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If Obama Really Cared So Much About Kids and Shootings . . .

In a world where the gun control campaign was not heavily laced with politics, liberal vendettas against “gun-clingers,” and self-realization through sanctimony, a true effort to control gun violence would be include a major initiative to curtail kids’ access to violent video games and movies. In a Wall Street Journal piece Thursday, Campbell Brown, whom I… Continue Reading

NRA Meets with Biden and then Declares War

The National Rifle Association emerged from a meeting today with Vice President Biden convinced that the Obama administration has nothing in mind other than restricting access to firearms. Biden leads the White House task force on guns. In a blistering statement, the NRA accused the White House of bad faith and declared itself ready to… Continue Reading

Obama Suggests He Was Too Busy for Gun Control

President Obama today justified his failure to address gun control earlier in his administration by saying he was busy with other issues. “I’ve been president of the United States,” Obama said defensively in response to a question by ABC’s Jake Tapper, who had asked, “Where were you?” The president asserted he had to deal with priorities… Continue Reading

Obama to Deliver Statement on Gun Control

President Obama will deliver a statement at 11:45 am this morning announcing his new gun control task force, which will be led by Vice President Biden. Obama will appear in the White House briefing room, and it seems he may take some questions, given that the White House says that Press Secretary Jay Carney will… Continue Reading

White House Gets Specific on Guns

President Obama supports the full boat of gun control legislation, backing an upcoming push by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) to revive the assault weapons ban as well as restrictions on high capacity ammunition clips and efforts to close the “loophole” allowing weapons to be sold at gun shows without background checks, White House Press Secretary Jay… Continue Reading

Obama Political Operation Revving Up for Gun Debate

Having decided to immediately politicize the response to the Newtown massacres by invoking the need for gun control, President Obama is revving up his political operation to prepare for the effort to pass some kind of limits on gun rights. In an email to Obama’s vast campaign email list Monday night, Obama political guru David… Continue Reading

Obama Uses Newtown Speech to Tee Up Gun Control Fight

President Obama used an appearance in Newtown, Connecticut Sunday night to launch what is likely to be a major Democratic-led effort to limit gun rights. Instead of using the remarks to comfort a grieving nation, Obama decided the widely seen appearance was a better forum for beginning a new anti-gun campaign that he believes will… Continue Reading