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Michael Cohen Got US Weekly to Drop Story About Donald Trump Jr. Affair

The man gets things done, you gotta say.

From the Wall Street Journal:

Separately, Mr. Cohen succeeded around 2013 in killing a story Us Weekly was preparing about an alleged affair between Donald Trump Jr., who had been a judge a year earlier on the television show, “Celebrity Apprentice,” and one of the contestants, Aubrey O’Day, a member of the singing duo Dumblonde, according to people familiar with the matter.

The magazine, then owned by Wenner Media, had what staffers believed to be a solid source on the alleged affair by the younger Mr. Trump and called the Trump Organization for comment, according to the people involved in the matter. They received a call back from Mr. Cohen, who threatened legal action and became so irate that they muted the call while he spoke, one of these people said.

“We were all on speakerphone and huddled around the phone,” this person said. “He was just one of these New York characters where he was just like swearing at us and totally over-the-top threatening.”

The magazine’s staff didn’t believe it was a big story that would be worth a legal fight and had a good working relationship with the elder Mr. Trump on stories related to the TV show “The Apprentice,” so they dropped the story.

The affair was revealed in March of this year, and Trump Jr.’s wife subsequently filed for divorce.

Donald Trump Jr. Releases Emails About Meeting

Here you are, have a look for yourself. It’s a little confusing, but if you click on the email within the tweet, you get Trump Jr.’s orginal tweet, and then click on the email again and you get a copy you can read easily.

With Donald Trump as President, Investigative Journalism Makes a Comeback

The New York Times’ report that Donald Trump allegedly met with someone offering dirt on Hillary Clinton, and who said they were doing so at the behest of Russian government officials, shows what determined investigative reporters can come up with. Now, is this “a story”? Yes. But does this one dumb meeting arranged by Donald… Continue Reading