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Polls: Hillary Won the Debate, Gets Boost

Polls show that Hillary Clinton won the Democratic debate last week – one poll saying by 54-24 percent – and got a boost in the polls, leading Bernie Sanders now even in New Hampshire, where she had been behind.

Here’s a good rundown.

Bernie of course was trying to show he was a man of principle with this: “The American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails.”

Some noble gesture. Can you imagine if a Republican had erased 30,000 emails? The Bernie Sanders of the world would be demanding jail time, or perhaps, execution.

Video || CNN Panel Laughs at Hillary Keystone Answer

Remember this? It was a new low in shamelessness. Hillary tried to suggest that she had been deliberative in coming to a decision on Keystone. Only, it took her about five years.

She was really waiting to see how the politics played out. She is simply the most political, most disingenuous politician I have ever seen, and that might include her husband.

Afghan Troop Reversal Hurts Clinton

Republicans are gleeful about President Obama’s decision to leave 5,500 troops in Afghanistan into 2017.

On the obvious level, it shows that after seven years, he has not been able to fix the problem, even though he said it was the war that should be won.

But it also is basically an admission that his decision to withdraw all troops from Iraq was wrong. Doesn’t want to repeat that mistake. And worse for Democrats, it’s bad news for the person who was heading up his foreign policy, former Secretary of State Hillary.

The RNC put out this video of Clinton proclaiming three and a half years ago that everything was going just great.

“The transition is on track,” Clinton said.

Heileman: Obama Furious at Hillary

Bloomberg political analyst Mark Heileman reveals that his reporting suggests President Obama is “pissed” at Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server, leaving her hung out to dry during a recent interview. While he said she didn’t break the law, he also suggested it wasn’t a great idea.

It’s significant because to the extent Obama is infuriated by this – remember, she has created an Obama administration scandal – it suggests where his emphasis will be if Vice President Biden gets in. That is, he’ll be neutral, but subtly backing his deputy.

Here’s Heileman.

And here are Obama’s comments on Hillary.

Video || Hillary Tries to be Human

Since she entered politics, Hillary Clinton has been on an often Quixotic quest to seem like a human being. She tries, but she just can’t fake realness like Bill can.

No doubt, she will be attempting to present her human side during tonight’s Democratic debate, trying to act just natural enough not to seem cloying.

PoliZette, the other publication I edit, took a look at some of her recent efforts to act normal.


Video || White House Justifies Clinton Spin

Hillary Clinton helped create the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. Then, for political purposes, she came out against it this week. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest today suggested it’s all just part of the game. “As the winner of the last two presidential elections that have been held in this country, the president understands that… Continue Reading

Video || Hillary Abandons TPP for Political Gain

In one of the most naked, shameless political moves I’ve seen in some time, Hillary Clinton came out Thursday against President Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade deal she helped negotiate and promote. Here’s how she sounded just three years, ago, before she was running for president. The opportunism is so obvious, even NBC can see… Continue Reading

Video || Hillary Won’t Say if She’s Seen Planned Parenthood Vids

Hillary Clinton today avoided saying whether she has seen the videos exposing the horrific baby-organ selling practices of Planned Parenthood. Carly Fiorina during Wednesday night’s debate said she should take a look. Watch Clinton here dodging the question with words, words, words. Uh, does Carly look a little maniacal here? I’m just saying. No, it’s not… Continue Reading