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Here’s Today’s Good Economic News You’re Not Hearing About

Because, you know, nothing President Trump does is good. Because Russia, okay?

Did anybody not get it?

Russia. Collusion. Manafort. Man the Fort. Carter somebody. Yes, Page. Carter Page. Papanopouladapopadous. That guy. Mooler. Is it Mooler or Myuler? I don’t know. I think Myuler.

There’s more than today’s obvious news that the unemployment rate dropped to 4.4 percent and the economy added 261,000 jobs in October. There’s this:

  • Businesses hand out fewest pink slips in two decades;
  • Worker productivity is surging;
  • Shoppers plan to spend more this Christmas – I’m sorry, holiday – than last year;
  • The Dow closed at a record high Thursday after the GOP released its tax cut plan.

Economy Adds 209,000 Jobs in July

From the Wall Street Journal:

There’s lots to like in July’s jobs report. Employers added 209,000 jobs last month, more than forecast. Wage growth rose 2.5% in July from a year earlier, not amazing but steady and right in line with expectations. Hours worked per week by private employees held steady at 34.5. The jobless rate fell by a tenth of percentage point to 4.3%, matching May as the lowest level of unemployment in 16 years. The U.S. trade gap narrowed sharply in June as a strengthening global economy pushes up demand for American exports overseas. The labor force participation rate, a measure of all the workers who could be working that either are working or looking for work, rose to 62.9% in July from 62.8% in June. Economists surveyed by The Wall Street Journal expected employers to add 180,000 jobs.

Here’s Stuart Varney wondering where all the happy talk is from the mainstream media about the good economic news.

Economy Rebounds to 2.6 Percent Growth in Second Quarter

Trump effect? Yeah, I think so. One of the most significant parts of this is that corporate investment is growing strongly. Business leaders get that the era of over-regulation is over and their taxes might be going down.

The second quarter is the first one that is more a Trump quarter than an Obama quarter, though of course we’ll be saddled with Obama’s lousy economic program for a long time. Two and half percent is not great, but it’s not bad, and it is a full point above average economic growth during the Obama administration and half a point above the “Obama recovery” era.

As excerpted from the Wall Street Journal:

Gross domestic product, a broad measure of goods and services produced in the U.S., rose at a 2.6% annual rate in the April to June period, the Commerce Department said Friday.

The second-quarter advance is a welcome rebound after a lackluster start to the year, when GDP grew at only 1.2% pace. It is less clear if stronger growth is a sign of momentum or simply repeating a familiar pattern of weak winters followed by a stronger spring and summer.

Details within Friday’s report were generally positive.

Both consumers and businesses helped propel growth in the second quarter.

Household outlays rose at a 2.8% pace, an improvement from the first quarter’s 1.9%. Consumers stepped up spending on both goods and services, possibly reflecting a broadly positive outlook since the election. The Conference Board’s index of consumer confidence in July rose to the second-highest level in 16 years.

Businesses also have been upbeat. A measure of corporate spending on projects, nonresidential fixed investment, climbed at a 5.2% pace. While that was down from the first quarter’s 7.2%, it is still one of the best readings since 2014.

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