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WHD Exclusive: White House Offered Biden for Bergdahl

White House Dossier has obtained an exclusive transcript of a conversation in the vice president’s West Wing office in which White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough informed Vice President Biden that Biden would be going to Afghanistan as part of a trade for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who was kidnapped by the Taliban.

We present to you here the transcript in full.


McDONOUGH: Mr. Vice President, we want to have a word with you.

BIDEN: Sure, go ahead, you got an idea? Let’s kick it around!

McDONOUGH: As you are aware, a U.S. service member, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, was kidnapped by the Taliban. We are thinking of arranging an exchange.

BIDEN: You don’t say? Let’s do it!

McDONOUGH: Yes, I think we should.

BIDEN: Who are we going to send? One of their guys?

McDONOUGH: No, one of our guys





BIDEN: What the . . .

McDONOUGH: We know you are a brave man, particularly after a couple of scotch and sodas, and so we thought you might be willing to do this for your country.

BIDEN: For my country.

McDONOUGH: There are also several fringe benefits to the exchange.

BIDEN: Like what?

McDONOUGH: Well, once the Taliban have spent a certain amount of time with you, our intelligence agencies have assessed that they will start killing themselves.

BIDEN: I see.

McDONOUGH: You’ll be a cancer within the Taliban. Kind of like you are in the White House.

BIDEN: Okay . . .

McDONOUGH: It’s also a way to way to get our foot in the door with the Taliban. And to get you out the door.

BIDEN: Me out the door?

McDONOUGH: Yes. Now, this is all good because the Republican leadership has signed on because they don’t feel they can impeach Obama while you are vice president. We’ve decided it’s worth the risk.

BIDEN: Okay. I guess that makes sense. Who will the president appoint to replace me?

McDONOUGH: Anybody. It doesn’t matter. Anybody else.

BIDEN: I’m not sure I want to so this. What do they eat?

McDONOUGH: Lots of kabobs.

BIDEN: Every day?

McDONOUGH: Well, some days there’s chicken, some days there’s lamb.

BIDEN: Is there Thai food?

McDONOUGH: We don’t think so, Mr. Vice President.

BIDEN: Can I wear slacks and a golf shirt? I don’t want to walk around in my pajamas all day like those guys do.

McDONOUGH: If you are talking about traditional Afghan garb, you may have to wear what they wear.

BIDEN: But I don’t speak their language.

McDONOUGH: It’s okay, some Taliban speak English. Several make more sense in English than you do. Nevertheless, we’ve brought someone here from the State Department to try to teach you some basic phrases that you may need.

ARNOLD: Hello Mr. Vice President. I’m Arnold, from the South Asia desk. Please repeat after me: Allahu Akbar

BIDEN: Allahuuu . . .

ARNOLD: Allahu Akhbar

BIDEN: Ahh . . .  Ahh . . .  Alakabar

ARNOLD: No, Mr. Vice President, Allahu Akhbar

BIDEN: Alakabar

ARNOLD: Allahu Akhbar

BIDEN: Alakabee

ARNOLD: Gentleman, I don’t think this is possible. Let’s try it in English. They’ll understand. It means “God is great.”

BIDEN: Isn’t that kind of demeaning? Sounds like you’re talking about a can of soda or something. Like, “Hey, Sprite is great!”

ARNOLD: No, it means “great” as in “sublime.”

BIDEN: What’s “sublime?”

McDONOUGH: Just forget it. Just say it when you get there. Now, you’ll be leaving immediately.

BIDEN: Can I have a glass of milk first?


BIDEN: Can I bring my Phillies cap?

McDONOUGH: Well, sure. Now –

(Secretary of State John Kerry enters)

KERRY: Wait a second boys. The president has just decided we’re going to send five senior Taliban leaders from Gitmo for Bergdahl instead.

McDONOUGH: What? That’s absurd. Mr. Vice President, please get packed.

KERRY: No, really. Five Taliban.

BIDEN: Thank goodness. I’m not sure I was going to like it there. But you got me hungry. Please order me a chicken kabob for lunch. And bring me my pajamas.

Hillary: “It Doesn’t Matter” if Bergdahl Deserted


Former Secretary of State and future presidential candidate Hillary Clinton suggested in an interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer that whether Bergdahl was a deserter – or even a traitor – should not affect the price we pay for his release.

A snippet of the interview was broadcast this morning, with the rest to follow on ABC this evening.

SAWYER: Did (Obama) make a deal with the Devil on releasing those five Talibans?

CLINTON: I think this was a very hard choice which is why I think my book is so aptly named.

Ahh, yes, so apt indeed. I’m left rapt by her apt. I’d like to be able to download her apt app.

Her book is called “Hard Choices,” in case you were wondering.

Let’s continue.

CLINTON: If you look at what the factors were going into the decision, of course there are competing interests and values. I mean, one of our values is, we bring everybody home off the battlefield the best we can. It doesn’t matter how they ended up in a prisoner of war situation

SAWYER: It doesn’t matter?

CLINTON: it does not matter – we bring our people home!

I beg to disagree. If someone is a known deserter, we should still try very hard to get them back. The principle that we get our guys and gals back is indeed a crucial one, both morally and for the morale of the troops.

But the price that we pay and our willingness to risk lives for their return – whether on the battlefield or through the release of known mass murderers and terrorism abettors like the Taliban we sprung from Gitmo – should be affected by notions such as whether a service member was a deserter or a traitor.

Bergdahl was clearly the former. It’s yet to be determined whether he was the latter.

He was responsible for his circumstance, and he put many lives in danger – and probably caused some deaths – because of it. That has to be a factor.

Obama in 2008: No Signing Statements for Me

As you are probably aware, one of the justifications the White House is using to explain it’s failure to consult Congress before releasing five Taliban murderers for an American army deserter is that Obama didn’t think the law requiring him to talk to Capitol Hill was constitutional.

His misgivings were expressed in a signing statement. The very kind of signing statement the wicked George W. Bush used to issue and that the Knight in Shining Armor, Sir Candidate Barack Obama, PROMISED NOT TO ISSUE.

Really, it’s dizzying. Is there any necessary relationship at all between what this man and his advisors say and the truth? The truth and any given statement by Obama seem to glide along on separate paths that may or may not by happenstance intersect.

Do you think I like this? Do you think I like not being able to trust my president, just because I disagree with his policies and think he’s often inept? I don’t like it at all.

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It Wasn’t the First Time Bergdahl Went AWOL

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Taliban Video Shows Bergdahl’s Transfer

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Obama Admits Taliban May Resume Harmful Activities

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