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Can Millennials Become Conservatives?

In an interview with Nick Gillespie of ReasonTV, Kristin Tate, who bills herself as “The Libertarian Chick,” offers seem reason for hope that young voters can be steered rightward, however unlikely that seems.

Tate notes that most of her generation has swung Left, supporting Sen. Bernie Sanders because of his message of compassion. So millennials have to be convinced of a different message – actually the one all liberals need to understand.

She says:

Getting people hooked on the government and not go sing them pathways to become self-sufficient obviously is not compassionate.

And there’s something baked into the way America’s youth think that might abet the process.

We like freedom. I mean, that kind of comes with the whole internet age. We like having a lot of control over our lives. So this Big Brother idea of government always watching us, trying to control every aspect of our lives, is a big turnoff.

Yeah, well, if you’ve ever tried to get a millennial to do something, then you know quite well they love their liberty.

Unfortunately, the game is rigged at the university level where the Left has done a great job over the last 50 years ensconcing itself.

You have all these professors who are in my classes, they were kind of brainwashing the kids.

Truly, conservatives need a project, a vast, right-wing conspiracy, to counter what the Left has been able to achieve in terms of taking over academia, so the next generation gets to hear a range of opinions in mainstream universities and colleges.

Anyway, I thought you might enjoy some insight from a conservative who seems pretty thoughtful and wise for her age. Her website is and her book is Government Gone Wild.

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