace of the “public option” for Obamacare, Hillary Clinton has signaled that her election will complete the long-sought Democratic holy grail: fully-socialized, government-run health care.

The consequences cannot be understated. Americans will be taxed to pay for faulty care, and thousands or millions will die unnecessarily as a result. Meantime, the rich will simply find the remaining good doctors, who don’t take insurance, and keep themselves healthy — assuming there are any decent hospitals left when a stay is required. And assuming, too, that doctors are permitted not to take insurance.

The “public option” was rejected in 2010 when Congress barely passed Obamacare, but the Left is patient. And the time to finish the job is coming soon. Clinton included it in her recently released health care plan, and it’s become the talk of President Obama and other Democrats.

Clinton Sanders

The public option — which is in fact the government option — will put private insurers out of business because it is funded and backstopped by taxpayers. So it can undercut the private insurers with lower rates and make up its losses by taxing you.

Private insurers are already struggling to make a profit in the Obamacare exchanges. Having the government as a competitor will remove them from it completely.

Take the latest example. Politico reports the North Carolina Obamacare exchanges have become a “financial sinkhole.”

For the insurance companies doing business in the state–the ones issuing policies to those 600,000 people–Obamacare has turned into a financial sinkhole. UnitedHealth Group, the nation’s largest insurance company, is pulling out of the Obamacare business in North Carolina next year.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, which dominated the individual market with more than a half-million customers, reported that losses on its Obamacare business in 2014 and 2015 topped $400 million. The insurer said that figure includes government payments designed to shield insurers from big losses during the early years of Obamacare. The only other current competitor, Aetna, wants to hike rates by nearly 25 percent next year.

Clinton had hesitated to back the public option, but that was probably just because she thought it wouldn’t sell in the general election. Bernie Sanders pushed her to embrace it, and no doubt it’s where her heart is.

And it’s where you tax dollars may be next year.

Video || Sanders Endorses Clinton

“Secretary Clinton has won the Democratic nominating process,” said Bernie. “I intend to do everything I can to make certain she will be the next president of the United States.”

Bernie played it smart. Moved her and the Democratic platform to the Left.

Barack and Hillary’s Grand Alliance

From a piece I did for LifeZette: Obama’s inappropriate Hillary boosterism in North Carolina Tuesday is just the beginning of his planned massive campaign on behalf of the one person who he has concluded can protect, and perhaps expand, his legacy. For Clinton, Obama is the indispensable man, the political magician who gives her credibility… Continue Reading