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Exclusive! Reid Accident Captured on Video

As you may be aware, there are some suspicions being raised about Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid’s “accident” in which he broke his face and fractured some spare ribs.

Reid claimed that a rubber exercise band he was using suddenly broke and graduated into a giant sling shot, hurling him like a human projectile into a cabinet. This, naturally, sounded suspect, especially given that he was injured January 1. Some wondered whether maybe in fact Harry had gulped down a few too many Manhattans while welcoming in 2015 and fallen down the stairs.

The story, it turns out, is much more sordid and upsetting. Harry’s injuries were in fact the result of an attempted coup d’etat by his Senate second in command, Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin of Illinois.

The awful moment was captured on video obtained exclusively by White House Dossier. In the footage below, Durbin can be seen on the right. Reid is the figure strolling innocently on the left.

Until . . .

The result, as you can see was quite nasty. Reid is even tougher to look at than he was before the injury.

Harry Reid bandage

Durbin’s office declined to comment.

Video || Stupid Stuff Reid Says

Here’s a nice compendium of some of the stupid stuff Harry Reid has said in recent days and years. His remarks about Asians last week, somehow missed by much of the news media, are just the one of Reid’s many journeys into incomprehensibility.

With Biden inhabiting the Office of the Vice President, the question is begged about whether liberals with early-stage senility are running the country.

Now, are senile liberals much worse than fully sentient ones? No, of course not, because they might accidentally do something conservative.

But what if they start playing with the launch codes while hanging out with Obama in the Oval? I mean, there are consequences to putting people who can’t think straight in positions of power.

Reid: The Border is Secure

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid today said the border is secure.

No, not the Canadian border. Not the border between California and the Pacific Ocean. Not the border between Scotland and England.

The border between the U.S. and Mexico.

What? No, this isn’t one of my satire pieces. He said it. Have a look for yourself.

Everyone here: The border is secure. Uhh, (Sen.) Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.) talked to the caucus today. He’s a border state senator. He said he can say without any equivocation the border is secure.

Oh please, please, please give me some of what he’s smoking. I could use a break from reality too.

Video || Harry Reid’s Koch Problem

The Democrats’ McCarthyite obsession with the Koch brothers is one of the most contemptible features of he political landscape plowed by President Obama, who established the practice early on in his administration of the government going after private citizens.

You’ll remember that at the outset of this presidency, the White House went directly after Fox News and Rush Limbaugh. I had covered the White House for more than a decade, and I couldn’t ever remember hearing private citizens singled out by the White House for attack.

Then in 2012, Obama campaign sought to smear Mitt Romney’s donors, and itself attacked the Kochs, paving the way for Mr. Reid.

So now the new McCarthyism is legitimized and rolling ahead full steam. Anyone who opposes the Obama administration should not just fear attack themselves, but note that the hostility will surely trickle down into the bureaucracy, where the Lois Lerners of the world will understand what to do.

Here’s Harry pounding out the message. And pounding and pounding. Cheeburger, cheeburger, cheeburger.

H/T to some brilliant – and tireless – video editor at the Washington Free Beacon.

Harry Reid Still Bashing Koch Brothers

Where do our most powerful politicians get off attacking specific private citizens engaged in lawful conduct?

Reid is continuing his personal assault on the conservative Koch brothers, calling them “oil barons” today.

He recently described them as liars. For Democrats, surely, “oil barons” is worse.

I suppose this was from the all-night Democrat effusion of hot air on global warming.

How much oil does Reid consume flying back and forth to Nevada? Maybe he should try getting there on solar energy.

Or foot energy.

And BTW, why do Jews let Democrats get away with calling those who disagree with them on global warming “deniers”? The only other context in which the term is used is with the Holocaust – as in “Holocaust deniers”.

Use of this term with respect to global warming is an insult. It suggests denying the existence – or merely the extent or danger – of global warming is on a par with denying the holocaust. It’s not even close.

It both trivializes the Holocaust and inappropriately demonizes those who question global warming. I suspect that if Republicans were making willy-nilly use of the term “deniers” we’d be hearing a lot more about it.

Reid Suggests GOP Opposition to Adegbile Based in Race

Does this guy have any shame? A bit of it?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid today suggested Republican opposition to Debo Adegbile, President Obama’s nominee to lead the Justice Department civil rights division, was race based, indicating they opposed Adegbile because he is “an expert in civil rights” – and they want to deny civil rights:

I think that it’s a good time to have a discussion on civil rights. Republicans have done everything they can for a number of years now, trying to stop people from voting . . . Among the things that this good man was expert in is civil rights.

Reid excused the seven Democrats who opposed Adegbile, saying some of them voted against him because they saw he was going to lose.

Reid: Koch Brothers Behind Obamacare “Lies”

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says everything you are hearing about Obamacare’s destructive effect on the lives of Americans is wrong. Everything.

“There’s plenty of horror stories being told,” he intoned on the Senate floor today. “All of them are untrue.”

The lies, according to Reid, are being paid for by the wealthy, conservative Koch brothers, who are also – you may already know this – responsible for global warming and the 1932 kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby.

I’m glad Reid is on the case, because I myself ran with one of these stories. So I have to say I’m sorry. Deeply sorry.

I’m sorry we have a Senate majority leader who is comically asinine.

After much ridicule from Republicans, Reid returned to the floor with an update:

I can’t say that every one of the Koch brothers ads are a lie, but I’ll say this … the vast, vast majority of them are. It’s too bad that they are trying to buy America. And it’s time that the American people spoke out against this terrible dishonesty of these two brothers, who are about as un-American as anyone that I can imagine.

That’s much more soothing. The second or third most powerful man in the nation calling specific citizens un-American and urging people to denounce them.

Good thing Reid’s not a Republican or he’d have been accused by the press of progressing, in a single day, from idiocy to McCarthyism.

Reid Leaves the Hospital

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was released from the hospital Friday evening after spending the day under observation. Reid, who checked into George Washington University Hospital Friday morning, was diagnosed with “exhaustion.”

Harry Reid Hospitalized

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Harry Reid to DC’s Mayor: “Don’t Screw it Up”

DC Mayor Vincent Gray Wednesday implored Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to allow the District of Columbia to function properly, asking Reid to release District funds being held up by the shutdown. As you may be aware, the federal government has substantial purview over DC’s finances. Here’s the exchange: Gray: Sir, we are not aContinue Reading

President Harry Reid

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