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Bill Clinton Agrees: Netanyahu Not the Guy for Peace

Bill Clinton is starting his Hillary campaign gaffing explosion early, looking to help sink his wife’s campaign before it even gets off the ground.

I have two theories on Bill Clinton, whose mistakes also hurt Hillary in 2008. One, relayed to me personally during a seance by Dr. Sigmund Freud . . .

Sigmund Freud

. . . is that deep in Bill’s subconscious is an insecure little man who just can’t bear the thought of his wife Hillary equaling or even eclipsing him at the thing he things he was born to do – be president. And so he sabotages her.

The other theory is that this already undisciplined man abandons all efforts to control himself when his personal gain is not directly involved. Also he’s older and more prone to mistakes.

Talking to random people at the Harkin Steak Fry in Iowa Sunday, Bill got in a discussion with some guy about Palestinian-Israeli peace.

“If we don’t force him to make peace, we will not have peace,” the man said to Clinton, apparently referring to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

“First of all, I agree with that,” Clinton responded, and then launched into remarks about his own efforts as president to get a peace deal.

“But Netanyahu is not the guy,” the guy told Clinton.

“I agree with that,” Clinton responded.


I don’t know if he really agrees. Clinton tends to unctuously try to placate his audience. But either way, it’s a gaffe.

The exchange is within the video below. It’s funny to listen to how, 14 years after the event, Clinton is still peeved that he was unable to broker a peace deal that would cap his presidency. Actually, other than getting impeached, it would have been the only truly historic thing he achieved.

I remember the day he came into the briefing room in 2000 to announce that the effort was being abandoned. He was furious. He didn’t exactly mention him, but the person he was sore at was Yasser Arafat, whom he believed had exhibited bad faith and walked away from a credible peace agreement.

Hillary: Bill was Abused by His Mother

Hillary Clinton claimed Bill Clinton’s sex mania resulted from abuse he suffered from his mother, Virginia Kelley, as a child, according to Pulitzer Prize winning author Lucinda Franks.

Franks interviewed Hillary a year after the Monica Lewinsky story broke but chose not to publish the information at the time. Now it’s coming out as part of a soon-to-be-released book by Franks. The New York Daily News obtained a copy of the galleys.

According to the Daily News account:

She was a “doozy,” Hillary said, according to the book.

Kelley, who was married to Bill’s abusive alcoholic stepfather Roger Clinton during the future President’s formative years, hurt her son “in ways you wouldn’t believe,” the then-First Lady continued, according to Franks.

“He was abused. When a mother does what she does, it affects you forever,” Hillary said, according to the new book.

She did not specify the nature of the abuse but said it was the source of her husband’s infidelities. “I am not going into it, but I’ll say that when this happens in children, it scars you,” she said, according to Franks’ account. “You keep looking in all the wrong places for the parent who abused you.”

The tail of abuse suggests a reason – or an rationalization – available for Hillary to justify her remaining with Clinton despite the many humiliations he inflicted on her through his cheating.

Personally, having watched and covered the Clintons for many years, I do not think theirs is merely a marriage of convenience that serves both their ambitions, although it’s no doubt partially that. If he had told her 25 years ago he wanted to devote the rest of his life to chimney sweeping, I doubt she would have hung around.

But I think in some odd way they love each other. She finds him exciting, and he finds her . . . well I’m not sure what, exactly, he finds her. Smart, I guess. But now we see another tie binding her to him, that of the caretaker helping the poor little boy who can’t help acting out.

Whatever. This, and other revelations and charges coming out, is all very bad for her. Do Americans really want to revive the sordid Clinton saga and put it in the White House? Is that what the country needs at the moment?

Bill Clinton: I Bought 14 Swiss Watches

Somebody make it stop. Really, even I can’t take it. It’s like watching the Hindenburg catch fire, over and over again.

The Clintons just keep stepping in it.


From an appearance at a Denver meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative on Wednesday:

MODERATOR: I don’t know how many you bought, Mr. President. Twenty, 30 of these watches? Whatever it was?

CLINTON: My group did. I bought 14 of them that month.

MODERATOR: Oh, you really did?!

CLINTON: Yeah, and two different rugs. I bought five at Christmas and nine when I was there, and I just give ‘em away and hope that I’ll make you more customers.

MODERATOR: Heh, I had no idea, I thought I was just pulling his leg.

H/T Daily Caller.

Bill Clinton: We Go to the Grocery Store

Bill Clinton Tuesday dumped a little more kerosene on Hillary’s Poor Little Rich Girl firestorm, insisting that he and his kinfolk Hillary and Chelsea are just regular ‘ole neighborly good people.

I think I had the lowest net worth of any American President in the 20th century when I took office, but I still could have been tone-deaf.

And, you know, now I don’t, and we’ve got a good life, and I’m grateful for it. But we go to our local grocery store on the weekend. We talk to people in our town. We know what’s going on.

Their town? Their town is Chappaqua, NY, listed by CNN Money as #10 on its list of ‘Top-earning towns” with a median income of $219,000 and a median home price of $825,000. Bill’s statement perfectly highlights how out of touch they in fact are.

The former president went on to suggest Hillary’s assertion of post-White House impoverishment, the one that originally got her into jacuzzi-temperature water, was “factually true” and he insisted that “she’s not out of touch.”

It is factually true that we were several million dollars in debt. Everybody now assumes that what happened in the intervening years was automatic; I’m shocked that it’s happened. I’m shocked that people still want me to come give talks.

It’s becoming factually true – excuse the redundancy – that the Clintons are previewing a Hillary presidential campaign likely to be no less disastrous than the last one.

Video || Herman Cain vs. Bill Clinton in 1994

I thought you might enjoy this startling little piece of history. It’s 1994, and then-President Bill Clinton is making the case at a “town hall” for his health care reform proposal, which of course ultimately failed. And confronting him is no less than the CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, Herman Cain.

I thought this video was remarkable for a couple of reasons.

First of all, Cain nicely dispatches Clinton, who is forced to retreat in the end by saying, essentially, I’ll get back to you. Slick Willie tries to dazzle with some figures to prove his point, but Cain knows his own business better than Clinton. While covering Clinton, I rarely saw someone stymie him like Cain did.

Which brings me to the other point that becomes clear here, which is that liberal utopia-makers didn’t understand business and economics any better in 1994 than they did when they passed Obamacare in 2010.

Cain gets started at about 1:10. The whole thing is eight and a half minutes, but you won’t regret taking the time.

Hillary’s Haiti Problem

The latest feature of Hillary Clinton’s mysteriously success-challenged tour as Secretary of State is emerging, a scandal of potentially huge proportions involving hundreds of millions of dollars steered from the State Department to a Haiti reconstruction fund controlled by  . . . Bill Clinton.

Bill and Hillary on the beachIf “follow the money” is the watchword of investigative journalism, reporters should be swarming on this one. They won’t, but they should. Especially when it involves such a shady character as Bill Clinton.

I think it’s more than likely that either through his murky business and philanthropic efforts or by way of what I take to be his own subliminal desire that she fail, Bill Clinton will screw up Hillary’s run for the presidency. Unless she screws it up herself through her own suspect dealings.

Mary Anastasia O’Grady reports today in the Wall Street Journal that there is little to show for huge chunk of taxpayer cash allotted to help desperate Haiti. What needs to be uncovered is who had their hand in the cookie jar before the Haitians got the crumbs.

The news website Tout Haiti reported last month that two prominent lawyers have petitioned Haiti’s Superior Court of Auditors and Administrative Disputes, demanding an audit of Bill Clinton’s management of the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission (IHRC). There are powerful interests that won’t want to see the petition succeed and it may go nowhere. But the sentiment it expresses is spreading fast. In the immortal words of Charlie Brown, Mr. Clinton has gone from hero to goat.

Four years after a magnitude 7.0 earthquake toppled the capital city of Port-au-Prince and heavily damaged other parts of the country, hundreds of millions of dollars from the State Department’s U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), allocated to the IHRC, are gone. Hundreds of millions more to the IHRC from international donors have also been spent. Left behind is a mishmash of low quality, poorly thought-out development experiments and half-finished projects.

Haitians are angry, frustrated and increasingly suspicious of the motives of the IHRC and of its top official, Mr. Clinton.

Referencing “the Clinton machine, which controlled the bankroll and could award the lucrative contracts,” O’Grady clearly implies that the Clintons may fear an audit because the they and/or their friends may have been profiting off the tragedy.

There is, she notes, a precedent:

The Clinton crowd has a lot of experience in Haiti. After President Clinton used the U.S. military to return Jean Bertrand Aristide to power in 1994, assorted Friends of Bill went into business to milk Haiti’s state-owned telephone monopoly.

Hillary Clinton’s State Department chief of staff, Cheryl Mills, traveled to Haiti 30 times in four years. That is highly suspect. Mills is not just any State Department official. She is a preofessional consigliere to the Clintons who served on the White House legal team that saved Bill from being removed from office following impeachment.

Bill Clinton has, with the help of the press, somehow graduated from Slick Willie to elder statesman and International Man of Helpfulness. But he’s still the same guy who was walking around the White House with pants around his ankles, the same draft-dodging truth-shading operator he always was.

He’s written a whole new chapter in the 13 years since he left the White House. There are bound to be many grubby chapters we haven’t been permitted to read. Hillary will be working tirelessly to glue the book shut.

Sigmund Freud Uncovers Bill’s Secret Wish for Hillary to Fail

In an unprecedented scoop, White House Dossier has obtained a transcript a recent session between Bill Clinton and his new psychiatrist, the ghost of Dr. Sigmund Freud. Freud, according to sources in the mental health community, appears exactly as he did a century ago but is charging today’s prices.

What follows is the transcript in its entirety.


Sigmund Freud: Please lie down.

Bill Clinton: Thank you

Freud: No, you idiot, the other way. Do not face your therapist.

Clinton: Oh, I’m sorry.

Freud: Now, tell me about your relationship with your mother.

Clinton: I loved her dearly, she . . .

Freud: You hated your mother!

Clinton: No, I –

Freud: Yes, you loathed her. Do you want to make some progress here or not?

Clinton: Yes, but –

Freud: Turn around. Stop looking at me.

Clinton: Well, my relationship with my mother –

Freud: Okay, so it’s clear to me from our conversation so far you are a pathologically narcissistic personality, making you incessantly focused on your own concerns.

Clinton: How did you figure that out so quickly?

Freud: Well, I also read the newspapers.

Clinton: Wait a –

Freud: Your narcissism is a byproduct of your realization that only Bill will love Bill. And so Bill loves Bill a lot. In addition, the hostility you harbor for your mother is being transferred to your wife, Hillary.

Clinton: I’m not hostile to Hillary.

Freud: Then why don’t you want her to be president?

Clinton: I do!

Freud: You don’t!

Clinton: I do!

Freud: Deep within your subconscious, in the reptilian portion of your brain that so often guides you in your behavior, you are secretly threatened by the possibility that she will become president and possibly even surpass you as an historic figure. You want her to fail even more than you want renewed access to the White House pantry.

Clinton: I’m a vegan now.

Freud: Don’t give me that crap. Now, if you want her to be president, why did you reveal the other day that it took Hillary six months of “very serious work” for her to recover after she banged her head in 2012. Even Karl Rove didn’t say that.

Clinton: Well, why, I don’t know, I guess –

Freud: Not only did you make her seem like a liar for not admitting it, but you added to suspicions she now has chocolate pudding for brains. Now, to continue, why did you say Hillary’s health is a “serious issue?”

Clinton: I was just trying to make the point that health with older candidates for president does come up.

Freud: Why were you trying to make that point?

Clinton: Well I don’t know.

Freud: Well I know. Now, why did you also say the other day that “we can’t just tax our way out of” income inequality and that the best way to solve the dilemma is through job creation? You sound like a Republican.

Clinton: Well it’s the truth.

Freud: Since when is the truth relevant to getting Hillary elected?

Clinton: Man, you’re better than Carville.

Freud: He is also a patient of mine. We’ve had no success. To continue, why did you ruin her chances in 2008 in the South Carolina primary by comparing Obama to Jesse Jackson and injecting the race issue?

Clinton: Well that was a dumb accident, of course.

Freud: Nothing is dumb. And nothing is an accident. You knew better than to bring up race. Is it not true that you wanted to be president all your life?

Clinton: Yes

Freud: And that now the the person who is the major figure in your life, who for so long was second banana – that’s clinical term – the person who was the understudy, who marveled at you despite your cheating, will eclipse you. Now you are in danger of becoming nothing compared to her greatness should she achieve more than you as president, which wouldn’t be difficult. She’s already been senator and Secretary of State while your warmup act for president was governor of – what’s the state?

Clinton: Arkansas

Freud: Yes, that’s the one. And now she could be president and so you’re subconsciously undermining her aren’t you?

Clinton: No!

Freud: You resent her and you don’t want her to be president!

Clinton: No!

Freud: Yes!

Clinton: No!

Freud: Yes!

Clinton: OH MH GOD, OKAY, YOU’RE RIGHT! I really don’t want her to be president! I’m the great man! I’m the one who was president. She said she was just gonna bake cookies and now it’s all this! I can’t stand it! Wahhh! Wahhhh!

Freud: Mr. President, stop crying.

Clinton: Wahhhh. I need a cinnamon rice cake!

Freud: Well we seem to have made some progress here. Your 40 minutes are up. That will be $500. You can pay Anna on your way out.

Same time next week, Mr. President?

Clinton: Okay, I guess so. Thank you. Wahhh!

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Bill Clinton: Obama “Should Honor his Commitment”

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Obama Needs Bill to Explain . . . Again

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