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Obama Lands in Hawaii, Heads Straight to Golf Course

President Obama wasted little time on his final holiday vacation in Hawaii before hitting the golf course Saturday morning.

Obama and the first family arrived in Oahu late Friday night. By 10 a.m. local time, Obama had left his family’s rental in Kailua for the Marine Corps Base Hawaii, which houses the Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course.

And that’s where you’ll find him for the next 20 years. Please read the rest of this piece at the Washington Examiner.

The Obamas will spend 17 days in Hawaii and the trip is likely to cost taxpayers about $5 million.

No Golf for Obama

President Obama will not be attending Justice Scalia’s funeral, which is an insult. But at least, despite the beautiful weather here, he will not be going golfing.

Obama Planning Weekend Golf Extravaganza

Man, the fun never stops.

President Obama continues to cast a pall of unseriousness over his presidency, which was already of questionable seriousness, planning a weekend of golf out in California following two days of fundraising on the Left Coast.

This just a week after throwing a White House bash for 500 of his closest friends. Meanwhile, his wife is on a taxpayer-funded excursion to Europe where she is promoting health and education overseas while taking in some sights with her daughters and her mother.

According to the Washington Examiner, Obama will golf in Palm Springs even amidst drought, a prospect that should deeply annoy enviros and Californians forced to restrict their water use. Golf courses are notorious guzzlers of water.

The Examiner reports:

Amid California’s epic drought, Palm Springs residents and the area’s vast expanse of golf resorts are among the state’s heaviest water users, sucking up more than 200 gallons per person each day. That number doubles during the summer months, according to the California Water Resources Control Board.

Teeing off environmentalists even more, golf resorts and their surrounding retail shops are the prime water-consuming culprits, draining a huge percent of the area’s total water usage but providing 40 percent of the jobs in the valley, according to a report last December in the Los Angeles Times.

And the annual Martha’s Vineyard sojourn is just around the corner.

Obama Plays Golf for the 100th Time of his Presidency

Updated 5:40 pm President Obama rolled out of his Kenwood, Chicago home Sunday morning and headed to out to play his 100th round of golf since becoming president. Obama played at the Beverly Country Club with two old pals, Eric Whitaker and Marty Nesbitt, as well as regular golf companion Marvin Nicholson, the White House trip director.… Continue Reading

Well, What a Bad Idea This Was

With unemployment at 9.1 percent and the White House and Congress supposedly busy closing the deficit so our Treasury notes don’t head toward junk bond status and our economy doesn’t descend into Hellenic-style Hell, is this really what Americans want to see? Our leaders joshing it up in the clubhouse? How ostentatiously tone deaf are… Continue Reading

Will Obama Go Golfing Twice This Weekend?

Updated 4:05 pm ET The White House is calling for the press pool to arrive both Saturday and Sunday at about the time he usually heads out. He did the family thing Friday, as everyone accompanied him to Alabama and then to Cape Canaveral. AND  . . . it’s about 70 degrees here in the… Continue Reading

Obama Heads Out For Some Sports

This is the Washington, DC forecast for Sunday afternoon. Plentiful sunshine. High 64F. Winds WSW at 15 to 25 mph. And this is the forecast for President Obama this afternoon: Golf   He’s got the usual crew in tow, including Energy Department staffer David Katz and White House trip director Marvin Nicholson. Marvin’s brother Walter… Continue Reading