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Video || Bill Clinton Slams the Obama Economy

Uh, I don’t know, seems like the old man has veered off message again. President Obama is very popular among Democrats, even if that seems a little irrational to you and me. And Hillary needs to keep the black voter who are in her corner and who love the president.

Goes to my theory that Bill has some deep-seated psychological need to derail Hillary’s candidacy because he is JEALOUS.

Video || Bill Clinton: Obama Not a “Change Maker”

Uhh, Bill Clinton Thursday night accidentally let his ancient hatred of Barack Obama come through, saying that Obama is not “a change maker” and Hillary is “the best change maker I’ve ever known.”

Hillary? Change maker? Hmm, he must have been talking about her speaking fees. But of course in that regard, Bill himself is the best change makers he’s ever known.

Anyway, unfortunately, Bill Clinton is wrong. Obama has been a serious change maker, much to the country’s eternal detriment.

The Pallid Prince: Bill Can’t Save Hillary

Monday was the day the Hillary campaign unleashed Bill Clinton, once again sending him out to stump for his wife.

While she is the Democratic front-runner, email investigations are swirling and her favorability ratings are down in the dumper, so it was thought the better-liked Bubba could add some pleasant pizzazz to his bland wife’s bland campaign.

But the Great Unveiling was more like a viewing.

The rail-thin Clinton, 69 but looking far older, stood there in New Hampshire appearing as a kind of muted version of his old self. His voice was thin, his delivery flat and dull, the music of days past mostly gone. He looked like a nicely presented, well coiffed grandpa — but a grandpa nonetheless, his hands shaking as he wagged a crooked finger, his movements stiff and brittle.

Clinton’s appearances may be most notable for his contrast with Republican front-runner Donald Trump, who is the same age as Bill, but cuts a figure of far greater vigor. Energy and health are two of Trump favored weapons. He’s aimed them at GOP opponents younger than he to great effect and has already deployed them against Hillary, who has had her own share of health scares.

“She’ll do a couple of minutes in Iowa, meaning a short period of time. And then she goes home,” Trump said recently in Davenport, Iowa. “You don’t see her for five or six days. She goes home, goes to sleep. I’m telling you. She doesn’t have the strength. She doesn’t have the stamina.”

The sight of creaky Bill may only play into this line of attack. Even worse for Hillary than Bill’s current stiffness is his past suppleness. Trump has made clear that with Hillary Clinton presenting herself as the candidate of women, Bill’s reputation as a ladies’ magnet of a different sort is fair game. The more often he appears, the more opportunities present themselves for Trump to remind voters that Bill Clinton is an accused serial sexual harasser who turned the Oval Office into his private pleasure palace.

After his speech Monday, Bill was asked by Cecelia Vega of ABC News if his tawdry past was indeed “fair game.” The former president dodged, mumbling something about how he wants to talk about Hillary and how he cares about the people.

That won’t work for long.

All that said, though, the former president lost his deft political touch years ago. It seems he either doesn’t fully get politics anymore or he has some deep-seated, Freudian urge to sink his wife’s campaign. There was the time in 2014 when he revealed that it took Hillary six months to recover from a December 2012 concussion and blood clot that resulted from a fainting spell, and that her health was “a serious issue.” That opened up a big can of worms for her.

Then there was the moment during the 2008 campaign when he ruined her chances in the South Carolina primary by comparing President Obama to Jesse Jackson, injecting the race issue into the campaign. Now, older and less and less wiser, Bill has been unfurled to do new, unknown damage to Hillary’s final crusade for the office he once held.

Get ready for an oldies tour featuring the many women Clinton has allegedly wronged and who no doubt perceive another chance to get a little of the justice they feel they were denied. And get ready for the other oldies tour, featuring and effete former president who threatens to help Hillary only in that he might protect her from the burden of being president.

This post also appears in LifeZette.

Obama and Bill Clinton Golf Together on Martha’s Vineyard

Two men of the people were both by happenstance at the vacation destination of the rich people when they bumped into each other Friday on the golf course. So they decided to play together Saturday.

Here’s some footage of their outing. Also with them was Vernon Jordan, a veteran Democratic operative and Washington wise man who is close to Clinton, and Ron Kirk, who was Obama’s U.S. Trade Representative.

Later Saturday, Obama, Clinton, and their wives attended Jordan’s 80th birthday party.

Strassel: The Clinton-Operative Employment Foundation

The Clinton Foundation charity operated acted as a de facto employment assistance program for Hillary Clinton’s once and future political advisors and should be investigated by the IRS for potentially violating charitable organization rules, according to a piece by Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberley Strassel.

Strassel cites a long list of Clinton operatives who were either directly employed by or paid as consultants by the Foundation, including Sidney Blumenthal, who received $10,000 per year for doing something – just what not being entirely clear.

Strassel writes that the Foundation was notable for its unusually large – for a charity – personnel and travel costs and that such organizations normally have far more charity professionals, as opposed to political campaign workers.

One, Dennis Chang, appears to have built his fundraising rolodex at the charity and then taken it with him directly the the Hillary 2016 campaign.

Other senior officials have floated back and forth from Hillary’s political world to the charity:

Longtime aide Cheryl Mills served as general counsel to Mrs. Clinton’s 2008 campaign, then worked at State. She then joined the board of directors of the foundation and remains on it still, even as she works on Clinton 2016 . . .

Maura Pally was until recently the acting CEO of the Clinton Foundation. Her training for this important job was working as a lawyer in the Clinton White House, as a counsel to Hillary 2008, and in cultural affairs at the State Department.

Then there’s Mrs. Clinton’s longtime aide, Huma Abedin, who worked as traveling chief of staff during the 2008 campaign, then went to State. There she was granted a special arrangement to continue earning money as a private-sector consultant. Among those she consulted for? The Clinton Foundation. Ms. Abedin has transitioned back as vice chairman of Mrs. Clinton 2016 campaign.

There’s more.

Just think if the Clintons get back into the White House. Beyond Hillary and Huma, there will be Bill, with absolutely nothing to do as First Gentleman other than think of ways to parlay his residence into cash, power, extravagant travel and sumptuous events.

It will make the Lincoln Bedroom racket and the Johnny Chung scandal look like phony phone call pranks.

Top Ten “Consulting” Services Offered by Bill Clinton

So, we learn today that Bill Clinton established a secret company through which he funneled secret earnings that the Clintons tried to keep secret.

The work was for “consulting.” It’s a common job around Washington, consulting. Who knows what it means?

That’s why I sent a team of reporters to find out just what kind of consulting advice Bill Clinton was offering to his well-heeled corporate clients.

Here, for you, are the top ten:

1. How to create proper feng shui in your office and also turn it into a sex palace.

2. The meaning of word “is” – with additional information on how to use it in a sentence.

3. How to get the full value out of your interns.

4. Worried your son may one day face a draft? 1960s draft-dodging techniques updated for the 21st century.

5. Strategies for lying to a grand jury and not going to jail.

6. How to turn the presidency into a money-making extravaganza.

7. Why starting your own charity is the perfect scam.

8. Someone caught you cheating? How to convince your wife it’s all just part of a “vast right wing conspiracy.”

9. Ramen Noodle Rich: How to scrape by on $25 million a year.

10. Men are from Mars, women are from Venus? Okay, how to meet chicks on Mars.

All Aboard the Clintons’ Marrakesh Express!

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White House Has No Problem with Clinton Foreign Money Scandal

The White House Thursday indicated that incredibly – or maybe not so incredibly – it is not the least bit concerned that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may have been influenced by foreign officials and businessmen donating to the Clinton Foundation and paying her husband for speeches, and that it doesn’t care that she… Continue Reading

When Will We Start Talking About Bill?

So far, the press has focused on Hillary. I have to say, I’m pleasantly surprised at the aggressiveness of the coverage. But what exactly has Bill been up to for the last 15 years? Suddenly went from treif to kosher? Doubtful. The Ronniebuss hasn’t forgotten that Bill will also eventually be an issue. Continue Reading