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All Aboard the Clintons’ Marrakesh Express!

Wow. I have to give it to the mainstream media. They are not using the kid gloves with the Clintons, and if anything, going after them harder than the Republicans.

Because for reporters, even though many are indeed tilted toward the Left, the most exciting thing is not ideology, but digging up great scoops. Great scoops tinged with scandal are a friggin’ opiate rush. And when it comes to scandal, the Clintons have been generously providing for two and a half decades.

This latest is a combined reporting effort by Brian Ross of ABC News and Michael Isikoff of Yahoo – two of the best investigative reporters around – along with a couple of other ABC reporters. They’ve dug up that a lavish Clinton Foundation event held this week in Marrakesh, Morocco is bankrolled not only by a foreign government entity, but one accused of human rights violations.


From the Yahoo report, which I also cited on REDLINE:

Former President Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation’s Global Initiative are being hosted this week at a five-star luxury hotel in Morocco by one of the world’s most controversial mining companies, criticized for “serious human rights violations” by the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice.

The Moroccan government-owned mining company OCP operates in disputed international territory in a remote part of the Sahara Desert, and the firm has been criticized for removing the resources without adequately compensating the impoverished people who live there.

Here’s ABC’s version.

Man, what a great time ol’ Bill has been having these past several years. Center of attention, beautiful locales. The Man from Hope.

Does Bill Clinton Not Want Hillary to be President?

Honestly, honestly honestly. I think there is some secret, dark part of Bill Clinton – not that he actually has many “secret” dark parts, but stick with me here – that does not want his wife to be president. How else can one explain how this most sublime of politicians seems to do everything possible to destroy her chances?

He constructed a shady charity/business empire when he knew full well she would run for president. He helped screw up her 2008 effort with some dumb remarks about race.

The most recent unforced Bill Clinton error is his revival on the Today show this morning of the “We were so poor” theme, which Hillary already took for a test flight and crash landed with a few weeks ago.

Bill said:

Let me remind you, when we moved into the White House, we had the lowest net worth of any family since Harry Truman.

The explanation for Bill’s behavior is very simple: It’s male ego combined with grotesque infantilism.

If Hillary became president, she would then clearly eclipse him, having already been a New York senator and Secretary of State, while he was the governor of Arkansas, which I think has the population of Brooklyn or something.

So he was the governor of Brooklyn.

No offense to the people of Arkansas. I’m from New York City. I dig Brooklyn. But still.

I watched Bill Clinton closely when I covered him during during the final couple of years of his presidency, met him several times, and feel like I get him.

He is, at his core, a child stranded in the Freudian oral stage of development, ever seeking the next scrumptious thing to place into his mouth. And only his mouth. Nobody else’s.

He is America’s Greatest Living Narcissist, which is not an easy title to seize and hold. I know many pretenders to the throne in Washington.

More from Bill on Today:

Question: So she’s now running for president. Will you continue to give speeches?

BC: Oh yeah. I gotta pay our bills.

I mean, would his Secret Service detail get in the way at this point if Hillary tried to sequester him in a safe house in Kamchatka until December 2016?

Hillary’s campaign is already off to a bad start. And there is no way it will ever get to a good finish with Bill in the copilot seat.

White House Has No Problem with Clinton Foreign Money Scandal

The White House Thursday indicated that incredibly – or maybe not so incredibly – it is not the least bit concerned that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may have been influenced by foreign officials and businessmen donating to the Clinton Foundation and paying her husband for speeches, and that it doesn’t care that she apparently broke her agreement with President Obama to disclose Foundation donations.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said President Obama had no reason to question Clinton’s performance as Secretary of State, even though she had to sign off on a deal involving Canadians and Russians who had provided significant sums to Bill Clinton – and by extension, to Hillary as well – and the Clinton Foundation.

According to a blockbuster New York Times story, Canadian businessmen with uranium mining stakes in the United States donated heavily to the Clinton Foundation even as they created a company called Uranium One and sold it to Russian government officials, giving Russian President Putin control over a fifth of America’s uranium production capacity.

Given the national security implications, the deal had to be approved by U.S. agencies, including Clinton’s State Department, which signed off on it.

What’s more, the Times reports, “shortly after the Russians announced their intention to acquire a majority stake in Uranium One, Mr. Clinton received $500,000 for a Moscow speech from a Russian investment bank with links to the Kremlin and which was promoting Uranium One stock.”

Clinton, according to the Times, broke her agreement with the White House to disclose the contributions to the Clinton Foundation. But Earnest today dodged questions about whether Obama was unhappy that the deal had been broken, directing reporters to ask Clinton about it. And he suggested that despite the heavy money trail, Obama had no concerns that Clinton might have been influenced.

Can you imagine what Senator Obama would have said if someone in the Bush administration was making decisions about policies affecting people funnelng hundreds of thousands of dollars their way?

Here’s ABC’ Jonathan Karl trying to get an answer out of Earnest today.

When Will We Start Talking About Bill?

So far, the press has focused on Hillary. I have to say, I’m pleasantly surprised at the aggressiveness of the coverage.

But what exactly has Bill been up to for the last 15 years? Suddenly went from treif to kosher? Doubtful.

The Ronniebuss hasn’t forgotten that Bill will also eventually be an issue.

Bill Clinton Agrees: Netanyahu Not the Guy for Peace

Bill Clinton is starting his Hillary campaign gaffing explosion early, looking to help sink his wife’s campaign before it even gets off the ground.

I have two theories on Bill Clinton, whose mistakes also hurt Hillary in 2008. One, relayed to me personally during a seance by Dr. Sigmund Freud . . .

Sigmund Freud

. . . is that deep in Bill’s subconscious is an insecure little man who just can’t bear the thought of his wife Hillary equaling or even eclipsing him at the thing he things he was born to do – be president. And so he sabotages her.

The other theory is that this already undisciplined man abandons all efforts to control himself when his personal gain is not directly involved. Also he’s older and more prone to mistakes.

Talking to random people at the Harkin Steak Fry in Iowa Sunday, Bill got in a discussion with some guy about Palestinian-Israeli peace.

“If we don’t force him to make peace, we will not have peace,” the man said to Clinton, apparently referring to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

“First of all, I agree with that,” Clinton responded, and then launched into remarks about his own efforts as president to get a peace deal.

“But Netanyahu is not the guy,” the guy told Clinton.

“I agree with that,” Clinton responded.


I don’t know if he really agrees. Clinton tends to unctuously try to placate his audience. But either way, it’s a gaffe.

The exchange is within the video below. It’s funny to listen to how, 14 years after the event, Clinton is still peeved that he was unable to broker a peace deal that would cap his presidency. Actually, other than getting impeached, it would have been the only truly historic thing he achieved.

I remember the day he came into the briefing room in 2000 to announce that the effort was being abandoned. He was furious. He didn’t exactly mention him, but the person he was sore at was Yasser Arafat, whom he believed had exhibited bad faith and walked away from a credible peace agreement.

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Hillary’s Haiti Problem

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