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Cruz to Pick Carly Fiorina for Vice President

Sen. Ted Cruz will announce this afternoon that he is choosing Carly Fiorina and his vice presidential nominee.

The pick has several clear purposes. It will help Cruz appeal to Republican moderates. It will help Cruz steal the women’s vote from Trump, who has struggled at times with female voters. And Cruz hopes it will help him in California, where Fiorina is from and which holds its primary June 7. I will live stream Cruz’s announcement below.

Video || Hillary Won’t Say if She’s Seen Planned Parenthood Vids

Hillary Clinton today avoided saying whether she has seen the videos exposing the horrific baby-organ selling practices of Planned Parenthood. Carly Fiorina during Wednesday night’s debate said she should take a look. Watch Clinton here dodging the question with words, words, words. Uh, does Carly look a little maniacal here? I’m just saying. No, it’s not… Continue Reading

Fiorina Wins It!

Carly Fiorina won the second Republican primary debate, continuing her rise to contender status by a display of passion, command of detail, and ability to parry attackers. By contrast, Jeb Bush once again failed to rise above the pack, perhaps leaving the high rollers who have gambled on his campaign wondering if they are betting… Continue Reading

Carly Manhandles Hillary

Carly Fiorina left blood on the floor Saturday during her remarks to Iowa conservatives at this weekend’s GOP presidential cattle call. Like Hillary Clinton, I have traveled around the globe. Unlike her, I have accomplished something. You see, Mrs. Clinton, flying is not an accomplishment. It is an activity. Not saying Fiorina would be the… Continue Reading