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McDonough Nabbed by Wallace Trying to Steal Credit for Oil Boom

One of the more shameless lies repeatedly repeated by this administration is the suggestion that it is somehow responsible for the growth in U.S. oil production and lower gasoline prices. Of course, the increased production is on private land. The Obama administration has actually curtailed production on federal land and won’t even build the Keystone pipeline.

But it’s one of the few bright spots on the blighted economic landscape of the Obama administration, so credit is being taken where credit is not due.

White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough was called out Sunday by Fox News host Chris Wallace, and he just relentlessly stuck to the script, no matter the truth.

Video || Obama Mocked Drilling, Now Claims Credit

This video provides a great look at the contrast between candidate Obama, who mocked Republicans for chanting “Drill baby, drill,” and Obama Oil Opinion Version 2.0, in which he claims credit for the very $2 gas he said we wouldn’t achieve.

“You know, we can’t just drill our way to lower gas prices,” Obama said in 2012, less than two years before we did just that.

“Oil production on federal lands fell six percent since 2009, whereas production on private lands increased 61 percent, gains that happened not because of President Obama, but in spite of him,” said Fox News correspondent William La Jeunesse.

I’ll be back soon. I’m going to the gas station to fill up. I don’t care that I’ve still got half a tank, I just enjoy it too much.

Obama: “Gas Prices Aren’t Gonna be Low Forever”

Talk about a party pooper.

Scold-in-Chief Barack Obama today in Phoenix warned everyone that gas prices will inevitably rise, and don’t start going out and buying “gas guzzlers,” which of course must be disappointing to the thousands of American workers involved in building gas guzzlers, but whatever.

Low gas prices of course are a threat to Obama’s green agenda and his plans to get us all in electric vehicles and low-weight cars that wrap easily around telephone polls and kill lots of people for the sake of theoretical global warming which fuel-efficient cars wouldn’t make a dent in anyway I’m just saying.

Obama’s New Alternative Fuel

The White House is serving up an unusually heavy load of . . . nonsense this week, pushing back against charges that President Obama deserves any blame for presiding over a gas price runup that could hit $5 per gallon. Obama’s aides know that high gas prices are a potentially lethal issue for a president.… Continue Reading