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Holder Suggests Police Can Be an “Occupying Force”

Speaking about Ferguson to a largely African American audience at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta Monday, Attorney General Eric Holder indicated police are sometimes an “occupying force” in black neighborhoods.

“Our police officers cannot be, and cannot be seen as, an occupying force disconnected to the communities that they serve,” Holder said.

Holder was speaking about steps the administration is taking to foster greater cooperation between police and minorities. He said he will announce in coming days new initiatives to counter racial profiling.

Nevertheless, he got heckled. His response helped swing the audience back in his corner.

“There will be a tendency on the part of some to condemn what we just saw, but we should not,” he said. “What we saw there was a genuine expression of concern and involvement. And it is through that level of involvement, that level of concern, and I hope a level of perseverance and commitment, that change ultimately will come. And so let me be clear, let me be clear, I ain’t mad atcha.”

Ferguson and Obama’s No-Responsibility America

It’s easy to talk about the can-do American spirit. Everyone thinks of themselves as part of an America where people haul themselves up by their bootstraps, become self-made men and women, succeed despite the odds, and several other cliches.

What is being forgotten, in President Obama’s no-responsibility America, is that these things take really, really hard work, sacrifice, and risk. Obama is doing a splendid job of erasing the basic American spirit and character. He’s telling us, for example . . .

. . . to immigrate the easy way, the illegal way, and not go through the hoops necessary for legal immigration;

. . . that we don’t have to work for our health insurance. It will be provided by the gradually diminishing percentage of the population willing to work, through their tax dollars;

. . . that we don’t have to pay our debts, which are headed toward $18 trillion;

. . . that we can wallow on welfare as long as we please.

And so on.

Today, the message is being delivered again. Instead of a colloquy on how black communities can change so that the violence in their neighborhoods is reduced, Obama has several meetings devoted to the topic of how we can restrain police trying to restore order.

I believe racist policing is a problem. I believe it is next to nothing in comparison to the problem of the degradation of communities where three quarters of the babies are born out of wedlock and boys lack fathers and a cohesive family structure to put them on the right path. Racist policing is not where the president’s focus needs to be.

I empathize with law-abiding African America males who feel fear and whose first instinct is to be ready with the phrase, “I didn’t do anything” when they notice a white police officer looking at them. Who can’t catch a cab because the driver thinks they’re going to murder them.

The solution is not reeducation campaigns for taxi drivers. It has to come from within the black community.

Obama had a chance to lead on this issue. Instead, today, he is talking about what type of weaponry police have, discussing ways to build bridges between the communities and the police, and meeting with “young local and national civil rights leaders.”

I know a good way to build bridges between the police and the people who live on their beats. Give the police more time for their donuts and coffee, and less time making arrests.

National Review’s Rich Lowry Sunday practically caused a Meet the Press panel of Democrats to release the contents of their bowels with a simple, yet obvious statement about Ferguson: “If you look at the most credible evidence, the lessons are really basic: Don’t rob a convenience store, don’t fight a policeman when he stops you and try to take his gun, and when he tells at you to stop with his gun drawn, just stop.”

But that would mean taking responsibility for one’s actions.

Obama’s Wrong Message on Ferguson

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Did Holder Cause the National Guard to be Kept From Ferguson?

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Former Senior Obama Aide: Ferguson a License to Kill Blacks

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