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Bill Whittle: Be a Conservative and Like It

As Republicans and even some “conservative” leaders around the nation melt into a slurry of mushy moderatism and propose jettisoning the philosophy that twice elected Ronald Reagan – by landslides – along comes Bill Whittle of PJTV to remind them and everyone else the power of unflinching conservative ideology.

It’s a theme I’ve been striking around here, that the problem for Republicans in the last presidential election, as in the one before that and in 1992 and 1996, was not that the candidates were too conservative. It’s that they didn’t sell the philosophy they supposedly believed.

Bush the Elder, Dole, McCain, and Romney all came out of the moderate wing of the Party without a serious commitment to conservative ideas. Unable to smell the watery soup they were offering, voters sent them home.

What Whittle suggests here is that Republicans today, and even many conservatives, either don’t really believe conservative ideas or have been cowed by a frowning media and pop culture into hiding it.

So sit back and watch Whittle, and imagine a world in which a candidate does not try to pretend he’s something he’s not. One who celebrates rich people – the most successful in our society, defends the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, says he’s worried about Americans growing lazy and dependent, declares our culture imperfect but superior to all others, suggests that people should save for their own education and retirement – though we’ll help you a bit if you’re down on your luck or screwed it up – and BEFORE ELECTION DAY charges his opponent with trying to pay off various demographic groups.

Or says something like Calvin Coolidge – Reagan’s presidential model – once said: “The business of America is business.”

Because what could be more compassionate than a nation of successful businesses that provides decent jobs for Americans?