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Obama’s Parting Gift: Lowest Economic Growth in Five Years

President Obama walked offstage, and the press applauded him, as if he were some kind of extraordinarily successful, accomplished president. But he failed on both the economy and foreign relations. What else is there?


From the Washington Examiner:

Economic growth slowed to end 2016, the Bureau of Economic Analysis reported Friday, but still remained stronger than earlier in the year.

Adjusted for inflation, U.S. gross domestic product grew at a 1.9 percent annual rate to end the fourth quarter, the bureau reported, below economists’ expectations and down from a robust 3.5 percent clip the quarter. The bureau adjusts GDP growth rates to account for seasonal variations.

For the year, GDP grew at 1.6 percent, the slowest rate since 2011.

The Obama Economy and the Fed’s New Pessimism

Remember all that talk over the previous months about steady interest rate increases by the Fed? Well, forget about it. The Fed made clear this week that it understands that the Obama economy is not going anywhere and, therefore, neither are rates.

President Obama actually thinks he’s doing a great job with the economy. The Federal Reserve knows better.

Scary. Because one of the least-remarked features of the barely growing economy is that it is occurring in an environment of basically zero interest rates. Investors have nearly free money, and Obama still can’t make the economy work. The Fed is being as stimulative as it can without actually paying people to take money. And if the ISIS terrorists Obama has permitted to spawn inflict an economically disastrous strike or something else spurs an economic meltdown, there are very few tools left to deal with it.


Growth the last two quarters has averaged about one percent. The Federal Open Market Committee is now predicting just two percent growth for the year, seven years into the Obama “recovery.” And the FOMC thinks things won’t get any better next year either.

The Wall Street Journal notes:

The Keynesian economists who have run U.S. economic policy since 2008 are clearly stumped. First they said $800 billion in fiscal stimulus would stir a return to prosperity, then they said that monetary stimulus would do the trick. Now they blame their failure on “secular stagnation” and Republicans in Congress whose pro-growth proposals have been blocked at every turn by Senate Democrats and President Obama . . .

The the reality is that this is the (economist Paul) Krugman-Obama economy. The White House and Fed have spent eight years pursuing the City University economist’s agenda of raising taxes, increasing regulation in every possible section of the private economy, and trying any new monetary experiment.

Seven years after the recession ended, we know the score: The slowest expansion in decades, falling labor participation rates last seen in the 1970s, mediocre business investment, a declining pace of business start-ups, disappointing wage growth, rising inequality, and an outbreak of angry populism on the left and right.

President Obama has regulated, taxed, and spent this economy to the precipice of disaster. Hillary Clinton will be surrounded by the same economic advisors. She will do more of the same.

Video || When Exactly Did Our Kids Become Communists?

This is from Fox News’ Red Eye Last night. Host Tom Shillue quotes a poll of young adults between the ages of 18 and 29 that finds 51 percent don’t support capitalism, 42 percent do, and 33 percent say they support Socialism.

Respondents said capitalism is “unfair.” Well, as Shillue notes, they’re right, and that’s the point of it.

So now, we’re getting the results of the “Everybody gets a trophy” philosophy kids have been growing up with. The notions of “fairness” and “oppression” and “victims” are drummed into our kids’ skulls from an early age by the public schools system and then universities, all of which are the domain of the Left. Things that used to be par for the course, like absolute values denoting right from wrong and heroism on the battlefield and elsewhere are minimized or ignored.

You can see it in operation at the White House, where the man who was president as these kids came into adulthood, Barack Obama, thinks pay should be based on what people “deserve” and not on what their value is to an organization.

“We’ve got to keep making sure hard work is rewarded,” Obama wrote in the Huffington Post last year. “Right now, too many Americans are working long days for less pay than they deserve.”

Obama’s worldview is essentially that of the socialist – to each according to their needs, from each according to their ability to pony up. Such notions must be enforced by the government. And government interference, regulation, and taxation is what is wrecking the economy and causing widespread misery in this nation.

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