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Chris Christie’s Can-Do Claptrap

It’s accepted always as a given in Washington that “gridlock” is a terrible thing and that our elected leaders need to do better at “getting things done” and “working together.”

Because we are a nation of doers. “What do you do?” is our way of saying “Who are you?” One of the more pathetic laments you can hear from someone is, “I didn’t get anything done today.”

And so, supposedly unbiased articles by journalists will mention the “problem” of gridlock and the terrible “inertia” in Washington.

Never mind that the Founders, envisioning limited government, created checks and balances and intentionally made it difficult to get anything done in Washington. Because what they feared more than anything else was the can-do spirit taken too far by power-hungry individuals certain of their views.

It occurrs to me that none of this had occurred to Chris Christie – who reminds me in every respect of a bully who probably shouldn’t be entrusted with power – as he announced his presidential run.

For Christie, the imperative is getting things done. And both Republicans and Democrats are hapless fools, compared to him, whose disagreements are harming the nation.

He said:

Both parties have failed our country. Both parties have stood in the corner and held their breath and waited to get their own way. And both parties have lead us to believe that in America, a country that was built on compromise, that somehow now compromise is a dirty word. If Washington and Adams and Jefferson believed compromise was a dirty word, we’d still be under the crown of England.

And this, this dysfunction, this lack of leadership, has lead to an economy that is weak and hasn’t recovered the way it should. It’s lead to an educational system that has us 27th in the industrialized world in Math and 24th in science. It’s lead us, it’s lead us to weak leadership around the world where our friends no longer trust us and our adversaries no longer fear us.

Really? Did Christie want more “leadership” so that Obama and the Republicans would spend more and raise taxes, or try to put people in homes who can’t afford them – the government policy that caused the last recession? Does he want more federal control over education?

It seems to me there’s been plenty of compromise and leadership, which has led to $18 trillion in debt, entitlement programs headed for bankruptcy, a government takeover of health care, and a welfare state driving millions into hopelessness.


This country is in very deep doodoo. It needs radical restructuring, not more compromises that allow the system and its ills to continue to metastasize. Leadership is about selling major changes to the American people, not bringing legislators together just for the sake of it.

The tax and spending cuts needed must embark us on a whole new direction. I’m not really hearing any of the GOP candidates talking about the short-term pain that will be involved in taking back the much-too-much that has been given by the government, and turning things over to the private sector for the long-term benefit of all.

If Christie wants to lead, he can warn America of the trouble that’s coming. Not talk about compromising with Bernie Sanders.

And that will take running up Republican majorities in Congress and finding a few Democrats to pick off, not broad compromise. Because the Left is too entrenched, too ideological, and will never roll back its success creating a government leviathan – achieved through compromise.

H/T to Washington Examiner for the video.

Video || Christie Releases Accidentally Ironic Video

Chris Christie is not yet running for president – that will come Tuesday – but his campaign website is up and it starts with a video “introducing” him.

“I get accused a lot of times of being too blunt, and too direct, and saying what’s on my mind, just a little bit too loudly,” Christie says, opening the video, which ends with a phrase on the screen, “Telling it like it is.”

But, uh oh, Mr. Blunt DOESN’T SAY ONE DAMN THING about what he stands for, other than being Mr. Blunt. Now that’s not very blunt, is it?

Another “straight shooter” candidate, like Donald Trump, marketing his lack of discretion as his chief qualification for office.

What Trump stands for is a string of absurdities based in part on what’s pissing him off at the moment. What Christie stands for is, apparently, nothing in particular.

But their messages will resonate because people understandably love straight shooters amid all the careful posing and polling our politicians do. If only the straight shooters were packing serious ammo.

White House Aligns with Christie on Vaccines

The White House today offered up an opinion on measles vaccinations that appears all but identical to that of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, suggesting that laws and mandates should not be created to force people to get the vaccine.

Under repeated questioning, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest today refused to say President Obama endorses laws to require vaccinations, saying instead that people should be guided by “common sense” and get vaccinated.

That, in essence, is Christie’s position, for which he has been pilloried. Speaking in England Monday, Christie said he had vaccinated his own children, but added, “I also understand that parents need to have some measure of choice in things as well. So that’s the balance that the government has to decide.”

Obama’s position too would ultimately leave the choice to parents.

Obama christie

Asked by Fred Lucas of The Blaze how Obama’s position differed from Christie’s, Earnest didn’t directly address the question.

Earnest’s comments actually put Obama closer to the libertarian camp than conservative Ben Carson, a physician who seemed to concur with forced vaccinations by stating that while he strongly believes in individual rights, “we should not allow those diseases to return by foregoing safe immunization programs, for philosophical, religious or other reasons when we have the means to eradicate them.”

Obama is against forced vaccinations even though Earnest noted that failure to vaccinate a child can endanger others who for various reasons are unable to get vaccinations and could be subject to exposure to the disease from the unvaccinated.

Earnest’s resort to the “common sense” argument makes little sense. It is precisely to prevent people from hurting each other when they fail to exert common sense that we enact laws to protect society.

Driving down the Interstate at 90 miles per hour makes little common sense. Robbing a 7-11 also doesn’t show common sense. People do these things all the time. That doesn’t mean we should legalize these dumb ideas in the hope people will come to their senses and stop doing it.

The White House position is also similar – though not nearly identical – to that of Sen. Rand Paul, who also doesn’t support forced vaccinations. But, while he too said his own children were vaccinated, he went further than Christie and the White House in saying the measles vaccine can cause mental disorders.

The Fall of Chris Christie

Appalled at the governor’s owners-box cheering for the Dallas Cowboys, a Philadelphia morning radio show host decided to release video taken in June of Chris Christie missing the chair as he seated up for an interview.

Does New Jersey Play in Iowa?

Here’s some video of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie telling a heckler to “sit down and shut up.”

Now, where I come from – New York City, originally – this what’s known as “polite conversation.” But will Christie’s directness play when he gets out in the rest of the country to campaign for president? It’s hard from me to judge. What do you think?

Obama Gets It Right on the Quarantine

The White House was correct this weekend to pressure New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to change their short-sighted, misguided Ebola quarantine policies, which are more likely to harm than help the citizens of their states.

President Obama, of course, has only himself to thank for the governors taking matters into their own hands. The current federal policy, which as far as I can tell is for those who have been exposed to Ebola patients to monitor themselves, is clearly insufficient, and the government’s approach to Ebola has been shifting constantly in response to events. Obama is late on this one too, convening a gathering of top administration officials Sunday to figure out a policy.

And clearly, a travel ban on foreigners entering the country from the affected countries, opposed by Obama, is in order.

But the administration is correct about that health workers coming from West Africa should not be quarantined. Health workers who return from fighting Ebola in Africa should be forcibly monitored, with their health status checked several times a day. If they don’t agree, then they should be quarantined. But not otherwise. Because . . .

  • THE BEST WAY TO STOP EBOLA IS TO STOP IT IN AFRICA. If you tell health workers from the United States that they will be quarantined upon return for 21 days, they are less likely to go to Africa. It’s already major big sacrifice. Making them pariahs upon their return and totally disrupting their lives will harm efforts to combat the illness over there, thus making it more likely it will rage like a wildfire and come over here, possibly after having mutated to become more communicable. If you are scared of Ebola, you should be VERY scared of us doing less to fight it while it is still difficult to transmit.
  • Ebola is in fact difficult to get. I have seen no evidence that Ebola is communicable as long as people are not showing symptoms, and none so far that it can be spread via the air like flu, unless of course someone sneezes on you, a possibility that is too easily dismissed by the “you can’t get it on a bus” crowd. But non-symptom showing health workers who have treated Ebola patients are not a danger.
  • What are we going to do with healthcare workers in the United States who treat Ebola? They are clearly at elevated risk for the disease. Are we going to quarantine them until the outbreak subsides in six months or a year?

Obama should not just push back on these governors, he should overrule them.

Don’t get me wrong, there are usually few things worse in my book than the federal government, especially this federal government trumping the states.

But containing the spread of Ebola is an imperative involving the health of all Americans, not just those in New Jersey and New York or Illinois and Florida, which are instituting similar quarantines. The president should make a determination that combating Ebola in Africa is a national security exigency that trumps the calculations of local officials.

Romney to Campaign with Christie

Former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney will attend a fundraiser Thursday with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a signal from Romney that he’s down with Christie despite not choosing him as a running mate and Christie’s embrace of President Obama in the days before the 2012 election.

The fundraiser is not for Christie, it’s for the Republican Governors’ Association. But the joint appearance of Romney and Christie suggests Christie is continuing to position himself as the “reasonable, moderate, I-can-work-with-Democrats” alternative to true conservatives in the upcoming 2016 primary battle.

Romney keeps insisting he’s not running himself, but somehow he’s not going away quietly, appearing several times recently on TV to discuss himself. It appears the “severe conservative” hopes to have some say about who is on the GOP ticket, perhaps hoping to ensure it’s inhabited by moderates.

Charge: Christie Knew About Lane Closings

The New York and New Jersey Port Authority official who oversaw the George Washington Bridge lane closing last year is charging that Gov. Chris Christie knew about the incident while it was ongoing, despite Christie’s denials, according to the New York Times. From the piece: In a letter released by his lawyer, the official, David… Continue Reading

Feds Probe Whether Christie Misused Sandy Funds

The Department of Housing and Urban Development is investigating whether New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie misused federal Hurricane Sandy relief funds by creating ads that featured him and his family as he campaigned for reelection. The probe of the possible political use of the funds was in response to questions raised by Rep. Frank Pallone… Continue Reading

Democrats Seize Moment to Take Down Christie

Are the Democrats worried about facing Chris Christie in the general election? You bet. That’s the only logical conclusion that can be drawn from the THREE videos the Democratic Party has released in recent days targeting Christie over the traffic flap. If they wanted him as an opponent, they’d leave him alone and let him… Continue Reading