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Trump Reiterates Call for Teachers to be Armed

President Trump Thursday reiterated a call he made Wednesday for teachers to be able to carry concealed weapons in schools. “I want certain highly adept people, people who understand weaponry, guns,” Trump said during a meeting that included the mayor of Parkland, Florida, the site of last week’s school massacre. Trump suggested “a little bit of a bonus” for trained teachers who are armed, throwing out 10, 20, and 40 percent as possible percentages of teachers who might be qualified.

“You can’t hire enough security guards … You need 100, 150 security guards … But you could have concealed on the teachers,” Trump said. “I want my schools protected just like I want my banks, protected.”

Trump Backs Stronger Background Checks, Raising Ownership Age to 21

President Trump Thursday tweeted the outlines of his gun agenda, saying he wants to raise the age at which you can purchase long guns like rifles and shotguns to 21 and strengthen background checks. People already must be 21 to purchase handguns.

Mindful of his base, which includes millions of gun owners and NRA members, Trump was careful to add a shoutout to NRA and Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre.

Trump has held several events this week related to gun control and will continue discussing the issue next week.

White House Begins School Shooting PR Blitz; Destination Unknown

The White House today began a PR blitz designed to show concern about school and other mass shootings, and it was unclear just how far this would take President Trump along the path toward Democratic-style gun control measures.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders entered the briefing room today with expressions of praise and sadness about last week’s school shooting in Florida:

Here at the White House, the victims and families have constantly been in our thoughts and prayers. We’ve prayed for the recovery of those injured, and for peace and comfort for the families of those who were lost.

Our broken hearts are filled with gratitude, as we heard the stories of incredible heroism. Fifteen-year-old Anthony Borges was shot five times while he used his body as a human shield for his classmates. He remains in the hospital in recovery. Anthony, thank you for your courage. We are all rooting for you.

Assistant football coach Aaron Feis shielded students from a hail of gunfire, selflessly giving his own life to save others.

Then, she announced that this will effectively be mass shooting solution week:

Tomorrow, we will be hosting parents, teachers, and students here at the White House to discuss efforts to ensure safety at our schools. Members of the Parkland community will be attending this listening session, as will individuals who were impacted by past school shootings, including the Columbine and Sandy Hook tragedies.

On Thursday, we will be hosting local officials, including members of the law enforcement community, to continue that conversation.

Meantime, the White House announced that the Department of Justice would be a rulemaking process that seems designed to end up banning “bump stocks” which make semiautomatic firearms act like automatics.

Trump has suggested he could support a strenthened background check process. Whether this week’s “conversations” will lead to more severe gun contol measures, nobody knows.

Kentucky Gov. Bevin Explains That the Culture, Not Guns, is to Blame

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin laid out a succinct, eloquent case Monday evening for why guns are not the reason for the proliferation of school shootings. I made a similar case last week that societal changes are to blame. But Bevin is so compelling and adds to what I wrote, so I thought you might want… Continue Reading

Trump Writes Little Girl a Letter and Gets Crap for it From the Press

A child, Ava Olsen, witnessed a school shooting and was deeply traumatized by it. She wrote President Trump a letter. She got a signed response: Schools are places where children learn and grow with their friends. Their halls should be free of fear. It is my goal as President to make sure that children in… Continue Reading

Sarah Sanders: Suggestion Trump “Complicit” in School Shootings “Outrageous”

She’s right. That’s essentially what’s going on here. MNSBC White House Reporter Peter Alexander wouldn’t take yes for an answer Wednesday in the briefing room. He wanted to know what the president was doing to stop school shootings, and he didn’t care about what he was hearing from Sanders. As you are aware, the only… Continue Reading

Senate Democrats Introduce New “Assault Weapons Ban”

According to the Washington Examiner: The bill — sponsored by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., and other Senate Democrats — would make it illegal to sell more than 200 types of semi-automatic weapons as well as magazines holding more than ten rounds of ammunition. The proposal would also ban devices that ramp up firing speed, such… Continue Reading

Trump: No to “Extreme Vetting” for Gun Purchases

President Trump was asked earlier today in South Korea by a reporter from NBC if he would consider “extreme vetting” for prospective gun purchasers. He said that it wouldn’t have stopped the killer, but might have stopped the person who confronted the killer, from getting a gun. Making some kind of political point, the reporter,… Continue Reading

White House “Open” to Banning Bump Stocks

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the White House welcomes a “conversation” that both parties plan to have about banning bump stocks, indicating President Trump is open to the idea and wants to be part of the talks. So, let’s be careful here. Democrats don’t care much about bump stocks, the devices that… Continue Reading

Scalise: Getting Shot Makes Me Support the Second Amendment Even More

It’s often said that if only a good guy had a gun when a bad guy starts shooting people down, a massacre could have been prevented. In House Majority Whip Steve Scalise’s case, that’s exactly what happened. “What I experienced was, when there was a shooter, luckily we had Capitol police there with their own… Continue Reading